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(CK) Outsiders 8-9 C

(CK) Outsiders Ch 8-9 Comprehension

Based on what Johnny’s mother said in the hospital, the reader can conclude that Johnny’s mother was more concerned about the trouble this would cause than about Johnny.
Reread pages 119-122. What is the mood of these pages? sad and tense
When Ponyboy asked Cherry if she would go see Johnny in the hospital, how did she reply? no because Johnny killed Bob
Cherry told Ponyboy that the part of Bob that beat up Johnny was when he got drunk.
Ponyboy fights for ____ self-defense.
Soda fights for _____ fun.
Two-Bit fights for _____ conformity.
Darry fights for _____ pride.
Steve fights for _____ hatred.
Read the paragraph at the bottom of page 135 which begins “Yeah!” screamed Soda. . .” The mood of this paragraph which continues on the next page is exciting and humorous.
Read the paragraph in the middle of page 143 which begins “The silence grew heavier. . .” This is an example of suspense.
While going to the hospital to see Johnny, Dally told Ponyboy to wise up and get tough like him so he won’t get hurt.
Johnny’s dying words to Ponyboy were “Stay gold.”
Created by: lindajune