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Stack #174322

Small Intestine overview EWC

Jing Well point (metal) SI 1 ****
Emperical point for lactation SI 1 ****
Revive consciousness, clears heat and benefits the sensory orifices, promotes lactation and benefits the breasts SI 1 ****
Ying Spring (water) SI 2 *
Clears wind heat & reduces swelling, Benefits the eyes, ears & throat, Activates the channel and alleviates pain SI 2 *
Shu Stream point (wood) SI 3 ****
Confluent point of Du SI 3 ****
Benefits the occiput, neck and back, clears wind and heat and treats malaria, calms the spirit and treats epilepsy, Clears heat & benefits the sensory organs, regulates the Du channel, Activates the channel & alleviates pain (NIGHT SWEATS) SI 3 ****
Yuan Source point SI 4 ***
Clears heat & reduces swelling, Clears damp heat and treats jaundice, Activates the channel & alleviates pain, "wind stroke paralysis, contration of 5 fingers, wasting and thirsting disorder" SI 4 ***
Jing river point (fire) SI 5 **
Clears heat & reduces swelling, able to clear fire form the heart and calm the spirit, "stiffness of babies tongue preventing suckling" SI 5 **
Xi cleft point SI 6 ***
Moderates acute condition, benefits shoulder / arm (as if broken), Benefits the eyes(BRIGHTEN THE EYE),Activates the channel & Alleviates pain SI 6 ***
Luo connecting SI 7 **
Clears heat and releases the exterior (febrile disease), calms the spirit, benefits the finger joints, activates the channel & alleviates pain, "restless zang disorder (PSYCHO EMOTIONAL DISORER) ROTATING the NECK & NECK RIGIDITY" SI 7 **
He Sea point (earth) SI 8 *
Expels wind and benefits the shoulder, activates the channel & alleviates pain SI 9 ***
Benefits the shoulder, Activates the channel and alleviates pain SI 10 *
Moves qi and unbinds the chest and lateral costal region, benefits the breasts, activates the channel and alleviates pain SI 11 *
Expels wind and benefits the shoulder and scapula SI 12 *
Benefits the shoulder & scapula SI 13 *
Expels wind and cold and benefits the shoulder and scapula, activates the channel & alleviates pain SI 14 *
Descend Lung qi, activates the channel & alleviates pain SI 15 *
Window of Heaven SI 16 *** & SI 17 ***
Benefits the ears, throat and voice, regulates qi & calms the spirit, Clears heat & activates the channel & alleviates pain, "sudden loss of voice and with windstroke, goiter, uticaria, (manic ghost talk mania depression)" SI 16 ***
Benefits the neck and throat and disperse swelling , Descends rebellious qi, Benefits the ears (Wheezing, asthma) SI 17 ***
Eliminates wind & alleiviates pain, clears heat & reduces swelling "Treatment of facial disorders" SI 18 *
Benefits the ears, clams the spirit, "deafness, tinnitus, discharge form the ear, pain and itching" SI 19 ***
In line at the ear SI 19, GB 2, SJ 21
Front Mu Ren 4
Back Shu UB 27
Horary point SI 5
Mother point tonify Wood SI 3
Son point sedate Earth SI 8
Lower He Sea St 39
Created by: mishkasch