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Voice and Diction

the info on the study guide unit 2

How is the voice produced? Air moving through the vocal folds causing them to vibrate.
What is necessary for correct speech and voice production? Good posture, relaxed body, proper breath, flexible lips & tongue
What hings can affect the voice in a negative way? caffeine, smoking, dairy products, excessive shouting
where are the vocal folds located? larynx
what are the vocal folds made of? muscle tissue
what is controlled breathing? Brief inhalation followed by controlled exhalation
Why is relaxation and warm-up important to good vocal production? to stretch vocal folds and warm up that muscle
What is resonance? richness of sound caused by vibrations which are amplified
What is a resonator? 1. oral cavity 2. nasal cavity 3. head 4. throat
What is nasality? Sound forced through the nasal cavity
Which sounds in English that should be sounded through the nose? M, N, NG
define quality individual sound of a voice (Q)
define pitch relative highness & lowness of a voice (P)
define inflection gradual raising and lowering of a voice
define monotone pitch remains on only 1 level
define volume relative strength, force, and intensity of a voice (V)
what is explosive force sudden sharp breath pressure like a quick shout
what is expulsive force? steady even breath pressure (long sss sound pr normal speech)
define rate speed at which words are spoken (R)
rapid delivery = what? causes tension, excitement and expectation
slower delivery = what? causes feelings of importance, serenity and reverence
what is the proper way to use a pause? at the beginning or end of a thought group (usually where a period or comma is put in written words)
where do pauses come in a thought group? they never come in a thought group, only before or after
where should tone be placed? in the mask of the face (eye sockets/ cheek bones/ nose)
how is the voice used to produce emphasis? by changing pitch, using greater force, and by changing rate
what is meant by "swallowing words" 1. muffled sound 2. keeping sound in the throat instead of the mask 3. not allowing sound to reach the resonating chambers
define diction correct articulation of sound
what are the results of diction clear, correct, pleasing sound that carries well
what are some habits of sloppy speach 1. muttering 2. mumbling 3. dropping sounds
what is the IPA International Phonetic Alphabet
what is a phoneme? the smaller unit of sound
what is a vowel? a sound that passes with an unobstructed tone through the mouth
how are a vowel's tone formed? with the lips, tongue, jaw and soft palate. Positions differ for each vowel sound
what are diphthongs? a combination of 2 vowel sounds
what is a 'schwa' an unaccented vowel syllable
Created by: jane.burnham14