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Blood Bank

History , Genetics and ABO System

Karl Landsteiner Discovered ABO system
Immunity host organism protects itself from attacks by both external and internal agents
IgG antibodies most clinically significant. Reacts at 37. activate complement and HDN
IgM Naturally occurring. Room temp or colder.
IgA Can result in anaphylaxis
Pathways of complement pathway Classical, alternative,Lectin
DAT Direct antiglobulin Testing in vivo-in body. Involves detecting IgG antibodies. used for HDN,Transfusion rxn. autoimmune hemolytic anemia.
IAT Indirect antigloublin testing. in vitro. detect blood group antibodies,prenatal. preventative testing.
Amorph Silent gene
Dosage antibody reacts more strongly with a red cell antigen due to homozygous expression
Autosomal Recessive homozygotes who have the gene from both parent.
incompatible ABO type results in almost immediate lysis of donor RBC
Antibody is in Serum
Antigen in on the RBC
H antigen produces transferase
what is hh bombay phenotype denoted Oh
Group A sugar is on the RBC N-acetyl-D-glactosamine
Group B sugar is on the RBC D-galactose
Group O L-fucose
Which group has the least amount of H anitgen A1B
Which group has the greatest amount of H antigen O
Lectins used in Blood bank are Dolichos Bifouros A1 Ulex europeaus H
What are the group 1 disrepancies for reverse typing due to weakly reacting or missing antibodies newborns, elderly, leukemia patients,immosupressive drugs,burn patients, ABO Sub groups. (resolve by heating)
What is chimerism 2 cell populations in one person. Bone marrow patients, fetal maternial bleed
Created by: Kateskate