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GK 3


Semantics is the branch of logic concerned with what? Meaning
Which Northumberland castle, located between Craster and Embleton, is closely associated with the legend of Guy the Seeker? Dunstanburgh Castle
Whose poem is "The Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket"? Robert Powell
Which poem did Milton write about the drowned fellow poet Edward King? Lycidas
What was England's second-largest and second-most commercially important city for the bulk of the 14th century? Norwich
Which sea battle was fought on 24 June 1340 as one of the opening salvoes of the 100 Years War? Sluys
In which county are Chipchase and Belsay Castles? Northumberland
In England, often associated with the wool trade, what European historiography term refers to the entire medieval system of trade and its taxation? Staple
The narrator of Anthony Burgess's 'Earthly Powers' is generally held to have been a lampoon or caricature of which real-life author? W Somerset Maugham
Maria Edgeworth is a character in which literary work? Castle Rackrent
In which play does the line "to thine own self be true" appear? Hamlet
In which Graham Greene novel is Scobie a character? The Heart of The Matter
Paul Morel is the protagonist of which novel? Sons and Lovers
Gerald Crich appears in which DH Lawrence novel? Women In Love
Stephen Blackpool is the hero of which Dickens work? Hard Times
Which fictitious Northern city is scene of much of the action in 'Hard Times'? Coketown
In which novel is Paul Pennyfeather a character? Decline and Fall (Waugh_
In which century was the Sorbonne founded? 13th (1253)
Dorothea Brooke appears in which classic novel? Middlemarch
In a church, what is the chancel? The space around the altar at the liturgical East end of a church.
Give a year in the reign of Philip II (Phillipe Auguste) of France. 1180-1223
Which perfume house introduced the 'Gentleman' brand in 1974? Givenchy
Which word can refer to a bomber aircraft, a radio call sign and the Z-Cars code-name? Victor
What was Eleanor Thornton the model for in 1911? The Spirit of Ecstasy
Liverworts and green leaves are both rich in which vitamin group, including retinol, retinal, retinoic acid? Vitamin A
Which Englishman designed the first modern steam turbine in 1884? Parsons
Which foodstuff is prepared from Hydrocarbon toluene? Saccharine
Which company made the 'Forester' car model? Subaru
Which American first used the term 'torpedo' for a naval explosive? Fulton
Which element is atomic number 9? Fluorine
Highland Dirks and Stilettos are both types of what? Daggers
Fish-oils and egg yolk are both rich in which Vitamin? Vitamin D
Plasterers and Diggers are both types of what sort of insect? Wasps
How long is a vicennial? Every 20 years
What name is given to a female badger? Sow
If a male cat is a tom, what is a female? Queen
A musquash fur comes from which animal? Musk Rat
What was unusual about the UK Nobel Prize Winner stamps issued in 2001? Scented
What type of animals are cervidae? Deer
The first UK self-adhesive stamps depicted what? Cats
Gypsum is more correctly known by what chemical name? Hydrated calcium sulphate
What is the chemical symbol of promethium? Pm
Which Miletus-born Presocratic philosopher is sometimes called 'The Father of Science'? Thales
The quagga is a subspecies of which animal? Zebra
Which class of subatomic particles is named from the Greek for 'heavy'? Baryons
Which Ancient Greek astronomer both discovered the precession of the equinoxes, and may have compiled the first star catalogue? Hipparchus
Which kitchen appliance did Denis Papin introduce in 1679? Pressure Cooker
Which vitamin deficiency causes beri-beri? B1
Which class of subatomic articles is named from the Greek for 'thick'? Hadrons
In which year were self-adhesive stamps introduced to the UK? 2001
Which type of creature has the largest brain relative to body size yet known? Ant
Asparagus, leeks and tulips are all part of which plant family? Lily
Archangel and Havana Brown are both breeds of what animal? Cat
Which mathematician is (possibly fancifully) often credited with inventing roulette wheels? Blaise Pascal
Wemmick and Jaggers appear in which Dickens book? Great Expectations
What is a furbelow? a gathered strip or pleated border of a skirt or petticoat
What type of window is attached to its frame by one or more hinges? Casement
Which palace, demolished and rebuilt in the 1930s, faces the Eiffel Tower across the Seine? Trocadero
Which river runs through Bangui? Ubangi
Which US author (1900-98) was the only foreign member of the Academie Francaise? Julian Green
Which French painter ((3 October 1803 – 8 January 1869) participated in the July 1830 revolution? Paul Huet
What was the profession of Jean Henri Riesener, who served the French monarchy in this capacity? Cabinet-maker
Baccarat and Saint-Louis are both makers of what? Crystal
Herbert Pocket and Mr Pumblechook both appear in which Dickens novel? Great Expectations
Mr Brownlow features in which Dickens novel? Oliver Twist
Who wrote "A Spy In The House Of Love"? Anais Nin
How was Paris known to the Romans? Lutetia
Which French poet ((30 October 1762 – 25 July 1794) was guillotined in the Revolution? Chenier
What is a madrigal? A secular vocal music composition
Which execrable poet wrote "The Railway Bridge Of The Silvery Tay"? McGonagall
Agate is a variety of which mineral? Silica
Which female American poet of the imagist school from Brookline, Massachusetts, posthumously won the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry in 1926? Amy Lowell
Which poet wrote "Atalanta in Calydon"? Swinburne
Whose novel was "The Republic Of Love"? Carol Shields
In which novel is Quilty a character? Lolita
In which city is the Carnavalet Museum? Paris
Who is the male protagonist of Nabokov's "Lolita"? Humbert Humbert
What were Hamlet's last four words? "The Rest Is Silence"
What were the last recorded words of Steve Jobs? "Oh wow, Oh Wow, Oh Wow"
Which US poet's major work "The Bridge" was inspired by Eliot's "The Waste Land"? Hart Crane
Elizabeth Bishop and John Berryman attained fame in which field? Poetry
Whose work, Revelations of Divine Love, is the first published book in the English language to be written by a woman? Julian of Norwich
Which US modernist poet wrote "Anecdote of the Jar", "Disillusionment of Ten O'Clock", "The Emperor of Ice-Cream", "The Idea of Order at Key West", "Sunday Morning", "The Snow Man", and "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird"? Wallace Stevens
What was the adopted name of Jean-Baptiste Poquelin? Moliere
Which Pope was brought to Paris as a prisoner in 1810 following Napoleon's invasion of the Papal States? Pius VII
The Tuilieres were burned down in an 1871 rising by which French group? Communards
Which Christian theologian (1380-1471) wrote "The Imitation Of Christ"? Thomas A Kempis
Which French King, who reigned from 1422-61, was the monarch on the throne throughout Joan of Arc's life? Charles VII
Which religious order were revived in the late 15th century by Pope Alexander VI for the express purpose of guarding the tomb of Christ? Knights Of The Holy Sepulchre
Étienne-Louis Boullée and Claude Nicolas Ledoux were noted in which field? Architecture
Who wrote "La Venus D'Ille" in 1837? Prosper Merimee
Which French poet (11 September 1524 – 27 December 1585) was called the "prince of poets"? Pierre de Ronsard
Albert Lebourg was a French painter belonging to which school? Rouen school
Which architect designed the 1910 Steiner House in Vienna? Adolf Loos
Sir John Soane's Museum in London is dedicated to what? Architecture
King's College Chapel in Cambridge is an example of which specific architectural style? Perpendicular Gothic
Which English scholar, born at Colerne, Wiltshire, was a friend of Erasmus? William Grocyn
Which humanist scholar and physician (1460-1524) has an Oxford college named for him Thomas Linacre
Which English scholar, Renaissance humanist, theologian and educational pioneer became Dean of St Pauls in 1504? Colet
What was the name of the Gloucester street where Fred and Rose West lived, where they murdered several young women? Cromwell Street
Which Bible was the first English translation to work directly from Hebrew and Greek texts? Tyndale Bible
In medieval times gentry who believed that they were men of their local Lord rather than the King were given what name? Retainers
Cabot's voyage to Newfoundland took place during which monarch's reign? Henry VIII
What is a mountebank? A swindler or confidence trickster
During which years did the Dissolution of the Monasteries take place? 1536-9
In which English county is Berkhamsted castle? Hertfordshire
By what collective name were the English figures Cranmer, Latimer, Tyndale and Coverdale known? Cambridge Reformers
What is a convocation? A group of people brought together for a specific (often ecclesiastical or academic) reason
Which English antiquary (1503 – 18 April 1552)'s most famous work was 'Itinerary'? John Leland
Which two English martyrs were burned at the stake in Oxford on 16th October 1555? Latimer & Ridley
Which Englishman, famous for his Bible translation, was in 1536 convicted of heresy and executed by strangulation, after which his body was burnt at the stake? Tyndale
In which year was the Pilgrimage of Grace? 1536
Which public school was founded by the yeoman John Lyon? Harrow
In which 1549 uprising in Norfolk were 20,000 sheep slaughtered in protest at the use of land for pasture? Kett's Rising
What name is given to the philosophical idea that only one's own mind is sure to exist? Solipsism
Roughly how long ago did the hominid Australopithecus live? 4-2 million years ago
Where was Giordano Bruno burned in 1600? Rome's Campo Dei Fiori
Where is the Pope's summer residence? Castel Gandolfo
In which town or city was Copernicus born in 1473? Torun, Poland
Which work by Ptolemy contained his famous (but erroneous) geocentric model of the universe? Almagest
In which unpublished 1510 manuscript did Copernicus first outline his heliocentric model of the solar system? Commentariolus
Which six-volume work of 1543 was Copernicus' published work stating his heliocentric beliefs? De Revolutionibus
How is the Arab polymath Ibn Al-Haytham's name usually Anglicised? Alhazen
Which seminal work in the history of science was published on 5th July 1687? Newton's 'Principia'
Who first measured the Gravitational constant in 1798 using lead balls and a torsion balance? Henry Cavendish
The famous 'Blue Marble' photo of Earth was taken on Christmas Eve 1968 by which Apollo mission? Apollo 8
Who said, after Martin Luther King's assassination that it was time to "tame the savageness of man make gentle the life of this world"? Robert Kennedy
Name any of the three Apollo 8 astronauts. Lovell, Borman, Anders
Which mathematician (1784-1846) systemised eponymous functions which are used in spherical and cylindrical geometry? Friedrich Bessel
What name is given to the apparent movement of an object caused by viewing it from two different spatial locations? Parallax
Who wrote "The end of our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time"? TS Eliot
Name any of the Apollo 7 astronauts. Schirra, Eisele, Cunningham
Which Arab (965-1040) mathematician, astronomer and philosopher who made significant contributions to the principles of optics, astronomy, mathematics, meteorology, visual perception and the scientific method? Alhazen
Which scientific constant is equal to 6.673×10−11 N·(m/kg)2? Gravitational constant
What is 'parsec' short for? Per Arc Second
Which space telescope was launched on the 19th December 2013? Gaia
Which female American astronomer discovered the relation between the luminosity and the period of Cepheid variable stars? Henrietta Leavitt
The Oxford Apartments where Jeffrey Dahmer lived were in which city? Milwaukee
Which Canadian-American retired stage magician and scientific sceptic is best known for his challenges to paranormal claims and pseudoscience? James Randi
Which term, coined by Paul Geisert, is used for people who have a naturalistic view of the world? Brights
What ritual did Barack Obama always perform on the morning of elections he was running in? Play basketball
What is the home stadium of the Chicago Cubs? Wrigley Field
What was the name of the Coronation Street character, played by Julie Hesmondhalgh, who was the first transsexual to appear on a British serial? Hayley Cropper
What was the name of the wheelchair-bound boss in 'The Avengers'? Mother
Which TV series about the TA was set in Roker Bridge? Preston Front
Who produced the film 'Chariots of Fire'? Puttnam
Who said "some women get excited about nothing - and then they marry him"? Cher
What was the last Hammer film before 2010' "Let Me In" - it was released in 1976? To The Devil....A Daughter
Who played the lead role in the 1960 movie "Curse Of The Werewolf"? Oliver Reed
Michael Balcon became the main producer at which film studios in 1937? Ealing
At which film studios was the majority of filming for both "Star Wars" and "2001: A Space Odyssey" done? Elstree
Which pop star said "I would rather have a cup of tea than go to bed with someone"? Boy George
Who took over from Ned Sherrin as the host of "Counterpoint"? Paul Gambaccini
Which actress won an Emmy for portraying Carmela in "The Sopranos"? Edie Falco
Michael Douglas movie "A Perfect Murder" was a remake of which far-superior film? Dial M For Murder
Fay Ripley played Jenny Gifford in which British TV series? Cold Feet
Sweet Sue and her Syncopators appear in which film? Some Like It Hot
Who played the children's father in "The Sound Of Music"? Christopher Plummer
Marilyn Monroe made a breakthrough playing Angela Phinlay in which 1950 film? The Asphalt Jungle
The film "2001: A Space Odyssey" was based on which Arthur C Clarke short story? The Sentinel
Which British film and TV studios were originally called Neptune Studios? Elstree
What is considered to be the first British "talkie" movie? Blackmail
Who directed "Blackmail", the first British talkie? Hitchcock
Who first hosted "Call My Bluff"? Robin Ray
Which actor played Ashley Wilkes in "Gone With The Wind"? Leslie Howard
Which actor played the titular role in "Young Mr Lincoln"? Henry Fonda
Which Northern UK comedian used the catchphrase "daft as a brush"? Ken Platt
Which 'Educating Archie' actress used a catchphrase on the show "My Name Is Monica"? Beryl Reid
Which TV production company makes "Harry Hill's TV Burp" and "Russell Howard's Good News"? Avalon
What name did the woman born Harlean Carpentier adopt when she became a movie star? Jean Harlow
Which TV series starred Maureen Lipman as Jane Lucas? Agony
What shape is Ely's Cathedral tower? Octagonal
English Heritage was founded in which year? 1983
The Chingford Hunting Lodge, used by Elizabeth I, lies in which forest? Epping
In which county is Epsom? Surrey
Which sculptor was responsible for the 18 nudes that decorate the British Medical Association building? Epstein
In which county is Eton? Berkshire
Which Brazilian city is capital of Rio Grande Do Sul, and is home to the Gremio team? Porto Alegre
In which state is the Andrews Air Force Base, often used by the US President? Maryland
For administration purposes, into which smaller unit are US states divided? Counties
Which Northern Irish river rises in the Mountains of Mourne and runs to Lough Neagh, the longest river wholly in Ulster? Bann
Hamley's Toy Store is on which London thoroughfare? Regent Street
Fort William lies at the North-East end of which loch? Loch Linnhe
Which NW Scottish fishing village and ferry port is on Loch Broom? Ullapool
Where in Dublin does the Irish National Parliament meet? Leinster House
What is London's oldest mainline station? Euston
As of 2009-14, how many MEPs does the UK have? 78
The River Lea - which runs through a nation's capital - is a tributary of which larger river? Thames
What is the county town of Devon? Exeter
Exmoor lies in which two counties? Somerset and Devon
What is the highest point of Exmoor? Dunkery Beacon
What does 'combe' mean? Valley
Which three provinces of Ulster are part of the Republic of Ireland? Cavan, Donegal, Monaghan
Uppark is in which English county? West Sussex
Uppark, West Sussex, is a town amidst which range of hills? South Downs
Ickworth in Suffolk is home to which British Earl? Earl of Bristol
The German word 'hemweh' is usually translated into English as what? Homesickness
Which is the Northernmost of the Great Lakes? Superior
Which aviator has Sydney's Airport been named for? Kingsford-Smith
What type of structure is the famous Pont Du Gard? Aqueduct
The Pont Du Gard crosses which river? Gardon
In which English county is Charterhouse school? Surrey
Which European country first used Guide Dogs for the Blind? Austria
What is the name of Hong Kong's stock exchange? Hang Seng
Apart from the Severn, which other major English river has a strong tidal bore? Trent
Where is the Henry Watson Music Library? Manchester
Dorval Airport was formerly which city's airport? Montreal
In which German 'lander' is Aachen? Northern Rhineland-westphalia
What are the second and third biggest cities of Denmark? Aarhus, Odense
Boston (in England and hence the US) was named for which Saint? Botolph
What name is given to the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers that forms part of the Iraq-Iran border? Shatt Al-Arab
Aberystywyth sits on which bay? Cardigan
Which rivers join at Aberystywth? Ystwyth and Rheidol
What Welsh name does Cardiganshire now use? Ceredigion
What is the official capital of the Cote D'Ivoire, although Abidjan remains the De Facto capital? Yamoussoukro
The Kattegat sea area lies between which two nations? Sweden and Denmark
Sukhumi is the capital of which autonomous province? Abkhazia
Most of the world, except Russia, recognises Abkhazia as part of which nation? Georgia
Which largely unrecognised self-declared state still has a hammer and sickle on its flag? Transdnistria
What is the 'capital' of Transnistria? Tiraspol
Scene of a famous battle, in which country are the Plains of Abraham? Canada
Gran Sasso D'Italia is the highest point of which mountain range? Apennines
What is the capital of the UAE? Abu Dhabi
The Mumani massacre of 1993 occurred in which disputed area? Abkhazia
Before 1971, the UAE was known by what name? Trucial States
What is the capital of Nigeria? Abuja
Which Japanese architect designed Nigeria's capital Abuja; he also won the Pritzker Prize in 1987? Kenzo Tange
Which phenomenon causes the 'dark side of the moon' to face permanently away from Earth? Tidal locking
Which Soviet space probe first photographed the dark side of the moon in 1959? Luna 2
The dark side of the moon was first seen by human eyes in real time on which space mission? Apollo 8
The Horsehead Nebula lies in which constellation? Orion
Which astrophysicist worked out the galactic position of the sun in 1915, while WW1 raged? Harlow Shapley
In which year was Einstein's Theory of General Relativity published? 1916
The Hooker Telescope is located at which US facility? Mount Wilson Observatory
Who were the famed participants in an 1860 debate about evolution: one an ardent pro-Darwinist, the other a bishop? Huxley and Wilberforce
Who were the two participants in the 1920 'Great Debate' in astronomy, regarding whether there were more galaxies than our own? Shapley and Curtis
There are currently believed to be 54 galaxies in which group, of which the Milky Way is a member? Local Group
Galileo studied which topic at the University of Pisa? Medicine
Which Vatican chapel is separated from the Sistine Chapel by the Sala Regia? Cappella Paolina (Pauline Chapel)
How was artist Ludovico Cardi, a close friend of Galileo, better known? Cigoli
Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity was published in which year? 1905
The world's largest vacuum chamber is in Plum Brook Station in which US state? Ohio
Where did the famed 1860 Huxley-Wilberforce evolution debate take place? Oxford
In which US state is Mount Wilson Observatory? California
All objects follow straight line paths across space-time that are called what? Geodesics
Who produced the famous First Folio engraving of Shakespeare? Martin Droueshot
Which piece of laboratory equipment, named after its shape, is used to contain a vacuum? Bell jar
What name is given to a stellar remnant (a 'dead star') mainly composed of electron-degenerate matter? White Dwarf
What limit, worked out by an American-Indian astrophysicist, describes the upper limit of mass that a white dwarf can possess? Chandrasekhar limit
What are the densest type of stars known? Neutron stars
Which English monarch succeeded Edward VI? Mary I
What name was given to an unsuccessful 1569 attempt by Catholic nobles from Northern England to depose Queen Elizabeth I of England and replace her with Mary, Queen of Scots? Rising of the North
The Battle of Losecoat Field took place during which conflict? Wars Of The Roses
Which 1547 battle was the last pitched battle between the Scots and English, and ended in such a catastrophic defeat for Scotland that it was called 'Black Saturday'? Battle of Pinkie Cleugh
Which type of bay window projects from the main wall of a building but does not reach to the ground? Oriel window
Who said of Shakespeare 'he was not of an age, but for all time'? Ben Jonson
The First Folio contains every known Shakespeare work except which? Pericles
The 1547 Battle of pinkie Cleugh took place near which modern-day town or city? Musselburgh
A star remnant ('dead star') that exceeds the Chandrasekhar limit does not become a white dwarf, but what other type of celestial body? Neutron star
Which English antiquarian wrote 'Britannia' in 1586? William Camden
Which Englishman (1566 – 12 February 1630) spent most of the decade of the 1590s travelling on the European continent and the eastern Mediterranean lands, later writing about it in his multi-volume "Itinerary? Fynes Moryson
Which footballer first earned £100 a week? Johnny Haynes
What is Ian Botham's middle name? Terence
Against who did Ian Botham take 100 runs and take 10 wickets in a single Test in 1980? India
For which three counties did Ian Botham play? Somerset, Wiltshire, Durham
Who was England's main wicketkeeper from 1967 to 1981? Knott
Who is the only Zimbabwean bowler, as of 2014, to have taken over 100 Test wickets? Heath Streak
Which South African all-rounder scored 9000 runs and 200 wickets in both ODIs and Test cricket match? Jacques Kallis
For who was Gary Sobers playing when he scored his famous 6 sixes in an over? Nottinghamshire
Who bowled to Gary Sobers when he scored his famous 6 sixes in an over? Nash
Who holds the record for being Heavyweight Champion of the World for the longest time, 11 years, 8 months, 8 days? Joe Louis
Rugby league has its roots in which town's George Hotel? Huddersfield
What trophy is awarded to the winners of Rugby Union's World Cup? William Webb Ellis Trophy
In which year did Rugby League's Superleague start? 1996
Which two now defunct teams played in the first Rugby League Superleague game? PSG; Sheffield Eagles
What are South Sydney's Rugby League team called? Rabbitohs
Which game involves hurling a beer-soaked rag at a ring of competitors? Dwile Flonking
Punk poet "Attila the Stockbroker" was behind petitions for a new ground for which football team? Brighton
Plough, Cobra, Upward Bow and Downward Dog are all examples of what? Yoga Positions
In which sport is the libero exempt from rotating position? Volleyball
Which football team, founded in Gelsenkirchen, were the Nazis' favourite team? Schalke 04
Which team share the Allianz Arena with Bayern Munich? 1860 Munich
'Card Counting' led casinos to change the rules of which game? Blackjack
In craps, there are 2 possible winning scores - which two? Seven and Eleven
In which country does the 'Top 14' rugby union contest take place? France
The team of which nation were the last winners of Rugby Union Olympic gold? USA
Which was the first Italian venue to stage the Winter Olympics? Cortina
Which is the longest of England's horse racing 'classics'? St Leger
In which country will the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup be held? Japan
At which racecourse was the Derby run during both World Wars? Newmarket
In a craps game what name is given to the dice thrower? Shooter
In roulette, what is a 'straight up' bet? Bet on a single number
In card game 'Hearts' which card carries the maximum penalty? Queen of Spades
In card game, 'banco' a 'natural' is a score of what? Nine
At which football team's home ground is the Bill Shankly Kop? Preston North End
Which piece of sporting equipment has a type called a stumpjumper? Mountain Bike
Hank Aaron spent the vast majority of his baseball career in which city? Milwaukee
With 15, which county holds the record for most County Cricket Championship wooden spoons? Derbyshire
Which three founder members of the Football League also played in the first season of the Premier League? Aston Villa, Blackburn, Everton
Which piece of sporting equipment has a 'kicktail'? Skateboard
In which pub game do contestants throw sticks at a 'dolly'? Aunt Sally
Who, on 26th December 2006, became the oldest football player to score a Premier League goal? Teddy Sheringham
Who captained the England cricket team during the 1985 Ashes? Gower
In which county is the port of Bideford? Devon
Which mysterious and highly virulent disease struck England, and later continental Europe, in a series of epidemics beginning in 1485 - the last outbreak occurred in 1551, after which the disease apparently vanished? Sweating Sickness
Who solved Einstein's field equations while serving at the Russian Front in the German Army? Karl Schwarzchild
The introduction of which non-existent constant into his equations did Einstein call 'his biggest blunder'? Cosmological constant
The Triangulum Galaxy has what alternate name? Pinwheel Galaxy
Who proved that the universe was expanding in a 1929 paper? Hubble
Discovered by Penzias and Wilson in 1964, what is the CMBR? Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
What is the temperature of the universe as a whole, to the nearest point degree Kelvin? 2.7K
What, in mathematics, is the relation of two lines at right angles to one another (perpendicularity), and the generalization of this relation into n dimensions? Orthogonality
What does 'pernicious' mean? Having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way
What was first reported by US pilot Ken Arnold in 1947? Flying Saucer
Which Italian astronomer erroneously reported canals on Mars? Giovanni Schaparelli
In which US state is the Los Alamos National Laboratory? New Mexico
Built in 1942, what was the first artificial nuclear reactor in the world? Chicago Pile-1
Whose paradox describes the apparent contradiction between the high probability of alien civilisation and humanity's lock of evidence for them? Fermi Paradox
What does the SETI project stand for? Search For Extra Terrestrial Intelligence
Which radio interferometer that is dedicated to astronomical observations and a simultaneous search for extraterrestrial intelligence is named after a Microsoft founder who donated $30m to the project? Allen Array
Attendees at the first 1961 SETI conference gave themselves what name? Order of the Dolphin
The equation that describes the probability of extra-terrestrial life is called what? Drake equation
In quantum physics, which theory is the study of the analytic properties of scattering as a function of angular momentum? Regge theory
In 1977 the strongest signal ever received by SETI goes by which colloquial name? Wow! signal
What is the nearest star to the famous 1977 Wow! Signal? Tau Sagittarii
Which is the only manmade spacecraft that has visited Uranus and Neptune? Voyager 2
What is the most distant man-made object from Earth? Voyager 1
Klapa music originated in which country? Croatia
Which king's right upper jaw was accidentally removed during dental work in 1685? Louis XIV of France
Who was the wife of George III? Charlotte of Mecklenburg
What was the name of the only child of George IV, who died in childbirth in 1817 - she would have been queen? Princess Charlotte (of Wales)
Which non-metropolitan district of Cambridgeshire was a historic county of England? Huntingdonshire
The Forest of Arden is mainly in which county? Warwickshire
What name is given to a planet outwith the Solar System? Exoplanet
What name is given to a spinning neutron star? Pulsar
A star that is moving away from Earth has its colour shifted to what via the Doppler effect? Red
The habitable zone around a star that could potentially support liquid water and thus life? Goldilocks zone
The Kepler space observatory was designed to look specifically at what? Earth-like planets orbiting other stars
What is the third most abundant element in the universe? Oxygen
Which volcano erupted in 1991 was the second largest terrestrial eruption of the 20th century? Mount Pinatubo
What name is given to a scatter graph of stars showing the relationship between the stars' absolute magnitudes or luminosities versus their spectral types or classifications and effective temperatures? Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram
All heavy elements on Earth originated in which celestial bodies, created by red giants that have run out of nuclear fuel? Nebula
To the nearest half degree, what is the tilt of the Earth's axis? 23.5
In which year was the first exoplanet detected? 1992
Which geologic eon before the Proterozoic Eon, occurred before 2.5 Ga (billion years), or 2,500 million years ago? Archean Eon
The oldest known evidence for life on Earth was found in which country? Australia
In biology, what is the LUCA? Last Universal Common Ancestor
What was the first geologic eon on Earth, representing the first half-billion years after the planet's formation? Hadean Eon
What name is given to the earliest known complex multicellular organisms? Ediacara Biota
What was the name of Buddy Holly's backing group? The Crickets
Which best-selling author also wrote under the name Harry Patterson? Jack Higgins
Who is the heroine of Austen's "Northanger Abbey"? Catherine Morland
What is the surname of the central sisters in "Sense and Sensibility"? Dashwood
What was George Eliot's real name? Mary Ann Evans
Which English philosopher and critic of literature and theatre was George Eliot's partner, although they never married? GH Lewes
What did the TS in the name of TS Eliot stand for? Thomas Stearns
Which poem begins "Let us go then, you and I"? The Love Song of J Alfred Prulock
Who wrote the "Strangers and Brothers" series of novels? CP Snow
Which Roman poet first used the phrase "carpe diem"? Horace (in his 'Odes')
Who wrote "Bhowani Junction", later a successful film? John Masters
Which Japanese contemporary artist is behind the 'Superflat' movement and once made backpacks supposedly from the skin of endangered animals? Takashi Murakami
What did the CP stand for in CP Snow's name? Charles Perry
What did the L stand for in the name of Oz author L Frank Baum? Lyman
Who wrote "Death In Venice"? Thomas Mann
Who painted "The Triumph of Death" and "Dulle Griet (Mad Meg)"? Pieter Breughel the Elder
Who wrote Gothic classic "The Vampyre" in 1816? Polidori
Which poet (1752-70) died aged 18 in a possible suicide, or possible self-treatment for VD? Chatterton
Who wrote "The Naked And The Dead"? Mailer
In which year did Sinclair Lewis win the Nobel Prize for Literature? 1930
Who was born in Russia as Alisa Rosenblaum? Ayn Rand
Mrs Malaprop is a character in which work? The Rivals
Thomas Chatterton's death in 1770 was due to self-poisoning with what substance? Arsenic
Dadaist Tristan Tzara hailed from which country? Romania
How was other Frederick Rolfe also known? Baron Colvo
Which minister of Henry VIII is the main protagonist in Mantel's "Wolf Hall"? Thomas Cromwell
Who wrote the play "Androcles and The Lion"? GB Shaw
Who wrote the play "The Wilmslow Boy"? Rattigan
Give a year in the life of Peter Paul Rubens. 1577-1640
Who wrote best-selling book "The Time Traveller's Wife"? Audrey Niffenegger
Who wrote "Ash Wednesday" in 1930? TS Eliot
What was devised by Bell, MacFarquhar and Smellie in 1768? Encyclopaedia Britannica
What was Buddy Holly's posthumous UK No 1 called? It Doesn't Matter Anymore
In which year did TS Eliot win the Nobel Prize for Literature? 1948
Who edited the 18th century French "Encyclopédie, ou dictionnaire raisonné des sciences, des arts et des metiers"? Diderot
What name was given to Jacob Epstein's 1913 sculpture that resembled a torso on a tripod? Rock Drill
Who co-edited Diderot's 'Encyclopedie'? Jean-Baptiste le Rond d'Alembert
Where is Jacob Epstein's monumental sculpture 'Rima'? Hyde Park
Which sculpture outside Coventry Cathedral was created by Jacob Epstein? St Michael and the Devil
Who wrote the novel "Imperium"? Robert Harris
Of what is Epstein's Coventry sculpture "St Michael and the Devil" made? Bronze
Which famous stage actress was the great-aunt of John Gielgud? Ellen Terry
Who painted "An Accident", "VE Day" and "The Empty House"? LS Lowry
In the book by Frank Herbert what is the alternate name of the planet "Dune"? Arakis
Who created "Dan Dare"? Hampson
How did Rupert Brooke die? Of malaris (on board a ship)
How did Virginia Woolf die? Suicide by drowning
Who is the protagonist of Robert Harris's novel "Imperium"? Cicero
When did VS Naipaul win the Nobel Prize for Literature? 2001
Which three authors have won both a Nobel Prize for Literature and a Booker Prize? Golding, Gordimer, Naipaul
Which work won the 2014 Nobel Prize? The Narrow Road To The Deep North (Flanagan)
Which painter has given his name to both a broad collar and a short, pointed beard? Van Dyke
Thomas Hardwick (1752–1829) was famed in which field? Architecture
Who wrote "Lorna Doone"? RD Blackmore
Where is 'Lorna Doone' set - now a national park? Exmoore
Which group of exiled French Protestants are associated with the Queen Anne style of art? Huguenots
Shaw and Nesfield were often collaborators in the 19th century in which field? Architecture
Who wrote both "Coromandel" and "The Deceivers"? Masters
There is a museum dedicated to the works of which other in Great Missenden in Buckinghamshire? Roald Dahl
Who was Governor-General of Canada from 1930 to 1935? Buchan
Chawton in Hampshire is best known for its association with which writer, whose last house can still be visited? Austen
Who tried to kill Andy Warhol in 1968? Solaris
On which of the Greek islands is Rupert Brooke buried? Skiros
At which siege did Byron die? Missolonghi
What was the better known alias of Jacopo Robusti? Tintoretto
Which half-brother of Æthelred the Unready, and King, was murdered at Corfe Castle? Edward (the Martyr)
Æthelred the Unready had which regnal number? The second
Which historical 'protection money' was a tax raised to pay tribute to the Viking raiders to save a land from being ravaged? Danegeld
What was a 'moot' in Anglo-Saxon England? A court or gathering
Who was on the throne during the Great Fire of London? Charles II
In which year did Britain join the EEC? 1973
What was established by the Maastricht Treaty? EU (or, arguably, the Euro)
Which archaeologist gave the Minoan civilisation their name? Evans
Which king expelled the Jews from England in 1289? Edward I
Who was the last ruler of an independent Wales? Prince Dafydd ap Gruffydd
Prince Dafydd ap Gruffydd was the first prominent figure in history to be executed by what method? Hanging, drawing and quartering
In which year was the Maastricht Treaty signed? 1992
Which amending treaty was signed by the EU member states on 13 December 2007, and entered into force on 1 December 2009? Lisbon Treaty
Which political party was established in 1971 by Ian Paisley and Desmond Boal? Democratic Unionist Party (DUP)
In which year was the Irish Free State established? 1921
What name is given to the process where one organism engulfs another and then both live together for mutual benefit? Endosymbiosis
The Z-scheme occurs in which process? Photosynthesis
The earliest known eukaryotes appeared on Earth approximately how many billion years ago? 2 Billion
Who was the second person to orbit the Earth after Gagarin? Titov
Which port city on the Volga river is near where Yuri Gagarin landed on returning from his Vostok 1? Engels
Shiro, a homogenous stew whose primary ingredient is powdered chickpeas or broad bean meal, is mainly associated with which country? Ethiopia
What does lambent mean? Glowing or luminous, but lacking heat.
What is the only member of the theropithecus genus? Gelada baboon
The gelada baboon is found only in which country? Ethiopia
What does a gramniverous animal eat? Grass
The Laetoli footprints, perhaps the world's oldest, are found in which country? Tanzania
The Afar Triangle is a geological depression in which three countries? Djibouti, Ethiopia, Eritrea
The Awash River is located entirely within in which country? Ethiopia
How is Australopithecus fossil AL 288-1 better known? Lucy
Which is the closest Cepheid variable star? Polaris
Which ancient astronomer noted the precession of the equinoxes? Hipparchus
Whose theory states that periodic movements of the Earth's orbit in space affect its climate? Milankovitch
What is Erta Ale? Ethiopian volcano
What is the nickname of the southernmost pit of Erta Ale? Gateway To Hell
The famous hominid fossil 'Lucy' was found in which country? Ethiopia
The famous hominid fossil 'Lucy' was of which species? Australopithecus Afarensis
Who were the three crew members on the ill-fated Apollo 13? Swigert, Haise, Lovell
The site Petra was built by which people? Nabataeans
The slender passageway that leads to the site of Petra is given what name? Siq
What is the translation of the building in Petra 'Al-Khazneh'? The Treasure
What is the Russian equivalent of NASA? Roscosmos
The Story of Sinuhe is a classic from which people's literature? Ancient Egypt
What name is given to the earliest period of time in the history of the universe, from zero to approximately 10−43 seconds? Planck Epoch
Who released the album 'Unknown Pleasures'? Joy Division
Who wrote 'New Atlantis' in 1623? Francis Bacon
What are the four first generation particles in the Standard Model of Physics? Up quarks, down quarks, electron, electron neutrino
What are the four fundamental forces of nature that are carried by gauge bosons? Strong nuclear force, weak nuclear force, electromagnetism, gravity
Which are the only types of particle that feel the strong nuclear force? Quarks
The strong nuclear force is carried by which gauge bosons? Gluons
The weak nuclear force is mediated by which gauge bosons? W and Z bosons
What is the second-most widely spoken language worldwide? Which is the second-most widely spoken language in the world? Spanish
What are the monolithic figures on Easter Island called? Moai
After Spanish and English, what is the third-most widely spoken language of European origin worldwide? Portuguese
What replaced GMT in 1972 as the primary time standard by which the world regulates clocks and time? Coordinated Universal Time (French: temps universel coordonné, UTC)
In which year was the Greenwich meridian officially designated as zero degrees longitude? 1884
With what is the website www.xe.com concerned? Foreign Exchange
What is the currency of Cuba? Peso
What is the currency of Switzerland? Swiss Franc
What is the capital of the Spanish region of Asturias? Oviedo
What was first developed in 1947 in the USA by Shockley, Brattain and Bardeen? Transistor
Chuck Yeager used which rocket-fired aircraft when he became the first man to break the sound barrier? Bell X-1
Which Latin phrase means 'innermost reason'? Intima Causa
Who designed the class of locomotives to which the Mallard belonged? Gresley
The Mallard broke the speed record for a steam locomotive when travelling between which two cities? London and Newcastle
Which English fashion designer is best known for her 1980s political t-shirts including "CHOOSE LIFE"? Katharine Hamnett
The Clansman train ran between which two cities? London and Inverness
Which German aircraft manufacturer invented the ejector seat? Heinkel
What was invented by the Norwegian Ole Evintrude in 1900? Outboard motor
What is a lapidary? Someone who works with precious stones
The Flying Scotsman locomotive ran between which two British cities? London and Edinburgh
Which group of hydrocarbons are characterised by the incorporation of a halogen in place of a hydrogen ion? Halons
Which point on a celestial sphere lies opposite the zenith? Nadir
An incorrect urban legend attributes the invention of the cat flap to which prominent scientist? Newton
Which chemical element has white, red, violet and black allotropes? Phosphorus
Which chemist first isolated sodium? Davy
Which chemical element, number 41, was formerly called columbium? Niobium
In the 12 days of Christmas, there were exactly 11 what? Pipers piping
Which line touches a circle without intersecting it? Tangent
Which are the only particles that do not interact with Higgs bosons? Gluons and photons (both massless)
What is the formula to calculate a circle's circumference from its radius? 2πr (πd)
Which interaction between a scalar field and a Dirac field is named for a Japanese physicist, and can be used to describe the strong nuclear force between nucleons, mediated by pions? Yukawa interaction
In which year was the Higgs boson discovered? 2012
In Greek myth, who was the father of Niobe? Tantalus
Interaction with a Higgs Boson causes a particle to gain what property? Mass
What name is given to a polygon with 11 sides? Hendecagon
Construction starting in 1357, in which city is the Charles Bridge? Prague
In computing, what does ROM stand for? Read-only memory
Which part of a computer allows data items to be read and written in roughly the same amount of time regardless of the order in which data items are accessed? RAM
How many sides do all snowflakes have? Six
The laws of which sport were first codified on 30th May 1788? Cricket
What was first used after the 1905 murders of Thomas and Anne Harrow in order to secure a conviction? Fingerprint evidence
Who formulated his laws of planetary motion in the early 17th century? Kepler
In computing, what is a VDU? Visual Display Unit
How many laws comprise Kepler's laws of planetary motion? Three
What did early computer language ALGOL stand for? Algorithmic language
Where were the laws of cricket codified on 30th May 1788? Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC)
In computing, how many bits make up a nibble? Four
At what temperature Fahrenheit does water freeze? 32F
In computing, what is OCR? Optical Character Recognition
Of what vegetable is Romanesco a variety? Broccoli
What name is given to a a mathematical function that summarizes the dynamics of a system? Lagrangian
What does MIPS stand for in computing? Millions of Instructions Per Second
In 1998 Thomas Hales announced that he has discovered a proof of which famous mathematical conundrum? Kepler conjecture
The Kepler conjecture describes the packing and density of which bodies? Spheres
Which 17th century National Trust property in West Sussex was affected by a devastating fire in 1989, but has since been restored? Uppark
Which Australian Prime Minister was dismissed by the Governor-General in 1975? Gough Whitlam
Which king was defeated by Simon de Montfort at the Battle of Lewes? Henry III
In WW2, what was nicknamed 'the unsinkable aircraft carrier'? Malta
Which WPC was shamefully shot dead outside the Libyan embassy in 1984? Yvonne Fletcher
PC Trevor Lock was involved in which high-profile event of the 1980s? Iranian embassy siege
Which US president did Lynette 'Squeaky' Fromme attempt to assassinate? Ford
Where did General Lee surrender to General Grant on April 9 1865, essentially ending the US Civil War? Appomattox (court house)
In which US state is the historically-famous Appomattox? Virginia
What type of aircraft was the Red Baron flying when he was shot down? Fokker triplane
Who were the first Britons to successfully climb Mount Everest? Haston and Scott
Which is the newest of the Nobel Prizes? Economics
In which year was the Nobel Prize for Economics first awarded? 1969
Of the US presidents depicted on Mount Rushmore, which is the most recent? Theodore Roosevelt
Where is the British Tomb of The Unknown Warrior located? Westminister Abbey
In which year was the UK's 'Unknown Warrior' interred? 1920
Which organisation was founded by Peter Benenson in 1961? Amnesty International
Which PM of the UK became Lord Rievaulx when he was elevated to the peerage? Wilson
What was 'Operation Chastise' in WW2? Dambusters Raid
Which farm was used as a hideout by the 'Great Train Robbers' of 1963? Leatherslade
Who former politician was using the alias Dragan Dabic when he was caught? Radovan Karadzic
Which serial killer, jailed in 2008, was nicknamed the 'Suffolk Strangler'? Steve Wright
'Mad' Frankie Fraser was a notorious member of which South London gang? The Richardsons
Which King of Norway (reigned 1046-66) was sometimes called 'Thunderbolt of the North'? Harald Hardrada (Harald III)
What was codenamed 'Operation Rosario (Rosary)'? Argentine Invasion of the Falklands
San Carlos Water, where the British fleet were largely anchored during the Falklands conflict, attracted what ironic nickname among troops? Bomb Alley
HMS Antelope was sunk during which battle of the Falklands War? Battle of San Carlos
What was the name of the Kray twins' older brother? Charlie
Whistler v Ruskin and Addington v Tolstoy are famous examples of what type of legal case? Libel
Which monk from Iona became the first Bishop of Lindisfarne? Aidan
Which king is notoriously said to have died from 'a surfeit of lampreys'? Henry I
Who did Peter Robinson replace as the First Minister of Northern Ireland? Ian Paisley
Which daughter of a famous politician appeared in US reality TV show "Life's A Tripp"? Bristol Palin
Which town or city was the birthplace of Harold Wilson? Huddersfield
Which infamous assassin used the pseudonym Eric S Galt? James Earl Ray
Which MP was killed in 1830 by Stephenson's 'Rocket'? Huskisson
Which event occurred when 'Fat Man' fell out of 'Bock's Car'? Bombing of Nagasaki
Which man first called Thomas More 'A Man For All Seasons'? Robert Whittington
Where was James Earl Ray arrested after his murder of Martin Luther King? Heathrow
The first act of the US Civil War in 1861 was the bombardment of which fort? Fort Sumner
Which former US president died the year after John F Kennedy was assassinated? Hoover
What nickname was given to women who knitted by the guillotine in Revolutionary France? Tricoteuses
In which year was Julius Caesar assassinated? 44BC
The mother of Tiberius, who was seen as the perfect Roman matriarch? Cornelia
Of what is bryology the study? Moss
The withers are on which part of a horse? Between the shoulders
Bauxite is the principal ore of which element? Aluminium
What is the chemical formula of nitric acid? HNO3
Cinnabar is the principal ore of which element? Mercury
Which Chinese stealth fighter plane first flew on Jan 11, 2011? Chengdu J-20
Where about on a horse's body are the stifles found? Knees of the back legs
Which gas mark is equivalent to 350 degrees Fahrenheit? Four
How has the Chinese stealth fighter plane Chengdu J-20 been nicknamed? Powerful Dragon
What is a gourami? A fish
What did Jean Henri Dunant found in 1862? Red Cross
What does ISDN stand for in communication? Integrated Services Digital Network
How many points are there on a traditional sailing compass? 32
How is a rheostat now more commonly known? Potentiometer
A rheostat allows what part of an electrical circuit to be varied? Resistance
From what is agar made? Algae
Who was the captain of the space shuttle Challenger on its ill-fated flight? McCandless
What was the name of the school teacher onboard the space shuttle Challenger when it exploded? Christa McAuliffe
Richard Feynman demonstrated that the Challenger disaster was due to the failure of which component? O-Ring
Which explosive is made from nitrocellulose, wood pulp, nitroglycerine and potassium nitrate? Gelignite
Which purple stone was believed to prevent drunkenness by the Ancient Romans? Amethyst
Which flower is called the 'Fair Maid of February'? Snowdrop
What are graylings? Fish
Single-celled organisms that do not contain organelles are called what? Prokaryotes
What name is given to an organism's entire store of genetic information? Genome
Prokaryotic organisms are divided into which two domains? Archaea, bacteria
Creatures are classified by 8 taxonomic ranks - starting with domain, and ending with species, what are these, in order? Domain; Kingdom; Phylum; Class; Order; Family; Genus; Species (Dear King Philip Come Over For Good Spaghetti)
What are the four kingdoms in the Eukarya domain of living creatures? Animal, Plants, Fungi, Protists
The word 'science' derives from the Latin verb for which word? To know
What name is given to non-numeric scientific data? Qualitative
Where is DNA located in prokaryotic organisms? Distributed throughout the cell
In order, which four elements comprise the greatest percentage of human body weight? Oxygen, Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen
Equivalent to an amu, what unit is used to indicate mass on an atomic or subatomic level? Dalton
Where is the annual Ideal Home Show held? Earls Court Exhibition Centre
Which early 19th century building, with a famed rotunda, was the creation of Frederick Hervey, 4th Earl of Bristol and Bishop of Derry who commissioned the Italian architect Asprucci to design him a classical villa in the Suffolk countryside? Ickworth House
Which city, the country's 5th largest, is nicknamed "The Brazilian Venice"? Recife
In which Hampshire village is the Jane Austen museum? Chawton
Chipping Norton, Banbury and Abington are all in which English county? Oxfordshire
The word 'serendipity' derives from an obsolete name for which country? Sri Lanka
In pre-Euro Greece, the drachma was divided into 100 of which smaller units of currency? Leptae
There are places called 'Toronto' and 'Pity Me' in which English county? Durham
What was the Escudo divided into in pre-Euro Portugal? 100 Centavos
Which company were the first sponsors of the London Eye? British Airways
Which Franco-English word refers to swampy areas or inlets in the Gulf Coast region of the USA? Bayou
The city of Chittagong is in which country? Bangladesh
The Mekong River drains into which sea? South China Sea
Which US state forms Minnesota's southern border? Iowa
Which European city formerly went by the name Pressburg? Bratislava
Which was the first motorway service station to be open to all traffic in the UK? Newport Pagnell
Initially only open to trucks, what was the first motorway service station to open in the UK? Watford Gap
What is the English translation of 'Reykjavik'? Bay of Smokes
The khamsin wind is most associated with which country, where it usually arrives in April, and is usually called the 'khamaseen'? Egypt
Which French port, scene of WW2's "Operation Chariot" sits at the mouth of the Loire? Saint-Nazaire
On which date does Waitangi Day fall? February 6th
Which institution, based at White Lodge, Richmond, has the motto 'strength and grace'? Royal Ballet School
The headquarters of GCHQ are located in which town or city? Cheltenham
What nickname is given to the headquarters of the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)? The Doughnut
Which is the oldest rank in the UK peerage? Earl
Which lake was created by the building of Hoover Dam? Mead
Which shipping forecast area is the only one to border Belgium, England and France? Dover
Which country's flag carrying airline is LOT? Poland
In which year was the breathalyzer first used in the UK, after a Road Safety Act of the same year? 1967
Which area became Britain's first dedicated national park in 1951? Peak District
By tradition, who is the only Briton allowed to command a private army? Duke of Atholl
What is the postal address of the building often called 'Canary Wharf'? 1 Canada Square
Which group of islands has the motto "Desire The Right"? Falklands
With its main peaks of Sant Jeroni (1,236 m), Montgrós (1,120 m) and Miranda de les Agulles (903 m), which mountain outside Barcelona is home to a famed Benedictine monastery? Montserrat
The Santa Maria de Montserrat Abbey houses which revered icon or image? Virgin of Montserrat/Black Virgin
Antigua and Montserrat belong to which group of Caribbean islands, which range from Puerto Rico to Dominica? Leewards
Which Lebanese town was once known as Heliopolis? Balbek
Which Lebanese town was once besieged by Alexander the Great, and gives its name to a purple dye? Tyre
Which limestone gorge on the border between Notts and Derbyshire contains Europe's oldest known cave art? Creswell Crags
Which University city in Thuringia lends its name to an 1806 battle in the Napoleonic Wars? Jena
Raasay, Sandray and Westray are islands belonging to which group? Orkneys
Which area of reclaimed land in Kent and East Sussex lies between Rye and Hythe? Romney Marsh
The Bedford Level is the southernmost portion of which area of reclaimed wetlands? Fens
The town of Hythe is in which English county? Kent
Lying at the confluence of the Rother, the Tillingham and the Brede, and a former member of the Cinque Ports, in which county is Rye? East Sussex
The 'Romney Marsh' is a breed of which animal? Sheep
What features on the flags of Kazakhstan, Rwanda and Namibia? A sun with rays
Which locks are the highest point of the Grand Union Canal? Foxton Locks
Gosport lies opposite and to the West of which city, by which it is connected by ferry? Portsmouth
Which of the Orkney islands is nearest to the Scottish mainland? South Ronaldsay
Which of the Shetland Islands lies furthest from the Scottish mainland? Unst
Which castle, the largest in England, has at times been nicknamed 'the key to England'? Dover Castle
Which country is called 'Druk Yul' by its inhabitants? Bhutan
Fair Isle belongs to which island group? Shetlands
Which small lake lies between Grasmere and Windermere? Rydal Water
Which city is served by Deurne Airport? Antwerp
Aire Force lies nearest which of the lakes in the Lake District? Ullswater
Foxton Locks, the highest point on the Grand Union Canal, are in which English county? Leicestershire
Grantley Adams Airport serves which island? Barbados
Which Shropshire town did John Betjeman call England's "most perfect"? Ludlow
Tours and Orleans both stand on which French river? Loire
Which RHS garden, the second most visited paid entry garden in the United Kingdom after the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, is near Woking in Surrey? Wisley
Which UK city has both a mathematical bridge, and a Bridge of Sighs? Cambridge
The RHS runs 4 gardens in the UK - Wisley is one; name any of the other 3. Harlow Carr, Hyde Hall, Rosemoor
Which shingle spit extends from Portland to Abbotsbury in Dorset? Chesil Beach
Who coined the phrase "survival of the fittest"? Herbert Spencer
The Trobriand islands are part of which country? Papua New Guinea
Which Polish-born anthropologist (1884-1942) is sometimes called "the father of social anthropology"? Bronislaw Malinowski
In which country is the Omo valley, important as a site of human evolution? Ethiopia
In which country did anthropologist Bronislaw Malinowski die of a heart attack? Mexico
In genetics, what is defined as the composite of an organism's identifiable characteristics or traits? Phenotype
How many pairs of chromosomes do chimps possess? 24
How many lumbar vertebrae do humans possess? 5
The first primates to branch off from the evolutionary 'tree' that led to humans, how afe strepsirhini better known? Prosimians
What is the scientific name for an expressed genetic characteristic? Trait
The infra-order 'platyrrhini' comprise which group of animals? New World monkeys
Alive approximately 2 million years ago, which hominids were the first known ones to exhibit the modern form of bipedalism, to have used fire, and to have made complex stone tools? Homo Ergaster
The hominid remains found in 2004 in Indonesia dubbed the 'Hobbit' were given what scientific taxonomic name? Homo Floresiensis
The animal family 'hylobatidae' comprise which creatures? Siamang and gibbons
Which geological period lasted from 24million to 5million years before the present? Miocene
Which now-accepted anthropological theory posits a common origin for all human races? Monogenesis
Which British geologist and doctor began the study of dinosaurs when he discovered and named a iguanadon specimen in 1822? Gideon Mantell
The extinct, fox-terrier sized hyracotherium, fossils of which were found in the London Clay by Richard Owen in the 19th century, was once believed to be a direct ancestor of which modern day animal? Horse
Which country has been the world's biggest rubber producer since 1993? Thailand
What is the OECD? Organisation for Economic Co-Operation & Development
Which Celtic goddess was associated with the springs at Bath? Sulis
The ancient cult of Mithras is believed to have originated in which state? Persia
The Romans associated the local Celtic goddess of Sulis at Bath with which goddess of thir own? Minerva
Whose quip was that "America and Britain are 2 countries divided by a common language"? George Bernard Shaw
One of his recordings is on the Voyager space probe - which British musician was a successful populariser of early music but committed suicide in 1976 aged just 33? David Munrow
"Beta Israel" is a community of Jews, mostly located in Israel, descended from which other nation? Ethiopia
Which folk singer's most famous work is arguably the Vietnam protest song "Alice's Restaurant Massacree" (with two 'e's)? Arlo Guthrie
Which San Francisco band, formed in 1965, played at the famous concerts at Woodstock, Monterey and Altemont, and headlined the 1968 Isle of Wight festival? Jefferson Airplane
Of what disease did Woody Guthrie die in 1967? Huntington's
Which conductor once said that "a woman's place is in the kitchen, not in the symphony orchestra"? Herbert von Karajan
Which musician famously lived with George Sand? Chopin
Which French composer (1857-1944) of The Scarf Dance was the first female composer to be awarded the Legion d'Honneur, in 1913? Cecile Chaminade
What name is given to the relative lowlands of southern Nepal? Terai
"Symphony on a French Mountain Air" and "Istar" are among the better-known works of which French composer (1851-1931) who was also a noted music teacher and theorist? Vincent D'Indy
What name is given to the discritical mark consisting of a straight bar above a letter, usually a vowel, that takes its name from the Greek for 'long'? Macron
The sports apparel company Macron is based in which country? Italy
Which US composer (1867-1944), born in Henniker, NH, was the first American woman to write popular and successful high-art music? Amy Beach
How does "Mahayana", referring to a type of Buddhism translate? Great vehicle
Which cyclist was nicknamed "The eternal second"? Raymond Poulidor
In Gulliver's Travels, scientists labour fruitlessly to extract sunbeams from which foodstuff? Cucumbers
Cyclist Raymond Poulidor was nicknamed "the eternal second" because he always seemed to come second to who? Jacques Anquetil
In the sun, which subatomic particles are changed into which others by nuclear fusion? Protons to neutrons
As of 2014, which hypothesis is the most widely accepted one for why the expansion of the universe is accelerating? Dark energy
Which Roman writer wrote a history of Rome that dated from the city's foundation until 9BC? Livy
In which century was the Peloponnesian War? 5th Century BC
Who founded the Athenian Academy around 380BC? Plato
Who is considered the founder of Birmingham University - it was thanks to his tireless enthusiasm that it was granted a Royal Charter in 1900? Joseph Chamberlain
What is sometimes considered the first comprehensive school to open in England and Wales, doing so in 1949? Holyhead County School
Which Jewish Russian-born adventurer and secret agent employed by Scotland Yard, the British Secret Service Bureau and later the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), and was nicknamed 'Ace of Spies'?? Sidney Reilly
Which two countries joined the EEC at the same time as the UK, on Jan 1st 1973? Denmark, Ireland
Which nation joined the EEC on 1st January 1981? Greece
Which 1673 Act of UK Parliament compelled all office holders to take Church of England communion? Test Act
Beginning in 1651 and ending about 200 years later, which series of laws restricted the use of foreign ships for trade between Britain and its colonies? Navigation Acts
Who was the mythical leader of agricultural riots in 1830s England, the name being taken from one appended to some threatening letters? Captain Swing
The UK budget is nowadays usually delivered on which day of the week? Wednesday
The UK budget is nowadays usually delivered in which month? March
Which West End homosexual brothel caused an 1889 scandal when it was strongly rumoured to have had a regular Royal client? Cleveland Street
Who was the only man, other than Winston Churchill, to have been in the UK cabinet during both World Wars? Lord Beaverbrook (William Aitken)
Historically, which title has been used most often for a cabinet minister who does not have an official function? Lord Privy Seal
Who was the first female UK cabinet minister? Margaret Bondfield
Which UK Chancellor of the Exchequer was forced to resign after leaking some of his budget to a reporter? Dalton
Which great opponent of child labour introduced the 'Ten Hours Act 1833' into the Commons, and was a strong supporter of prohibiting the employment of boys as chimney sweeps? Lord Shaftesbury (Anthony Ashley Cooper, 7th Earl of Shaftesbury)
Which city was the Royalist HQ in the English Civil War? Oxford
In which town or city was the UK's first co-operative shop opened? Rochdale
What title is given to the British monarch's representative to an English county? Lord Lieutenant
Which two cabinet ministers of Britain, a Foreign Minister and War Minister, fought a duel? Canning and Castlereagh
Which Prime Minister famously said "You've never had it so good"? MacMillan
In which year was the Iranian Embassy siege in the UK? 1980
On August 5 1583, Sir Humphrey Gilbert claimed which place as England's first overseas colony, under the Royal Charter of Queen Elizabeth I? St John's, Newfoundland
The warships of what nation fired upon British fishing vessels in a case of alleged mistaken identity in 1904's Dogger Bank incident? Russia
Which forged letter was published by the British press 4 days before the 1924 General Election in an attempt to discredit the Labour Party? Zinoviev Letter
Which civil servant was prosecuted for revealing classified information about the sinking of the Belgrano, although a jury acquitted him? Clive Ponting
Richard of Cornwall, 1st Earl of Cornwall, and from 1256 King of Germany, was the brother of which English monarch? Henry III
In Chinese History, the Han Dynasty moved their capital to Luoyang from where? Xi'an
Who shot and paralysed US Presidential hopeful (he was seeking the Democratic nomination) George Wallace in 1972? Arthur Bremer
Which Chancellor of Austria was murdered by the Nazis in 1934? Dollfuss
Who was pardoned following his execution for murders that John Christie committed? Timothy Evans
To what was Oliver Cromwell referring when he said "what should we do with this bauble, take it away"? Long parliament
Which British monarch made Leamington Spa 'royal'? Victoria
Name any 2 of the 3 nations which joined the EU in 1995? Sweden, Finland, Austria
In which city did Lewis & Clark's famous exploratory expedition of America, to the Pacific coast, start? St Louis
At what temperature Fahrenheit does water boil? 212
Which element is added to steel to make it stainless? Chromium
Cassiterite was the chief ore historically, and is still important as an ore of which metal today? Tin
What is the Bessemer process used to produce? Steel
Which chemical element, atomic number 51, was first isolated by Vannoccio Biringuccio and described in 1540? Antimony
What is the birthstone for February? Amethyst
Banting, Best and Macleod are famous for discovering what? Insulin
Who is credited with discovering the neutron? Chadwick
Soldiers from which country supposedly introduced cigarettes at the 1799 Battle of Acre, although the story is probably apocryphal? Turkey/Ottoman Empire
O.A North and Albert J. Parkhouse are both credited with the invention of which everyday item? Clothes hanger
What is the chemical name of vinegar? Acetic Acid
Mercury(I) chloride or mercurous chloride is also known by which one-word name? Calomel
Aqua Fortis is another name for which chemical compound? Nitric Acid
Dry ice is which compound in solid form? Carbon dioxide
In 2005 Michelin invented which cross between a tyre and a wheel, that has the advantage of being 'burst-proof'? Tweel
The youngest of the 12 men to have walked on the moon, how old was Charlie Duke when he did so? 36
The youngest of the 12 men to have walked on the moon, Charlie Duke, did so as part of which Apollo mission? Apollo 16
"Whitey On The Moon", "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" and "The Subject Was Faggots" were all on whose debut album? Gil Scott-Heron
Kill Devils Hill, where the Wright Brothers achieved powered flight, is in which US state? North Carolina
Which of the Wright Brothers was the first human being to fly? Orville
In the Sun, a proton turns into a neutron with the emission of which two other particles? Positron and electron-neutrino
Based at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in Livermore, California, what is the NIF? National Ignition Facility
Where is the privately-funded Global Seed Vault? Spitsbergen, Svalbard Archipelago
Which German-born conductor, pianist, and composer (1876-62) was one of the major conductors of the 20th Century and helped establish Mahler as part of the repertoire? Bruno Walter
Which term is technically given to an exhibition of works rejected by the jury of the official Paris Salon, but the term is most famously used to refer to an exhibition of that name of 1863? Salon des Refusés
Which artist painted 'Burial at Ornans', which helped establish Realism by painting an ordinary scene on a vast canvas, where large canvases had previously been used exclusively for historical and mythical scenes? Courbet
Which Impressionist painted "Monet Working On His Boat"? Manet
In which town or city is Edge Hill University? Ormskirk
Which International Airport is located at, and sometimes named after, Schwechat? Vienna
Which UK transport secretary allowed Railtrack to go into receivership? Stephen Byers
Which organisation has their headquarters at 8-10 Great George Street, having moved from Cowley Street in 2011? Liberal Democrats
What is the translation from Danish of the Faroe Islands? Sheep Islands
Which shipping forecast area makes up the Western border of Malin? Rockall
What do the letters in military group the RHA stand for? Royal Horse Artillery
Which port lies at the mouth of the Great Ouse? King's Lynn
What was David Cameron's parliamentary seat when he became PM? Witney, Oxfordshire
On which canal does the Pontcysllute Aqueduct lie? Llangollen
What was the last college at Oxford to be all-female, remaining so until 2008? St Hilda's
53 of the 88 mountains over 14,000 feet in the USA lie in which state? Colorado
What was London's Globe Theatre renamed in 1994? Gielgud Theatre
Which river runs through Galway? Corrib
Florida borders which other 2 US states? Georgia, Alabama
In which Irish city is the Mardyke walk? Cork
Which two UK universities are based at Milton Keynes? Open, De Montfort
Which university replaced Leeds Polytechnic? Leeds Metropolitan University
The Gielgud Theatre, previously the Globe, was actually opened under which third, original name? Hicks theatre
The Barajas Airport serves which city? Madrid
Which New Zealand city has the Maori name 'Utani'? Christchurch
What designation appears on a degree from Cambridge? Cantab
What name is given to Cambridge University's Honours degree examination? Tripos
Where is the RAF's training headquarters? Cranwell
The Dead Sea is geologically a submerged part of which valley? Great Rift
Europe's longest roller coaster is based where? Lightwater Valley Theme Park
The world's deepest cave is in which country - it was discovered in 2001? Georgia
In which UK county is the famous Bletchley Park? Buckinghamshire
The Murray River forms part of the boundary between which two Australian states? NSW/Victoria
The Ebro is which country's second-longest river? Spain
Lightwater Valley theme park is in which UK county? North Yorkshire
Who had UK number 1s with "Hangin' Tough" and "You Got It (The Right Stuff)"? New Kids On The Block
In Wagner's 'Ring Cycle', who dies giving birth to Siegfried? Siegunde
How does Brunnhilde die in 'The Ring Cycle'? Throws herself on Siegfried's funeral pyre
Octavian and Sophie are characters in which opera? Der Rosenkavalier (Richard Strauss)
The 'Can-Can' by Bad Manners was based on which classical piece? Offenbach's "Orpheus In The Underworld"
Who composed "Rhapsody In Blue"? Gershwin
Black pudding is traditionally made from the blood and fat of which animal? Pig
Who composed "Royal Fireworks Music"? Handel
What is 'bourride'? Fish stew or soup from Provence
Which film score composer is known for his work with the Coen Brothers and also scored the Twilight movies? Carter Burwell
Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance" comes from which ballet? Gayane
'Braxellois' is a sauce of butter, eggs and which vegetable? Asparagus
Who composed the symphonic suite 'Scherezade'? Rimsky-Korsakov
What are the two ingredients in 'Bubble and Squeak'? Cabbage, potatoes
Who composed the oratorio "The Seasons" (not the "Four Seasons", which is a set of violin concertos)? Haydn
An Australian carpetbag steak is stuffed with what? Oysters
In the Bible, who were the tribe of Aaron? Levites
On which island was Ariadne deserted, in Greek myth? Naxos
Who was the Roman equivalent of Artemis? Diana
Who was the ancient Greek God of healing? Aesclepius
Who was the Roman equivalent of Athena? Minerva
Which Nynph detained Odysseus for seven years, according to Greek myth? Calypso
In Greek myth, whose accurate Trojan war predictions were ignored? Cassandra
Which town gives its name to a double-sided lamb chop? Barnsley
Who were the parents of Cassandra in Greek myth? Priam and Hecuba
Which record label was set up by Eminem? Shady Records
In myth, whose image was set in the stars by Neptune? Cassiopeia
Which musical instrument had a forerunner called the symphonium? Concertina
Who was the mother of Castor and Pollux? Leda
Which composer introduced Chopin to George Sand? Liszt
What was Bob Dylan's first UK Top 40 hit? Times They Are A-Changin'
Melvyn Bragg's "Rich" was a biography of who? Richard Burton
In Greek myth, the accurate predictions of Cassandra were ignored because of the influence of which God? Apollo
Which novel was the inspiration for 1994 novel "Lara's Child"? Dr Zhivago
Which play begins "In delivering my son from me, I bury a second husband"? All's Well That Ends Well
Which author wrote "Koba the Dread", about Stalin? Martin Amis
In poetic metre, what is the term for a foot of 2 long syllables? Spondee
Psychiatrist Dick Diver appears in which novel? Tender Is The Night
Who wrote the poem 'The Canonisation'? Donne
What nationality was 1998 Nobel literature laureate Naguib Mahfouz? Egyptian
Which type of novel takes its name from the Spanish for 'rogue'? Picaresque
What is the name of Hazel's brother in 'Watership Down'? Fiver
JM Barrie bequeathed the proceeds from Peter Pan to which institution? Great Ormond Street Hospital
Which book begins "These two very old people are the mother and father of Mr Bucket"? Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Bill Gates bought which of Da Vinci's scientific notebooks? Codex Hammer
Which newspaper launched the Ideal Home Exhibition? Daily Mail
Who painted "The Origin Of The Milky Way"? Tintoretto
Who founded the Illustrated London News? Herbert Ingram
Which painting did art historian Goldscheider call "The Mona Lisa Of The North"? Girl With The Pearl Earring
What type of painting values character or expression over exact likeness? A tronic
What is a 'pendant' in art? Companion Piece
Who painted "The Wrightsman Girl"? Vermeer
Which novelist wrote "The Girl With The Pearl Earring"? Chevalier
Where is Vermeer's "Girl With The Pearl Earring"? Mauritshuis, The Hague
"In Quiet Light", poems based on Vermeer works, was written by who? Marilyn Chandler McEntyre
Which writer took his pen name from a Birmingham City goalkeeper? James Herriott
"I'm not unhappy", with a double negative, is an example of which figure of speech? Litotes
Which novel begins "It was a dark and stormy night" - and who wro wrote it? Paul Clifford by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
Which aphorism was coined by Edward Bulwer-Lytton? The pen is mightier than the sword
Which 1826 poem begins "The Boy Stood On The Burning Deck"? Casabianca
What is the full English title of Magritte's "Ceci n'est pas un pipe"? The Treachery of Images: This Is Not A Pipe
Who painted "Blue Nude (Souvenir of Biskra)"? Matisse
Who painted "Just What Is It That Makes Today's Homes So Different, So Appealing"? Richard Hamilton
Leroy's use of the word "impressionsime" that came to define the artistic movement appeared in which magazine? Charivari
Announced in December 2014, which James Bond film directly follows 'Skyfall'? SPECTRE
Seurat drew on thecolour theory of which French chemist (1786-1889), who lived to be 102, in creating pointillism? Michel Eugene Chevreul
Who painted "The Gleaners", "The Sower" and "The Angelus"? Millet
Which architect was responsible for the modernisation of Paris, and is often associated with its wide, leafy boulevards? Haussmann
What event was held at 35 Boulevard Des Capuchins from 15th April to 15th May 1874? First Impressionist Exhibition
Berthe Marie Pauline Morisot was a female member of which artistic group? Impressionists
What is generally considered to be the first artistic work of pointillism? Seurat's "Sunday Afternoon On The Grande Jette"
Which US physicist (1831-1902), best known for his work in color (sic) theory, wrote "Modern Chromatics With Applications To Art and Industry"? Ogden Rood
Roger Fry first used the term "Post-Impressionism" after viewing a 1911 exhibition at which London gallery? Grafton Galleries
Who painted expressionist work "The Apparition (The Dance of Salome)"? Moreau
Which Roman Emperor succeeded Augustus? Tiberius
Which Emperor allegedly appointed his horse to the Senate? Caligula
Who succeeded Caligula as Roman Emperor? Claudius
Who was Boudicca's husband? Prasutagus
The early steam engine, the aelopile, was allegedly invented by who? Hero of Alexandria
Which Roman killed herself in 65AD, after involvement in a plot against Nero? Seneca
What name was given to the historical dispersal of Jews from Jerusalem? Diaspora
King Kanishka (the Great) led which North Indian/Central Asian Empire - originally his coronation was dated to 78AD, but more recent sources suggest 127AD? Kushan
In which year did the eruption of Mount Vesuvius destroy Pompeii? 79AD
Which Ancient Greek physician wrote "Da Materia Medica"? Dioscorides
Who was the first of the five "good" Roman Emperors? Nerva
Who were the second, third and fourth (chronologically) of the five "good" Roman Emperors? Trajan, Hadrian, Antonius Pius
Who was the last of the five "good" Roman Emperors? Marcus Aurelius
Who replaced Nero as Roman Emperor? Galba
Zai Lun is said, probably apocryphally, to have invented what? Paper
Under which Emperor was Dacia conquered, marking the Roman Empire's greatest extent? Trajan
Which Roman Emperor instigated the building of the Pantheon? Hadrian
Which religious group believed that secret knowledge gave the path to salvation, and that the world had been created by a being called the 'demiurge'? Gnostics
Which Roman Emperor succeeded the last of the five 'good emperors' Marcus Aurelius? Commodus
Which 184AD Chinese peasants' revolt was against the Han Dynasty? Yellow Turban
Which philosopher (c204-275) is said to have invented Neoplatonism? Plotinus
Which Roman Emperor founded a 27-acre bath complex in Rome? Caracalla
Which historical era of China began with the collapse of the Han Dynasty? Three Kingdoms
In most lineages of kings and queens (ie ignoring Lady Jane Grey) who directly preceded Mary I on the English throne? Edward VI
Who was England's first male Royal consort? Philip of Spain
Who led a 1554 Kent rebellion against Mary I? Wyatt
Who said at execution "we shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out"? Latimer
Which overseas possession of England was lost in Queen Mary's reign, never to be regained? Calais
At which Suffolk castle was Mary I proclaimed Queen of England? Framingham
In 1557, a play called "A Sackful Of Newes" was the first in England known to have suffered which fate? Censorship
Luther nailed his famous 95 theses to which town's church door? Wittenberg
What was patented by Edgar Hooley in 1900? Tarmac
Which British mammal is 'halichoerus grypus'; it is also found in North America? Grey seal
'Common door', 'rounded' and 'garlic' are all species of what? Snail
Which two thrush species are winter migrants to the UK? Redwings, Fieldfares
Which bird, a member of the thrush family, is 'turdus merula'? Blackbird
What is cecidology the study of? Plant galls
Where are nature reserves Caerlaverock and Campfield Marsh? Solway Firth
What is a plant gall? Abnormal outgrowths of plant tissues (can be caused by various parasites, from fungi and bacteria, to insects and mites)
Which name is given to a nose that is turned up at the end? Retroussé
In which year were zebra crossings introduced? 1951
What did AM stand for? Amplitude Modulation
Amorphous solids are solids that lack the long range order of what type of solids? Crystals (so amorphous solids are by definition, non-crystalline)
Amplitude measures a wave, from its maximum value to what other value? Its average
What name is given to a newborn animal's first fur? Lanugo
What does AMU stand for in chemistry? Atomic Mass Unit
What word, in evolutionary biology, means 'having similar structures with different evolutionary origins'? Analogous
What is an ion with a positive electrical charge called? Cation
Birds that belong to the family gaviidae are better known by what two names? Loons and divers
Coulorophobia is the fear of what? Clowns
What is the USA's largest trade union? Teamsters
In Cockney slang, what is a 'Real Madrid'? Quid
Early conservationist Archie Belaney was also known how, when he took on a First Nations identity? Grey Owl
Ranidophobia is the fear of what? Frogs
Where was the first contraception clinic? Amsterdam
Shops that are by appointment to HRH Prince Charles display what symbol? Fleur-de-lis
What is the US equivalent of the Office of Fair Trading? Bureau of Consumer Protection
How many years must someone be dead before an English Heritage blue plaque can be put up? Twenty
What is the purpose of the glow-worm's glow? To attract mates
Corncobs are the ears of which cereal? Maize
What was painted on the M3 in the year 2000 as an April Fool's prank? A zebra crossing
Who made the Picante car model? Kia
Which female American composer (1901-53), an ultramodernist, specialised in US folk music, and was the stepmother of a famous folk singer? Ruth Crawford Seeger
Which English female composer (1906-83) wrote the operas 'The Numbered' and 'The Linnet And The Leaf' but paid the bills by writing for Hammer horrors? Elisabeth Lutyens
Frauenliebe und -leben (A Woman's Love and Life), is the Opus No. 42 of which composer? Schumann
Which Buddhist festival which comes at the end of Vassa, is a time for the laity to show appreciation to, and often they buy robes for, monks? Kathina
The Agganna Sutta details a creation story in which religion? Buddhism
Polonnaruwa is a former capital city of which country? Sri Lanka
The Buddha was a member of which clan? Shakya
What is the Chinese "Da Xiong Mao" in English? Giant Panda
Designated as Mao Zedong's successor, which Chinese general died in mysterious circumstances in a 1971 plane crash, possibly because of a failed coup attempt? He commanded the decisive Liaoshen and Pingjin Campaigns. Lin Biao
Kong Qiu is the Chinese name for who? Confucius
The Republic of China, preceded by the last Imperial dynasty, was declared in which year of the 20th Century? 1912
In which centuries did Confucius live? 6th and 5th BC (551-479BC)
The Oracle bone script is writing on divination bones from which Chinese dynasty? Shang
When did China become the People's Republic of China? 1949
The Yellow River enters the sea in which Chinese province? Shandong
The Tarim Basin is in which Chinese province? Xinjiang
Changsha is the capital of which province? Hunan
Xiao Wutaishan (2,882 metres (9,455 ft)) is the principal peak of which mountain range? Taihang Mountains
What do 'bei' and 'nan' as in Beijing and Nanjing mean in Chinese? North, South
What is a 'shan' in Chinese place names? Mountain
What is a 'he' in Chinese place names? River
What are the indigenous people of Xinjiang called? Uighurs
Who was the nephew of Emile Durkheim, who collaborated with him on many works of sociology and anthropology, including "Primitive Classifications"? Marcel Mauss
The Zuni people are native to which country? USA
What does the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis state? That the particular language we use shapes how we think
Zhang Daoling founded which Chinese religious movement, which reached its height in the 3rd century AD when it controlled a theocratic, independent state in Sichuan - although it still survives today? Way of the Celestial Masters
What name is given to the 'energy flow' at the heart of the theory of much Chinese medicine? Qi
The Azande people live mainly in which area of the world? Central Africa (DR Congo, South Sudan, CAR)
What is a kippa sruga? Knitted Jewish skullcap
What name, of Ojibwe origin, is given to a sacred spirit (often an animal), sacred object or symbol that is used as an emblem of a people? Totem
Which is the only animal where the larynx is located low in the neck, such that it must be closed when swallowing? Man
When damaged or mutated, the FOXP2 gene produces difficulties for humans in which activity? Language
Who composed 'Sheep May Safely Graze'? Bach
What is the Aramaic name for Calvary? Golgotha
What quality makes an opera a 'Grand Opera'? Being sung throughout
Which liquor's name translates as "the drink that satisfies"? Drambuie
In which country was Katie Melua born? Georgia
Johnny McElhone was instrumental in founding which band in 1986? Texas
Who is the patron saint of libraries? Jerome
Who would wear a chasuble? Priest/clergy
How many valves does a bugle have? None
What is a 'Blenheim Orange'? Apple
Who wrote the song "You Can Leave Your Hat On"? Randy Newman
Which singer popularised the Irish folk song "Paddy Mcginty's Goat" in the 1960s and 1970s? Val Doonican
Whose first album was called "These Foolish Things"? Bryan Ferry
Who first released the song "Why Do Fools Fall In Love"? Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers
What is fed to pigs that are used to make "jamon Iberico de bellota"? Acorns
Pukka Pies are made near which major UK city? Leicester
Who was head chef at elBulli until it closed in 2011, due to making a massive monetary loss every year? Ferran Adria
What is 'pan grattato' in Italian cooking? Breadcrumbs
Famed restaurant elBulli, which closed in 2011, was located on which Spanish costa? Costa Brava
Musician Baaba Maal hails from which country? Senegal
According to the Bible story, for how many days was Jonah in the belly of the whale? Three
Which distillery makes 'Glenlivet' whisky? George Smith & Son
Which Cornish cheese is traditionally wrapped in nettles? Yarg
Which fruit is a cross between a grapefruit, and tangerine or orange? Ugli Fruit
Which spice comes from the curcuma plant? Turneric
Sweetbreads are made from which part of an animal? Pancreas
Which British singer won five Grammy Awards in 2008, including Best New Artist, Record of the Year and Song of the Year? Amy Winehouse
Which musical is a prequel to the Wizard of Oz? Wicked
Which cocktail is made from gin, grenadine, egg whites and cream? Pink lady
Which small dish is used to serve crème brulee or a souflee? Ramekin
Musk, horned and Santa Claus are all varieties of which fruit? Melon
What name is given to South American green fried plantain chips? Tostones
In which year did Luther nail his 95 theses to Wittenberg church door? 1517
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