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Blood Bank

Difficulties in Id antibodies, Compatibility Testing

Elution Removal of antibody coating on RBC
What is papin or ficin used for? eliminate or enhance antibody activity. Eliminates Fya,Fyb,S,M and N
What is the major cause fo transfusion associated fatalities? clerical error resulting in incorrect ABO groupings
How long does donor and recipient samples must be kept 7 days
whole blood units are 63 ml anticoagulant to 450 ml blood
The total volume of packed red blood cells is 200-225ml 300-330 ml with additive solution
a unit of PRBC raises the hematocrit 3-5%
AS-1 and AS-3 extend the unit life up to 42 days
CPDA extends the unit life up to 35 days
Freezing of units is good up to 10 years. Thawed 24 hours.
WBC in a unit may cause Febrile non hemolytic rxn and transfusion related immune sppression
Irraiated units last for 21-28 days
Platelet concentration is done in 2 parts. Soft spin followed by a hard spin.
When are platelet transfusions needed? Decreased plt production. Increased platelet destruction (DIC) and massive transfusions.
Each unit of platelets should increase the platelet count by 5,000 to 10,000
FFP is prepaired from whole blood and must be frozen with in 6 hours of collection
FFP contains proteins,carbs an lipids
FFP is transfused to replace coagulation proteins. liver failure patients,DIC,Vit K deficiency, overdoe of coagulation meds, massive transfusions
FFP must be ABO type specific
Type O can receive any FFP. universal recipient
FFP once thawed is good for 5 days. 1-6 degrees.
Cryoprecipitate antihemophilic factor contains Factor VIII (hemophilia A) , fibrinogen,Von Willebrand factor, and factor XIII, factor IX (hemophilia B)
Cryo is used for fibrinogen replacement 150 mg. Previously used for factor VIII
Cryo is good for 1 year when stored at -18 or colder. Good for 24 hours 1-6 degrees thawed.
Granulocyte Pheresis given to patients who are neutropenic, infection unresponsive to antibiotics,bone marrow failure patients
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