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7th Grade English

November Latin Roots

What does the root word Magnus mean? Large or great
What does the root word Sci mean? Know
Magnifier means what? Something that increases the apparent size.
Magnitude means what? Greatness of size; great importance.
Conscience means what? Sense of right and wrong.
Conscientious means what? Careful to do what you know is right.
Conscious means what? Aware; awake; done on purpose.
Omniscient means what? All-knowing
What does the root word Geo mean? Earth, land
Geocentric means what? Viewed or measured from the earth's center.
Geometry means what? Math that studies the relationship of angles, points, lines.
Geometry comes from the Greek words meaning what? "earth" and "measure"
What does the root word Agri mean? Field
Agriculture means what? Science of cultivating the soil; farming.
Agronomist means what? A person who specializes in managing farmland and crop production.
The root word lum means what? Light
Illuminate means... to light up or to make clear
The root word vid/vis means what? to see
Luminary means... a heavenly body that gives or reflects light
Evidently means... plainly, clearly
Visage means... a face or appearance
The root word fer means what? to bring or carry
Vociferous means... loud and noisy--voices "carrying" quite loudly for all to hear
Referendum means... an issue which is "brought back" before the people to vote upon
The root word grat means what? please
Gratify means... to give pleasure
Ingrate means... an ungrateful person
The root word mort means what? Death
Immortal means... living forever
Mortician means... funeral director
Created by: Ms. Viegut