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why were afican slaves particulary suited to provide labor force? 1-they had experince with rice2-they could stand unbarelbl heat and humitity
At first what was rice treated as? as a regular crop and watered by rain and planted in feilds
in the mid-18th century what was it treated as? good, inland swamps to grow rice by getting water in a resivoir then releasing the storded water onto the feild when it was needed
What did the resivoir requier? skilled manipulation of tidal flows and salinefreshwater interactions
How much of land did slave hold responsible for? 5 acres of rice, three more than had been possible previous
social status owner, overseeres,driver,worker
What were a slave tasks for a day? 9-10 hrs. of hard work
Who were the taskes assinged by? driver
Driver a slave apponited to supervise the dailey work of the feild hands. held the most responsiblity
in 1820 what did a rice plantation in george town produce?1860? 300,000 pounds of rice incresed to 500,000 pounds
What was the chicora plantation know as? Matanzas
Robert F W Allston produced how many pounds of rice? 1,500,000 by 1860
WHere was his plantation located?how many did he have? peedee,7 with more than 4,000 acres e land on one and on the other 9,000 acres of pasture and timmber lands
On his farm he had how many slaves in 1850?? 1860?? 401 630
when did allston die? april 7,1864
Was allston an avid supporter of state rights? yes
How long did allston serve in the south carolina house of representivesand state senet? 24 years
When was allston governor? 1856 to 1858
IN george town how much did the rice production fall? 54 million pounds in 1860 to 6 million ponds in 1870
IN 1890 who took the spot for south carolina for rice production? Texas and louisiana
Why would of the kitchen not be attache to the house? 1 heat and 2 saftey
In 1860 how many plantations had more than 500 slaves? 14
How how many were rice plantations? 9
How many were on the waccama river? 3
Who had more than 1,000 slaves? Joshua Ward
Created by: morgan23