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What 3 main countries were part of the Allied Powers? U.S., England, Soviet Union
What 3 main countries were part of the AxisPowers Germany, Italy, Japan
Who was the leader of the United States? Franklin Roosevelt
Who was the leader of England? Winston Churchill
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union? Joseph Stalin
Who was the leader of Germany? Hitler
Who was the leader of Italy? Mussolini
Who was the leader of Japan? Hirohito
What policy said that the US would help allies with supplies? Roosevelt's Lend-Lease Policy
what Pact was signed by 62 countries to try to keep world peace? Kellogg-Briand Pact
What treaty ended WWI Versailles Treaty
What US naval based was attacked? Pearl Harbor
What Administration was widened by the New Deal where $2 billion dollars in loans advanced local and sate governments? Reconstruction Finance Adminisration
What policy was encouraged to help relations with Latin America? Good Neighbor Policy
what helped improve parks and enrolled youth on relief to send them to these national parks in order to improve them and plant trees. it was the most popula experiment of the new deal. civilian conservation corps
3 point question List and explain 3 causes for WWII 1. Rise of dictators 2. Versailles treaty 3. Great Depression 4. Agression 5. Appeasement 6. Pearl Harbor
5 point question List countries that Hitler attacked in chronological order Rhineland, Austria, Sudentenland, Czechoslovakia, Poland, France, England, Soviet Union
what president probably did more than any other president to help stop the depression but he was blamed and he said that it's jst happning and that it should just be endured? Herbert Hoover
who created work and relief programs for the unemployed and was the first to run the TERA? harry hopkins
administration used to spend big bucks for big projects. it provided federal government with its first systematic network for the distribution of funds to localities. public works administration
created to develp th tennessee river systemwith navigation electricity and flood control. for the proper use of waer resources. tenessee valley administration
used to protect the rights of workers/ helped stimulate the growt of labor unions to balance corporate powers. let workers engage in collective bargaining and for them to take part in strikes. wagner act
guaranteed retirement payments for enrolled workers over the age of 65. set up insurance for dependent mothers and children, handicapped, and public health. social security act
appeasment give in to aggression to avoid war
aggressionthe invasion where japan was becoming overcrowded and needed more land japans invasion of manchuria.
2 point question What did the Neutrality acts state? 1. US would not get involved in foreign wars 2. US would not loan money or sell weapons to countries at war
What country is attacked to start WWII in Europe? Poland
What date did WWII start? September 1 1939
administration which encouraged farmers to take out land for money. this act was declared by henry wallace. it paid farmers not to gorw crops, dairy products, or raise pigs and lambs.unconstitutional/ ppl buying products were being taxed to pay farmers. agricultural adjustment administration
2 point question What agreement said the countries could not solve disputes with war? Kellogg Briand Pact
2 point question What law allowed Hitler and the Nazis to have control of the German government? Enabling Act
anti-semitism anti Jewish feelings stirred up by the Nazis
What was the Beer Hall Putsch? Hitler tried to overthrow the German government
annex add on
What country did Germany "annex"? Austria
2 point question What was the "Miracle of Dunkirk"? 338,000 British/French troops escape to England after they were trapped by Nazi forces, but they stopped attacking
2 point question What country did Japan invade in 1931? Manchuria
blitzkreig "lightning war"- massive,fast, overwhelming invasion by German tanks and planes
Daily double What was the bombing of England know as/called?
Daily double What ship at Pearl Harbor "blew up " because it's supply of gunpowder was hit?
Daily Double Why didn't Dorie Miller get the Congressional Medal of honor and why should he have gotten it?
Daily Double What was Erwin Rommel's nickname?
Daily Double What is the "Lufftwaffe"?
Daily Double Who said "peace in our time" after meeting with Hitler?
Daily Double What did the lend-lease act say and what other act did it break?
Daily Double Why does WWII help us get out of the Great Depression?
Daily Double Why did Japan attack us?
Daily Double What happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki?
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