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Micheal Vey

What is the name of the private school? Elgen Academy
What was the high school that Micheal went to? Meridian high
Who are the members of the original Electroclan? Micheal, Taylor, and Ostin
What are Glows? The electric children
How much did Micheal offer Jack and Wade to drive him and Ostin to Pasedena? $300
How many electro children were there, and how many are left? There were 17 but now there are 13
Where is the private school located? Pasedena, California
Where did Micheal, Taylor, and Ostin live in the beginning of the book? Idaho
What is the name of Taylor's twin? Tara
Where did the all the electro children and Hatch go to celebrate Taylor's arrival? The X-Games
What month were all the electro children born? April
What was the name of the machine that created the electro children? MEI
What were the prisoners called and what does it stand for? GP and it stands for Guinea Pigs
What is Zues' real name? Frank
What type of car does Jack drive? Camaro
Why is Ostin's name misspelled? His mom couldn't spell his name right
What is the name of the principal of Micheal's high school? Mr. Dallstrom
How did Micheal's dad die? He had a heartattack
How many days did Micheal stay in Cell 25? Twenty six days
Which Electro child has the ability to hold information? Grace
Created by: LOLZ_GABBY