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World War 1 Test

What date did WW1 start and what day did it end Started on July 28, 1914 Ended on November 11, 1918
What are the five main causes of WW1 Militarism/Alliances/nationalism/imperialism/ assassination
Who is the archduke Francis Ferdinand Archduke of Austria/next in line to be king/visits Sarajevo, Bosnia and gets killed that day
Who killed the archduke and how did they kill him Gavilo Princip- shot him
Why was the archduke assassinated Serbia was mad at Austria because Austria wouldn't let Serbia join Bosnia to become one nation
how was the archduke assassanated he was traveling to see the injured solders at the hospital, a bomb was thrown at his car, on the way back from the hospital he was shot with his wife
What countries joined the allied powers Great Britain,France,Russia,Serbia
What countries were on the central powers Germany, Austria-Hungry, Ottoman empire
who was the leader of Germany Kaiser Wilhelm 2
What was the Schlieffen Plan a plan to take over France first then Russia
How was GB forced into war there was only 2 ways that the schlieffen plan could work. One was to go through GB the other was to go through Belgium. Belgium was neutral and said no to letting one side pass through them, so the only other way they could do it would be to go throughGB
What happened in the battle of Marne the french troops declare battle on Germany. When the french get to the river they try to cross it and succeed so it freaks the Germans out and the retreat.
what are the 3 result of the Battle of Marne -allies win -creates a 2 front war 4 Germany -Begains trench warefare
in 1915 who was Italy fighting 4 Allies
By 1915 who was the Ottoman empire fighting 4 Central-Powers
Why did the US declare war on central powers they sunk the Lusitania with a lot of Americans on it they kept using submarines after they agreed not to
why did Woodrow Wilson choose to be on the Allies The Germans sunk the boat with a lot of Americans on it he wanted the world to be safe 4 democracy
what were the three major event of why America joined Allies Germany sunk our boats Germany broke the treaty and used submarines Germany was not a democracy
what were Woodrow Wilson's 3 goals when entering the war war to end all wars war to make the world safe 4 democracy peace without victory
What were the 2 laws passed when America entered the war Sedition Act Espionage Act
What was the Sedition Act An act that outlawed any criticizium to the government
What was the Espionage Act An act the outlawed any kind of German culture and allowed the government to go through anyone's mail if they thought they were suspicious
why was 1917 such a pivotal year of the war WW1 is now a one front war because Russia leaves the war
What were the results of the second battle of Marne allies win allies led by Francis Ferdinand
who were the big 3 who signed the peace thready to end the war David Loyd-GB George Clemenceau- France Woodrow Wilson- Us
Who was guilty of WW1 Germany
Created by: Kaitlin S.
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