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Industrial Relations

Different Acts

Industrial Relations Relationship between employers and employees.
Industrial Disputes A dispute between an employer and employees.
Trade Unions Organisations that represent the interest of employees by speaking on behalf of them.
Shop Steward Its an elected representative of the union members in a workplace.
Official Strike It is a refusal to work.It has been approved by the trade union.Approved by a secret Ballot of the workers.Weeks notice given to the employer.
Unofficial Strike A Strike where the conditions of an official strike are not followed. Employer is entitled to sue them for losses.
All out strike The ICTU instructs every union in the workplace to go on strike at the same time.
Work to Rule Workers refuse to do any work that is not specified in their employment contract.Minimum amount of work done and cannot be sued.
Sympathetic Strike Workers go on strike in sympathy of their co workers.
Wild Cat/Lightning Strike Workers decide on the spur of the moment to gon on strike.
Overtime Ban Workers refuse to work overtime.
Conciliation A third party acts as a mediator between two conflicting parties. The third party recommends a course of action to be implemented. Can be accepted or rejected.
Created by: Jack Darcy