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Video Game 3-1 Vocab

Activity 3-1 Vocabulary in Video Game Design Foundations Software Design Guide

Physical Dexterity Skill or ability at performing physical tasks.
Coordination How well your hands, feet, eyes, and so on, work together to complete a task.
Source Code Underlying game creation code
Licensing Agreement Provides third-party designers the rights to obtain the game source code for a specific system.
Proprietary Designed to play only on a single manufacturer's game console.
Online Play Players connect via the Internet to compete with other players.
LAN Party Players meet at a location and connect their machines to a local area network to play an online game.
Muscle Memory How the muscles in the body remember how to react.
Motor Skill Put most of the other skills together to make the movement look smooth.
Toy A game that lacks interactivity, rules, or objectives.
Reaction Time The time it takes for a person to react.
Reflexes A quick, involuntary movement
Socialize Interacting in a group environment
Game Activity defined by rules with an objective, goal, or victory condition; it involves a game environment that enables play or pretending.
Play The participation in an entertaining activity
Competition To play against an opponent with a goal or victory condition to determine who is the best.
Physical Trials Competitive events such as long jumps, sprinting races, boxing, and sparring.
Game Environment A setting altered or designed to play a specific activity.
Mental Acuity A person's learning, problem-solving, and reasoning ability.
Puzzles A game requiring the player to mentally analyze and solve the problem.
Board Game A game requiring two or more players to engage in mental competition.
Random Number Generator Any device used to fairly and without bias create a number at random within a given range of numbers.
Card Game A game involving a series of uniquely printed cards within the set rules of a game.
Themed Board Game A game where players are entertained in an elaborate pretending environment where they become characters traveling on a game board.
Immersion Degree to which a player connects to the game world.
RPG A game that allow for a very deep immersion as players assume a character (play a role).
Desensitized By repeatedly being exposed to an event until it no longer results in an emotional reaction to the event.
Cocooning A social phenomenon where people do not play and interact with their physical environment.
ROM A read-only memory cartridge that made it possible for a single computer game console to play several different games.
Backward Compatibiity Allows old games to play on the new system.
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