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(CK) Witch Ch 9-11 C

(CK) Witch Ch 9-11 Comprehension

What was Kit's mistake when she chose the children to act out the scene? She let the rowdy boys play the robbers.
The schoolmaster, Mr. Kimberley, obviously thought that acting out a scene from the Bible was __________. sinful.
How did Mercy feel when Mr. Kimberley said she might not be able to teach any more? She was sad because she loved teaching.
How did the meadow begin to fulfill its promise to Kit? It brought peacefulness to Kit and reminded her of Barbados.
Hannah was an old woman who had short-cropped white hair, a wrinkled face, faded eyes and a toothless smile.
What can the reader conclude about Hannah from the way she treated Kit? Hannah is a kind and caring woman.
Hannah is a Quaker and some people gossip that she is a witch. This causes _______ people to not have anything to do with her.
Rachel told Kit that Hannah and her husband had been branded and driven out of Massachusetts.
Give two reasons why Hannah spins flax for people. to pay her taxes and pay fines for not going to Meeting
Judith will not tell her parents about Kit seeing Hannah because they share a bond of being young in the same house.
What did Hannah say that Kit thought was rather odd? Hannah said that she had been talking to her husband Thomas.
What did Kit learn about Nat and Hannah? Nat had found Hannah when he had run away when he was 8 years old.
Who left flowers for Kit? Prudence
What did Hannah keep for Prudence at her house? a silver hornbook
What are the three ingredients for Hannah's cure? blueberry cake, a kitten, and love
What amazing and probelmatic discovery did Kit make while John was reading? Mercy is in love with John.
Mercy and Hannah are both very kind and they also have some type of physical scar.
Which word means risky and uncertain?ingenious - solemnness - precarious precarious
Which word means clever and creative?ingenious - solemnness - precarious ingenious
Which word means seriousness?ingenious - solemnness - precarious solemnness
Created by: lindajune