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Short Story Pre-AP

Vocabulary from the short stories in Pre-AP

insolently with bold disrespect
renounced gave up; abandoned
warily cautiously
incredulously unbelievingly
haggard looking worn-out and exhausted
diatribe condemnation; harsh, abusive criticism.
somnolent drowsy
peremptory commanding; allowing no debate or delay
acceded gave in; consented
surreptitiously in a secret or sneaky way
renegade traitor; a person who abandons a cause and goes over to the other side
proclivities natural tendencies
ineffable indescribable
proposition proposal; suggested plan
palatable fit to eat; acceptable
desolate lonely; miserable; deserted
decrepit broken down or worn out from old age or long use
poignant causing sadness or pain; touching
ruefully with regret and embarrassment
parasites people who live at others' expense without making any contribution.
grueling exhausting; extremely demanding
ravenous extremely hungry
elapsed passed (said of time)
traumatic emotionally painful; causing shock
remit send as payment
Created by: Mrs.Werth