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Theory test_Mod7

Unlike a filter, a query is an object that is... saved with the database
If you add a record to a form, the record will also get added to the table. True
To arrange database information in alphabetical order, it is best to... sort it
An Access report presents data from a combination of one or more... a & b
If you click the first record in the State column and then click the Align Text Left button in the Text Formatting group on the Home tab, the formatting will be applied to... all of the records in the State column
Click the _____ button in the Results group on the Query Tools Design tab to display the query results in a data sheet. Run
You can change the background color of every second row by clicking the ____ on the Home tab and then selecting a different color. Alternate Row Color button in the Text Formatting group
If you want names in a query to be listed from A to Z, click the _____ for the Last Name field in the query design grid. Sort row&then click Ascending
To delete someone from a membership list, locate the appropriate record, click the gray record selection box, click the Delete button on the Home tab and then click... Delete Record
Because an Access report is linked to the objects used to create it, it... is automatically updated whenever changes are made to those objects
When the tables in an Access database are referred to as related, it means they share a common... column of data
While entering data, you should save frequently to prevent from losing data. False
If you want to add the amounts in the Expenses column... click the Expenses Total cell at the bottom of the column
To categorize the online contributors to your charity by city, you would use the _____ button. Add a group
When creating a new record that is almost identical to an existing record, it is best to... copy the entire existing record&then make the necessary changes
To view what your printed report will look like... a or b
When you use the Form Design button to create a new form, it displays in ____ view. Design
What is the purpose of the Format Layout Tools Arrange tab? a or b
To find all records where the Amount field is less than $1000, enter ____ in the Criteria cell of this field. <$1000
What is the maximum number of characters a Text field can store? 255
Which of the following field types allows you to set a maximum field size to prevent data entry errors? Text
To alphabetize your records by last name from A to Z, click the ____ button. Ascending
You can add fields to a table in Design View and Datasheet view. True
To change a street address, locate the appropriate record, double-click the Street Address field, enter the new address, and then press... the Tab key
Which of the following is NOT a valid relational operator? ==
When you use the Report button to create a report, the report is displayed in ___ view. Layout
Which of the following describes a benefit of copying data into Access from other programs? a & b
Records can be added to... both a & b
If you are querying a data type field for all employees hired on January 1, 2010, you would enter the criteria as... all of the above
When you create a query... all of the above
Access allows you to enter data in a... a or b
If you want your report to look the same, even on computer with different versions of Microsoft Access, you should... save your report as a PDF
Use the options on the Form Layout Tools _____ tab to change the font size and font style. Format
When you sort records in a table... records in the related form are not sorted
A form is used for... all of the above
Which of the following types of Access objects can be printed? all of the above
Which field type atomically stores a number that is one greater than the last number used? AutoNumber
If your form does not display in the Navigation pane, click the down-pointing arrow in the Navigation pan header and then click... All Access Objects
To display the records of only those people who live in a certain city, click the ____ on the Home tab. Filter button in the Sort & Filter group
When creating a query using the Query Design button, choose the table at the... Show Table dialog box
When you create a new form, it displays in _____ view. Layout
When you are creating a query in Design View, a _____ displays at the bottom of the screen. query design grid
What happens if you press the Tab key after you enter data in the last field of a form? A new blank form displays
When entering data in a ______, use the Tab key to move to the next field. a or b
The Query Wizard button is located in the... Queries group on the Create tab
Which of the following row is NOT part of the query design grid? Report
To redisplay all records after viewing only the records of people whole live in Atlanta, click the ______ button on the Home tab. Toggle Filter
A field called Zip Code should be assigned the _____ field type. Text
The process of pulling records from one or more tables is called... extracting
When you open an Access database, you see a... navigation pane
To return sorted data to its original order, click the _____ button. Remove Sort
The options on the Form Layout Tools Design tab can be used to... a or b
If you want the most recent date to appear at the top, you would apply a(n) _____ sort. ascending
In the _____ pane, double-click the Boston Members query to display records of all members living in Boston, Massachusetts. Navigation
To show the amount contributed by each donor to your organization's charity, you would use the _____ button in the Group, Sort, and Total pane. Add a sort
If entering data in table becomes too confusing, you can enter data in a _____ instead. form
When creating a new field in a table, filling in the field in the _____ column is optional. Description
You can use record controls to... scroll through the records in a form
The _____ pulls data from fields that you choose. Query Wizard
To add a field to a query, click the field name in the Available Fields box and then... click the single right arrow button (>)
Switch to another open Access object by clicking the.... tab at the top of the object
To widen a column so that all the data displays, move the mouse pointer over the right border of the column heading until it changes to a _____ and then ______. black bar with left&right pointing arrows; double-click
You have added several records to a table from which a query is based. To include the records in the query results... run the query
When you open a form from the Navigation pane, it opens in _____ view. Form
Which of the following Access objects provides the most user-friendly data entry method displaying one record at a time? form
You can change the font, font size, text color, or fill color by using the options on the... Report Layout Tools Format tab
You can enter record into a form from... Form view
To create a new table in Design view, click the _____ button in the Tables group on the Create tab. Table Design
To create a query that displays records for only those people who live in a specific zip code, enter that zip code under the Zip field column in the _____ cell on the query design grid. Criteria
The object that Microsoft Access uses to enter and organize data is called a... table
You can change the gridlines that are displayed by clicking the _____ button in the Text Formatting group on the Home tab. Gridlines
Adding records to a database is sometimes referred to as ____ the database. populating
A string of pound signs (####) in a field means that... the field is not wide enough to display all of the data
The ____ bar displays at the bottom of a form. Record Navigation
The purpose of creating a query is to... find records that meet a certain condition
When you add two tables to a query, _____ appears between their common fields. ), a relationship line
You can use record controls to... scroll through the records in a form
Which of the following objects might be listed in the navigation pane when you open an Access database? a and b
To prevent duplicate entries in a field, assign a(an) _____ to the field. primary key
Temporarily displays only those records meeting a certain condition. Filter
Presents information in a professional looking format. Reports
Area in Access that lists the objects created. Navigation Pane
One piece of information that creates the columns in a table. Field
The view used to enter data into a table. Datasheet
To arrange database information in alphabetical order, it is best to... sort it
If you want your query to display every field of every record, click the... Detail button
To display a list of relationships in a ____, click the Relationships button in the Relationships group on the Database Tools tab and then click the All Relationships button. database with several tables
To view what your printed report will look like... a or b
You have more options and more control if you create your query using the ... Query Design button
When you enter data in a form... Access saves the data automatically
When entering data into an Access table, press _____ to move to the next field. the Tab key
An advantage of creating a query is that.... All of the above
You can adjust the size of all the fields in a form by hovering the mouse pointer over the right border of a field until it becomes a _____ and then dragging the horde to the desired size. two-headed arrow
A database can be best described as... an organized collection of related data
A collection of related ____ make up a record. fields
A query extracts data from one or more... tables
An Access report is based on related... a and b
The most important step in creating a table is... selecting the appropriate data types for fields
If you want to add all available fields to your query... click the double right arrow button (>>)
Because accuracy is extremely important in working with a database, you should always... all of the above
If you want to list peoples whose name begins with R in your query, type _____ of the Name field. R* in the Criteria row
The correct data type to apply to the field "part number" (Ex: 12345) is... Text
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