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MS Word Lesson 4 & 5

Formatting Text and Paragraphs In MS Word

The design of the letters is called Font
Fonts are measured in ________ Points
The most common sized font for business documents 12
Bold, italics, and underline are examples of __________ Style
The command that copies format and style of text Format painter
A preset option of color, font, and style that can be applied to an entire document Theme
_____ 11, and 12 are standard size fonts 10
The ruler is available in the ______ tab View
The blank area around the sides of a page Margin
The most common alignment for text Left
Alignment often used for titles and invitations Center
Alignment that lines up text even at both the left and right margins Justified
The space between the margin and where the text starts is called a(n) ________ Indent
The space between the lines of text is called ___________ Line spacing
The alignment used for text in newspapers and magazines Justified
Positioning the text between the top and bottom margins is ____________ alignment Vertical
The __________ indent,only indents the first line of text in a paragraph First line
The __________ indent formats the first line of text to start at the left margin but the formats the remaining to be indented Hanging
Keyboard combination for double space is _______ CTRL 2
Keyboard combination for 1.5 spaces is ________ CTRL 5
Keyboard combination for single space is ______ CTRL 1
Used to create tables and lists Tabs
Default tabs are set every _________ inch Half
Bullets can be customized with _____________ Symbols or pictures
The __________ command formats a list with two or more levels and is useful for formatting outlines Multilevel list
Solid, dotted, or dashed lines that come before a tab are called _______________ Leaders
The default page margins setting in MS Word for a document is __________ for all margins one inch
The option to change margins is under the ___________ tab Page Layout
__________ alignment is often used for page numbers or the date Right
Line spacing that leaves two blank lines Triple space
Line spacing that leaves one blank line Double space
The four kinds of tabs are left, right, center and ____________ Decimal
Shadow, outline, and strikethrough are examples of _________ that can be applied to text Effects
The four types of text alignment are left, center, right and _________________ Justified
Created by: DeborahCrenshaw
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