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NP Word 2

New Perspective Word Unit 2

bibliography An alphabetical list of all the sources, including books, journals, websites, movies, and other works, referred to in a research paper.
bullet A black circle or other graphic that appears before each paragraph in a bulleted list.
citation Within a research paper, a formal reference to a source, typically in parentheses at the end of a sentence.
clipboard task pane A task pane that displays the contents of the Clipboard
comment A note attached by a reviewer to a word, phrase, or paragraph in a document; like an electronic sticky note
content control A special feature used to display information that is inserted automatically into a document and that may need to be updated later
copying Placing a copy of selected text or other item onto the Clipboard, leaving the text or item in its original location.
cutting Removing selected text or other item from a document and place it on the Clipboard
dragging and dropping Selecting text or other item and then use the mouse pointer to drag it to a new location
field A category of information or instruction that tells Word to display a specific piece of information, such as the current date or a bibliography.
first line indent marker A moveable icon on the horizontal ruler that looks like the top half of an hour glass and that can be dragged to change the indent for the first line of one or more paragraphs.
footer Text, date, or other information that is printed below the bottom page margin; also, the blank area at the bottom of a page where such information can be inserted
hanging indent A type of paragraph indent in which all lines except the first line of the paragraph are indented from the left margin
header Text, date, or other information that is printed above the top page margin; also, the blank area at the top of a page where such information can be inserted.
manual page break A page break inserted by the user that starts a new page at the insertion point, whether or not the previous page is full
navigation pane A window in Word used to search a document for specific items, with the results highlighted in yellow in the document
numbered list A group of paragraphs in which each paragraph is preceded by a number, with the paragraphs numbered consecutively
office clipboard `A temporary storage area on a computer that holds copied text, graphics, or other objects until you need them
pasting Placing a copy of the contents of the Clipboard into the document at the insertion point.
source A book, journal article, CD, video, or other work referred to in a research paper and included in a bibliography.
style A set of formatting options that you can apply by clicking its icon in the Quick Style gallery on the HOME tab
style guide A set of rules that describe the preferred format and style for a certain type of writing. The Modern Language Association (MLA) style guide and the American Psychological Association (APA) style guide are commonly used for academic research papers.
theme A coordinated collection of fonts, colors, and other visual effects designed to give a document a cohesive, polished look; the Office theme is applied to a new Word document by default.
works cited list In the MLA style, term used to refer to a bibliography
Created by: skindawg