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BCIS Review

Word 2007

To erase text from your document one character at a time, you can use either the Backspace key or the Delete key True
You can only Undo the most recent editing task False
After you perform a spelling and grammar check, there is no need to further proofread your document False
As you type, you should press the Enter key to move to the next line so that you do not type off the right edge of the page False
If you insert the current date or time into your document rather than typing it, you can choose to automatically update the date or time the next time you open the document True
When printing a Word document, you do not have to print the entire document- You can print specific pages, ranges of pages, or the current page True
You can have multiple documents open at the same time in Word True
To cause the text on both the left and right edges of a paragraph to line up evenly, use the Indent button False
Commands for working with the document are organized into tabs on the a. Status Barb. Ribbonc. Zoom Sliderd. Quick Access Toolbar b. Ribbon
Which of the following features automatically corrects certain words as you type? a. AutoCorrectb. AutoTypec. CorrectTyped. SpellCorrect a. AutoCorrect
A wavy red line below a word means thata. the word should be a proper noun.b. the word cannot be found in the Spelling dictionary.c. the word does not grammatically fit into the sentence. d. the word has been highlighted using the highlighter’s red color. b. the word cannot be found in the Spelling dictionary.
Page numbers inserted into a document must always begin with page number 1 False
To insert numbering in a list, click on the Bullets button on the toolbar False
You can print an envelope directly from the Envelopes and Labels dialog box True
Word’s label feature will allow you to print a sheet of mailing labels with the same name and address or enter a different name and address on each label True
When a table is first created, the columns are all the same width and the rows are all the same height True
Newspaper columns are created with the columns button under the Page Layout tab True
The default page orientation is Landscape False
Words that have the same or nearly the same meaning are called synonyms True
To see what a document will look like before actually printing it, click on the Print Preview button True
Arial is the default font for Word documents False
To vertically center a document on the page, go to the Page Setup dialog box True
To add borders and/or shading to specific columns of a table, you need to select the column first True
_____ measures the height of characters. font size
A _____ is a character that prints above the writing line such as x2. superscript
The default alignment for text is _____. aligned left
The font face that has lines, curves, or edges extending from the ends of the letter is the _____. The letter P would be an example. serif
To select a word in a document, you can ____________ on the word. Double-click
Clicking the Redo button does which of the following? Allows you to repeat the most recent editing task.
Which shortcut keys can be used instead of the Menu options Edit/Select All Ctrl + A
The Format Painter tool performs which of the following tasks? After applying character formatting to text, it allows you to copy that formatting to other text.
The default line spacing set by Word 2007 is which of the following? Multiple at 1.15
The types of tabs are as follows Left, Center, Right, Bar, Decimal
Which of the following paragraph settings CANNOT be set using the Ruler? Line Spacing
Which of the following should be used if you want to leave a paragraph intact, but you want to repeat the paragraph in another location? copy and paste
Insert a page break into a document by using which of the following shortcuts? Ctrl + Enter
Word 2007’s default margins are which of the following? 1 inch on all four sides
The intersection of a row and a column in a table is referred to by Word as a cell.
Which of the following best describes a footer? text that you want to appear at the bottom of every page
Which of the following paragraph alignments is known as a hanging indent? the second and subsequent lines of the paragraph are indented
A leader is used to: Direct the reader’s eyes across the page.
To insert letters or symbols not found on the keyboard, use the ____ dialog box. Symbol
Which of the following represents colored pictures that are already drawn and available for use? Clip Art
The default settings in Word include left tabs set every ______ inches. 0.5
A(n) ____ allows the user to set a stopping point on the typing line. Each time you press this key, the insertion point advances to the next setting. tab
Formatting marks for paragraphs, tabs, and spaces are visible in your document as you work if you click the _____ button on the standard toolbar. Show/Hide
Use the _____ option when you want to save a document under a different file name or in a different location. Save As
Created by: Kathy Gase



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