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Study helps for British Lit Unit 3A Test

"Salvation by faith" is the subject of which which of Tyndale's essays? Parable of the Wicked Mammon
What was one way the middle class gained power during the Tudor period? increased power of local governments
Give the term for this definition: "a highly artificial literary mode which centers on shepherds and idealizes rural settings" pastoralism
Who wrote The Shepherd's Calendar? Edmund Spenser
More's Dialogue is a reply to what work by Tyndale? Parable of the Wicked Mammon
Which work of Edmund Spenser was sophisticated and learned, comprising many different poetic genres and was prefatory to his projected epic? The Shepherd's Calendar
Which two versions of Scripture are most similar to each other? the Geneva Bible and the KJV
To whom did Spenser dedicate The Shepherd's Calendar? Philip Sidney
How many poetic feet does the typical sonnet line contain? five
Who declared that the righteous man is one who hears and believes the Word of God? Tyndale
What was another way the middle class gained power during the Tudor period? the growth of the trade companies
More's humanism is evident in what work? Utopia
In his Answer unto Sir Thomas More's Dialogue, Tyndale declares that the true interpreter of scripture is whom? the Holy Spirit
Where did Cranmer surprisingly declare that his true faith is universally Christian? St. Mary's
In Raleigh's poem "The Pilgrimage," how do the travelers enter heaven? thirsty
Which Tudor poet invented blank verse? Surrey
For what purpose was the greatest English literature written? the moral improvement of mankind
Christ's resurrection is celebrated in which sonnet? Sonnet 68 ("Most Glorious Lord")
What was the third way the middle class gained power during the Tudor period? increased membership in the House of Commons
Who was the leading English humanist during the Tudor period? Thomas More
Who was the person most responsible for the organization and style of The Book of Common Prayer? Thomas Cranmer
Where did Sir Walter Raleigh twice attempt to establish a settlement? Roanoke Island
Wyatt criticizes Cupid in which poem? "Farewell, Love"
Who produced the first complete Bible in English? Miles Coverdale
How many books of The Faerie Queene did Spenser actually complete? six
Which decree officially divorced England from the Roman Catholic church? Act of Supremacy
Stella accepts the poet in which sonnet? "O Grammar Rules"
Surrey's "Love That Liveth and Reigneth in My Thought" has what dominant image? war
In The Faerie Queene, the flimsiness of the House of Pride is indicated by what? thin walls, crumbling back sections and sand foundation
What word best describes Elizabeth's religious policy? moderate
Which word best describes Sidney? idealistic
In The Faerie Queene, which character does NOT represent the Catholic Church in some way? Una
According to The Faerie Queene, where is Error's den located? Wandering Wood
What does the cannibalism of Error's offspring represent? the self-destructive nature of evil
In his Dialogue, why does More use the phrase "Christ's Church" rather than "Catholic Church"? to imply that the Catholic church is the true church of Christ
According to An Apology for Poetry, what is the dual purpose of poetry? teaching and delighting
Why did Foxe decide to publish an English version of his Book of Martyrs? he wanted to influence the common people
According to An Apology for Poetry, in what sense can fictional stories actually be true? They may convey universal spiritual - rather than historical - truths
What is the literary term for a strained and elaborate comparison? conceit
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