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AQA AS French

Internet avantages et dangers

Grace a l'internet, on peut avoir de la possibilite de..... Thanks to the internet, one (we) has the possibility to....
vendre les produits Sell products
contacter ls copains contact friends
recevoir des photos numeriques receive digital photos
envoyer des reportages eletroniques send electronic reports
faire les etudes study
Si on veur, on peut if one wants, one can
certains groups extremists peuvent.... Certain (some) extremists groups can..
repandre des virus spread viruses (computer)
embeter les internautes avec la publicite Annoy internet users with advertising
manipuler l'information et les gens manipulate information and people
A part de ca, il est possible aussi de Apart from that, it is possible to ...as well
perturber le travail disturb (interrupt) work
coordoner les manifestations coordinate demos
organiser des rencontres violentes organise violent meetings
diffuser de la propogande spread propoganda
tricher en copiant sans autorisation cheat by copying without copyright
acceder a des sites interdits access forbidden sites
perdre beaucoup d'argent et meme son identite lose lots of money and even ones identity
Created by: Mrs. Agnew