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Counting by 7s #2

Reader's Rally

How many times does Willow go to the library? once a week
Where is Willow’s favorite place to look for disease? the shopping mall
What does Willow make flash cards for? to study the diseases
What is Willow’s favorite type of medical disease? skin conditions
What does Willow think is ignored about plants? that they are moving all around us
What state does Willow live in? California
What “treasure” does Willow have in her backyard? a garden
What is Willow’s garden to her? her sanctuary
What is Willow’s 1st memory? kindergarten
Who was Willow’s kindergarten teacher? Mrs. King
Why did Willow not like lunchtime picture book? it was all lies
What made Willow most tired in kindergarten? lunchtime picture book
What did Willow not like about sitting on the floor in kindergarten? all the germs
What word did Willow learn in kindergarten? weirdo
Where did Willow’s mom find her at the end of the 1st kindergarten day she talked? behind the Dumpster crying
What was Willow named by her education consultant? highly gifted
How did Willow’s parents “stimulate” her? adding the garden
What did Willow like about the garden? plants don’t talk back
How many siblings does Willow have? none
Ho man months ago did Willow start going to a new school? 2 months ago
How is Willow different when she is first seen with her parents? she is adopted
How many years did Willow’s mother try to get pregnant? 7 years
What are Willow’s 2 passions? plants are medical conditions
When did Willow’s parents pick her up to adopt her? July 7
What is Willow’s favorite number? 7
What is Willow’s most special number? 257
What does Willow’s mother do when she is sad? she is quiet
What does Willow’s mother do when she is happy? She cries
What ethnic category does Willow fit in? None or a person of color
What does Willow think her parents look like? the whitest people in the world
What does Willow think matters in a family? that they naturally look like a family
What are the 3 reasons Willow leaves the house? to study medical conditions, to go to school, and to go to the library
What does Willow call school? forced prison camp
Created by: horse2424