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Chapter 5 Acronyms

Computer Repair and Maintenance Chapter 5 acronyms

OS Operating System
CPU Central Processing Unit
PnP Plug and Play
CLI Command Line Interface
API Application Programming Interface
RAM Random Access Memory
OpenGL Open Graphics Library
MB Megabyte
DOS Disc Operating System
I/O Input/Output
NOS Network Operating System
SOHO Small Office/Home Office
KB Kilobyte
PC Personal Computer
VGA Video Graphics Array
MHz Mega Hertz
GB Gigabyte
HCL Hardware Compatibility List
CD Compact Disc
DVD Digital Versatile Disc
BIOS Basic Input/Output Systme
FAT32 File Allocation Table, 32-bit
IRQ Interupt Request
WER Windows Error Report
SID Security Identifier
GUI Graphics User Interface
Windows NT Windows New Technology
POST Power-On Self Test
MBR Master Boot Report
AMD Advanced Micro Devices
NTLDR New Technology Loader
AT Application Tools
SYSPREP System Preparation
LAN Local Area Network
ROM Read Only Memory
DAT Digital Audio Tape
DDS Digital Data Storage
DLT Digital Linear Tape
USB Universal Serial Bus
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
HDD Hard Disk Drive
SVGA Super Video Graphics Array
NTFS New Technology File System
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