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FL. French History

La Culture Francais

When did the Romans rule? 52 BCE
What name did the Romans give France? Gaule
What trait was Roman architecture known for? Rounded arches
When were the Middle-Ages in France? 500-1500 CE
When was Notre Dame built? 1163 CE
What are three traits of Gothic architecture? Height, rounded arches, and light, stained-glass windows
What invention changes French society? The printing press
How did the invention of the printing press change society? It brought us into the La Renaissance
What was the period after the Middle-Ages known as in France? La Renaissance
Why was Francois the 1st an important king during the Renaissance? He was the first leader not to believe in fighting and wars 24/7. He also appreciated wonderful things such as art
What remains of the fortress Philip Augustus built in 1190? The dungeons
What was the Louvre used for before the French Revolution? A Palace for the royals
What is the most famous painting in the Louvre? The Monalisa
What artist did Francois the 1st convince to come to France? Leonardo Da Vinci
Why did the Germans not take the artwork from the Louvre back to Germany when they occupies Paris in WW11? The frenchmen hid them throughout the country so when the Germans got there it had been swept
What was the name Louis XIV took as his motto? The Sun King
How long was Louis XIV's reign? 72 years: 1643-1715
What is the date of the French Revolution? In 1789 CE
What was the name of the prison that was stormed by the people in revolt? The Basille
Who were the king and queen guillotined during the revolution? Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette
Created by: autumn.rhonemus