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Stack #17437

List the 3 empires of Meso and South America Inca, Maya, and Aztec
Which empire was located in Central Mexico? Aztec
Which empire was located along the Andes Mountains? Incas
Which empire was located on the Yucatan Peninsula? Mayas
Which empire used slash and burn farming? Mayas
Which empire used terraces to help them farm? Incas
Which empire used floating gardens? Aztecs
What God did all 3 empires worship? Sun
Which empires capital was Cuzco? Inca
Which empires capital was Tenochtitlan? Aztecs
What was the chief crop of the Mayas? corn
The primary way of life for all 3 empires was- farming
Why did the Mayas use slash and burn ? The ash produced would fertilize the soil
Basically, all 3 empires worshipped gods of nature
Legend states that the Aztecs were to seek the place where an eagle perched on a cactus with a snake in its beak
The aztecs eventually settled on Lake Texcoco
Which country has an eagle and snake on its flag? Mexico
Which empire designed aquaducts? Aztecs
What are aquaducts? used to carry water from place to place
What are causeways? raised roads connecting the Aztec empire
What happened to the Maya empire? disappeared/walked away
What happened to the Aztec empire? The Spanish defeated them
What happened to the Incas? The Spanish defeated them
Which empire was considered "warlike"? Aztecs
What did most empires do to give thanks for the sun? Human sacrifice
Which empire had a huge system of roads? Incas
Which empire used knotted rope as a counting system? Incas
Which empire had "runners" travel the empire used to carry messages? Inca
Which empire built stone buildings? Incas and Mayas
Which empire educated the people it conquered about its language and culture? Inca
Why did the Inca educate the conquered people about their language and culture? to unify the empire
Which empire invented their own system of language? (hyroglyphs) mayas
Which empire's capital was Tecal? Maya
Why did the Spanish come to South America? Gold/trade/land
Created by: jcurran