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process colors cyan, magenta, yellow, black
planography prints on flat surface
scoring helps to fold heavy stock
gathering placing paper in proper order
die cutting cuts paper into a design pattern
computer-to-plate is not a major printing process
forms printing prints repair manuals and parts lists
stationery printing litho printing
embossing raising an image on paper
impactless ink-jet printing
photoconversion involves color separations
line art drawn by hand or hand drawn on a computer
trimmin not a finishing in bindery operations
scanner changes an image to digital form
letterpress printing relief printing
trimming cutting paper to create even edges
image making placing an image on a plate
waterless printing lithography
flexography relief image application
offset lithography applies pressure to the substrate
porous printing stencil process
gravure process long press run application
nip point two cylinder meet or come close
90 dba maximum sound decibel reading per day
fountain solutions and plate cleaners organic solutions
vacuum dust remover
paper common waste and dust in the printing industry
metal container storage for soaked rags
skin, inhalation, ingestion ways chemical enters the body
plate cleaners, film cleaners common organic solvents
medical/health hazards MSDS information
brochures, direct mail pieces digital printing
paper, solvents, paper dust fire hazards
30 psi allowable pressure
17"x22" basic size (bond paper)
alkalinity not a monitor specification
posters ISO B-series
mile US Standard measurement
ISO-C envelope compatible with ISO-A paper
aluminum, iron, silver non combustible
letterspacing distance between lines of type
stem verticle part of type
stroke thickness of type
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