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questions answers
Who believed in full political, civil, and social rights for African Americans? DuBois
Separated schools were established for white children and black children. This is an example of ________ _____ laws. Jim Crow
______________________ believed in higher education for African Americans which led to the establishment of the ______ Institute Booker T Washington Tuskgee
What was not a result of the Jim Crow laws? A voting booth
What would have prevented former slaves and plantation owners from marring? Jim Crow laws
"but one sign said colored and the other side said white[and] the movies?...... recialsegragation
Which African American believed that equality could be achieved through vocational education? Booker T Washington
____________ laws denied African Americans the same rights as white Americans in the late 1800's and the 1900's. Jim Crow
_________________ accepted social separation and believed racial equality could be achieved through vocational education. Booker T Washington
After Reconstruction, the system of segregation was supported by ________ laws. Jim Crow
According to Booker T Washington, what would help African Americans gain equality? Learning_________ and ______. Skills trades
Which African American leader was born into slavery......? Booker T Washington
Created by: Brianna Beatty