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2nd Quiz


what is rhythm repitition of similar or varying elements in design tends to set up a visual, marking the movement of a viewer's eye through the work
what type of art is Spiral Jetty earth made
why is Spiral Jetty significant uses earth to create it and other local materials
what is economy uses only what is needed to create an intended effect, eliminating any elements that might distract attention from the essence of an idea
Rembrandt's Christ Healing the sick, techniques he used to create what to draw attention and focal point emphasis
what are the six elements of design economy, emphasis, variety, rhythm, repitition, and balance
what is asymmetrical balance use of figures of different visual weights to create an overall impression of balance
in Circus Sideshow painting, what are some of the repetitive patterns musicians on left, light at top of painting, and seated people in audience
what is cropping showing part of an image, giving enough information that viewers can mentally complete it
what is visual weight darkness, lightness, and color of an image. also applies value
in addition to repitition, what other principles of design are at play in the Seurat painting variety, rhythm, and emphasis
who was the sistine chapel painted by Michelangelo
what is symmetrical balance formal placement of identical figures on either side of an imaginary central line
process of eliminating, editing, and isolating the essential formal properties of a physical object is one form of what abstract art
do areas light in value, brightly colored or highly detailed draw the viewer's attention more than areas that are dark, dull, or less complex yes
what is repitition simplest relationships for a viewer to grasp in a design