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A+ Comptia Essential

Essentials Part 2

Troubleshooting a power supply reported to be faulty, which of the following actions should be taken first Check the voltage settings on the back of the power supply
Which of the following is the fastest method used to transfer video data "Firewire (when you see video, think firewire immediately) IEEE 1394 = Firewire is higher"
Which of the following is the way to determine pin one on a ribbon cable Pin one is on the colored side of the ribbon cable (not always red)
How many pins does a Floppy drive connector contain 34
Which of the following types of power supply typically comes with a pass-through power connector intended to a power a monitor (look at AT - one one that ever did it - not ATX) AT (CRT, CGA, EGA low amperage powered monitors)
the utility that checks the file system structure is: Chkdsk (the drive type stuff - errors)
Which of the following commands could be used to start the Management Console on a wkstn running Windows 2000/xp Start/Run MMC (snapins, etc)
To run a full defrag in WXP a user must be logged in as Admin
When installing WXP OS on a new sys, which of the following ist he default file system type installed NTFS (key word is new and default)
Small office/home office (SOHO) is considering upgrade to WXP, which of the following security features are included in WXP Pro and not included w/ WXP Home (select two) Domain account support & Encrypted File System (EFS monitors users accts (SAM) to allow setup for permissions/certificates)
Before removing a shared folder from a computer on a network, which of the following should be done First Notfy all users
When a user would like to access a file server with Universal Name Convention (UNC) which of the following info is neede hostname\path (double backslash identifies UNC is: \\server\share or hostname\path)
Which of the following paths should be taken to back up the key when removing old registry keys in Registry Editor Key > File > Export
When run from C:\data which of the oflllowing will remove the system property from files and folders in C:\data including all subfolers: attrib.exe -s /s (they couldn't use attribute, it would give it away, so they use the word property)
Which of the following is the reason that COMMAND>COM and CMD.EXE are both include din WXP? COMMAND.COM is a 16-bit program and is included to service legacy applications that do not work with the 32-bit CMD.EXE
In WXP Pro, file are not able to be compressed using Folder Properies. This may occur because the files are encrypted
Which of the following file systems has integrated security EFS (should actually be the technology built into NTFS, but for CompTIA, the answer is EFS)
When logging on to a shared system as a Power User, certain files cannot be accessed, Which of the following may be the reason for this Only the owner/creator of the files has the necessary permissions to access the files
In W2K, the registry data files consist of: system.dat and user.dat
the command CHKDSK/F is used to repair file system problems (R is for recover - F is to fix errors)
Which of the following would be used to check which users have permissions to install drivers (select two) User Accounts & Local Security Policy
Which of the following should be used to enable the quick Launch bar Taskbar Properties
Which of the following applications in WXP would be used to ensure that a deleted file cannot be restored Recycle Bin
Which of the following steps can be taken to go to Windows Explorer (select Two) Right click Start > Windows Explorer & Start > Programs > Accessories > Windows Explorer
Data is stored on a hard drive in the Platters
In WXP which of the following privdes file and folder level encryption EFS
The suffix for help files is: .chm (compressed hypertext metafile)
In W2K/XP which of the following valid commands that can be typed into the 'Run dialog box to access the registry edit (select two) REGEDIT & REGEDT32 (limited to 8 characters)
Which of the following tools is designed to access the stored computer-specific and user-specific settings on a windows workstation REGEDIT
Which of the following is the recommended file system for W2K NTFS (key word is recommended and default)
A user has purchased a new 60GB hard drive, which of the following would be the MOST secure file system to install on the hard drive? NTFS (anything over 500Megs for security)
FAT32 should be used on a WXP installation to provide full compatibility with legacy systems (with dual boot w/NTFS)
When working w/Macintosh computer,k an NTFS formatted external hard disk drive is attached. Which of the following permissions are available? Read Only
Macintosh OS X computers operate on which of the following kernel platforms Unix
the file user.dat is a: registry backup file
When using WXO, which of the following is used to go to the Registry Editor REGEDIT.EXE
User can no longer acces some files on the hard drive, which of the following actiosn should be taken to resolve this problem Verify the permissions on the hard drive
NTFS should be used for WXP ather than FAT32 because NTFS (select two) Gives a user more usable hard drive space (each sector holds 512B or 1/2 KB) & Allows WXP to use all available security features
A tech is attempting to set security permissions on a standalone windows machine so that different users have different levels of access to specific files and folders. The technician right clicks on a folder and selects properties to set the permissions, the file system is FAT32
Following will be functional if it is plugged into a computer while the comptuer is running USB mouse
Following types of memory must be installed in pairs RIMM
The concentric area on a disc that complete one circumference of the disk is know as: Track
Technology used to monitor hard drives for potntial failure called SMART
What type of memory does a Pentium 4 use: DIMM
Tech is working on a computer that takes along time to boot, tech suspects insufficient RAM memory, determine the type of memory appropriate for the computer (select two) "View the manufactuer's website & Check what is already installed"
Following actions should be taken to add the additional IDE hard drive Set the jumper on primary hard drive as master and the jumper on secondary h ard drive as slave
A tech is installing an IDE CD-ROM drive and there is currently an IDE hard drive on the primary chain configured as master. No other drives are installed in the computer. Which of the following would be the recommended installation setting for the CD- secondary controller, master
Tech is replacing a computers internal power supply, considered when selecting a replacement part (select two) physical size (e.g. standard or proprietary) & wattage of the power supply
In a typical ATX desktop computer, following is the number of IDE devices that can be installed 4
Components used in a laptop are considered hot swappable a USB flash drive
How should thermal grease be applied to a CPU heat sink Center of the processor with a small thin layer
Tech would like to install a non-hot swappable DVD-ROM drive in a laptop, following actions must the tech take FIRST completely shut down the computer
Which method used to cool a CPU provides the greatest temp drop while emitting the LEASE amount of sound Water cooling
Tech installs a new CPU on a motherboard, when the computer is turned on, the CPU overheats and shuts down. Following is the MOST likely cause The heatsink fan is not plugged in
User reports that the laptop randomly shuts down, using a temp monitor, a tech observes that the system is overheating, MOST like cause (select two) "The CPU fan needs replacing & The heatsink needs cleaning"
computer may automatically reboot because there is an overheating CPU
Computer is not recognizing a second hard drive which has been recently installed, tech verifies that all cables are connected properly and that the drive has the correct jumper settings, following may be causing the problem The BIOS has not been configured to detect a second hard drive
When using a ball mouse, erratic movement of cursor, actions should be taken FIRST Clean and perform preventative maintenance on the mouse
Previously functional keyboard has now stopped working, following actions should a tech take FIRST Check the PS/2 connection to the motherboard
Windows system will nto start and on a black screen, displays the mess: Win could not start because of a computer disk hardware config problem, FIRST step to take when troubleshooting Ask the user whether a partition change has been made to the drive
Tech installs a new floppy drive and the system does not recognize the drive, MOST likely cause The cable is not inserted correctly
Computer contains an internal hard drive with one logical drive, after installing an external hard drive, the external drive will show up as which of the following drive letters The next available drive letter
Tech has installed a new video card and the computer will now only boot into VGA mode, probvlem The incorrect drivers are installed
Users computer is running WXP Pro, user reports installing an new network interface card (NIC) and now is unable to access the Internet, tech should FIRST ensure that the NIC is seated correctly
Laptop cooling fan is making noise, later the user reports that all fan noise has stopped, MOST likely problem The fan has stopped completely and the laptop should be serviced before there is heat damage
User has purchased a new HD for one year old cmoputer, HD is installed, the system will nto see the total capacity of the HD, MOST likely cause the BIOS is not seeing the hard drive correctly
If a fan in a compauter or power supply stops running the MOST likely cause would be dust
User reports that the computer is powered on but the screen is blank, following is what the tech should do FIRST Verify that the monitor is powered on
Tech replaces a defective CPU and determines that the new CPU is functioning. Several hours later, the CPU is overheating, following may be the cause No thermal compound was used
computers system clock runs slowly, causing the problem is CMOS battery
New HD is installed in a computer and while booting, error message is displayed stating, Disk not found, MOST like the cause the jumper settings are incorrect on the hard drive
tech is attempting to play an audio file, but no audio is heard from the speakers, FIRST Verify that the sound is not muted in the operating system
Following may damage a CRT monitor strongly magnetized objects
Computer continuously performs a spontaneous system reboot, may be the cause overheated CPU
When moving files from NTFS HD to new NTFS HD which would explain the reason that files are not accessible by windows (select two) "The old hard drive was encrypted with a boot sector password & The old drive was encrypted with Microsoft EFS"
User reports that after installing a 256MB memory upgrade to obtain a total of 512MB, only the original 256BM is reported, Technician do FIRST Conduct diagnostics
Tech opens up a system, wire has been rubbed bare inside system Electrical tape
Another weird question involves taking something out with pliers Don't do it per oral conversation with Toby
WXP can be installed in unattended mode with which of the following media types (select two) "CD-ROM & network connection"
User has W2K running SP2, wants to install SP4 (unnecessary info) which of the following should a tech understand before performing the installation SP5 normally includes SP3
User reports being unable to connect to network after upgrading to WXP SP2, FIRST step to take when troubleshooting this problem Configure Windows firewall settings
Following accts are disabled by default after installing WXP guest
BEST reason to keep Windows updates current would be to: (select two) "maintain the computer's security & address known bugs and programming errors"
Tech installs an internal 300GB HD running a fresh install of W2K but the drive only shows 137GB: Connect to Microsoft and install an SP1 or higher update
Which of the following number of disks is needed to create installation floppy disks for W2K 4
Which is a boot loader program (select three) NTLDR, LILO and GRUB
Which are important MS updates pkgs critical updates & Service Packs
Following security enhancements are included in WXP SP2 EXCEPT Windows Defender
The first phase of WXP installation is known as text mode
W2K/XP the following is the filename created by Virtual Memory PAGEFILE.SYS
would be used to prevent potentially harmful pages or display ads from showing while browsing the internet popup blocker
To improve the security of Windows based OS, user can run which of the following utilities Windows Update
Users WXP wants to transfer all pictures, documents, music, favorites in IE from the old computer, also running WXP, what solution would be easiest Use the: Files and Settings Transfer Wizard
Following features can be disabled to increase a computers performance Fast User Switching
Windows Security Center, included with SP for WXP, helps a user by alerting the user to outdated virus protection
Computer running WXP SP2, allows multiple users to be signed in at once without logging out the previous profile, Fast User Switching
When upgrading from W98 to W2K, service patches should be installed after installing W2K
When upgrading to WXP Pro from W98 SE, following should be done FIRST Check the Hardware Compatibility List
WXP is being installed from a CD onto a computer that has no OS, What installation method would MOST likely be used Attended
Following should be done for WXP to remain updated with current patches and service packs (select two) "Run Windows Update Regularly & Turn on and configure Automatic Updates"
When upgrading from W98 to XP, following is the resulting file system type FAT32
Many windows security issues can be resolved by running Windows Update
In a dual booting system, following will change time to display the list of operating system in the boot.ini Control Panel > System > Advanced Tab > Startup and Recovery Settings
Preventative maintenance procedure for ensuring that an OS is secure and up-to-date is patch management
Following actions should be taken to keep compatibility issues to a minimum prior to a WXP upgrade Insert the WXP media CD, click on check System Compatibility from the menu, then click on Check My System Automatically
Following tools will assist in determining whether a computer can be upgraded to WXP Windows XP Readiness Analyzer
In WXP, what would set virtual memory to optimal settings Set Windows to automatically manage size
WXP never had security updates or patches installed, what is BEST way to install all the most recent updates and patches Go to the MS Windows Update web site and install all appropriate updates
XP Pro installed on 2 HDs: C: and D: respectively, C: boots normally, given to a user who runs several disk intensive programs and reports that the computer slows down when running these programs, BEST to resolve problem Move the Windows swap file to the D drive
Windows update website is used to find and install critical updates for the Windows OS
Following can be used to prepare a disk image for duplication sysprep
Top optimize the paging file which is the BEST Configure it to be one and a half times the amount of physical RAM
Location contains the System Restore option in WXP Help and Support from the Start menu
BEST safety measure to take before installing a Windows SP (choose two) Seta System Restore point & Back up all important docuemtns
Utlities to troubleshoot a problem on a computer running Windows that cannot boot to normal or safe mode Recovery Console
NIC device driver was installed on Windows wktn that prevents the OS from loading successfully, BEST method to restore system operation Boot using the Last Known Good Configuration
After device driver install, WXP OS becomes unstable, system still unstable after the second reboot and choosing Last Known Good Configuration, because The system registry is overwritten after every login and the settings on the initial install were overwritten after the first reboot and login
User has computer running WXP and is experiencing software-related errors after installing an incompatible program, Tech actions Use System Restore
BIOS detects a video adapter failure on desktop computer duing POST, tech will be notified by: a beep code
Utlity included with WXP that allows automation of many tasks is Scheduled Tasks
Utilities backs up the Windows configuration once a day System Restore
BEST way to regain use of an older driver on a computer running WXP Use System Restore to return the OS to a previous configuration
User has WXP and wants to back up file to a writable CD but does not want to purchase add't software, could use Microsoft Backup
WXP, the System Restore feature is used to take a snapshot of a computers settings in case the settings need to be restored later
Driver has been installed on a WXP Pro and the driver does not function correctly, following can be used to remove the driver Roll Back Driver
Utiliites can be used to troubleshoot a problem on a compajter running Windows that cannot boot to normal or safe mode Recovery Console
Utilities can be used to rpevent items from starting during a Windows Boot MSCONFIG
computer purchased six months ago is operating more slowly and takes longer to open docs, has never been on internet, could be used to improve the computers performance Disk Cleanup & Disk Defragmenter
Each time the computer is started a chat program begins and the user has to turn the chat program off following can be used tro disable the program from starting when Windows starts up MSCONFIG
Operating system will not boot normally, tech wants to attempt to correct the problem by installing updated ddrivers that are on a network share, tech should boot the system into Safe Mod with Network and isntall the drivers fromt eh network share
to optimize system perfo which of the three following should be scheduled regualar deletion of temp files, defrag the hard drive and run anti spyware/malware program
Which of the following are characteristics of the System Restore utility (select three) Does not restore My Documents to an earlier state & Saves configuration settings & Available on WXP
which of the following would be BEST to do before diagnosing or repairing a computer Perform a backup of data
While working on an application, a computer locks up and displays a blue screen, Action to be taken Power the computer down and back up again
During POST the BIOS checks for correct operation of memory
Which Windows utilities allows for the removal of unnecessary files Disk Cleanup
Series of beeps when turning on the computer typically indicate that there is a problem with the hardware
Which of the following is MOST likely to be used by a large company for data backup storage tape drive
All of the following utliites are file mgmt tools EXCEPT DEFRAG
What is a type of tape for large companies back up files DLT (Digital linear tape)
will do math for what is ??? 4.7 GB for DVD on one side, up to 9.4GB on both surfaces are used, CD 650 MB to 1GB
after updating the device driver for a modem, WXP fails to boot properly and there is a Blue Screen error, actions taken to resolve this problem Use the Roll Back Driver button in the driver tab of the device
after installing a new video card, Windows fails to load, following would be the FIRST step to take when troubleshooting the issue Press F8 while rebooting and enable VGA mode then reinstall the video card driver
Which of the following can be used to disable a service that is locking up a computer running WXP MSCONFIG
A recent system change causes a wkstn to flash a blue screen and reboot before the error message can be read, after restarting the Safe Mode, which system utilities will allow the logged error to be read Event Viewer
which of the following can be used to remotely control an off-site WXP computer Remote Desktop Connection
phases in the startup process performs the initial hardware check POST
should be used to repair the boot file on a WXP system FIXBOOT
following steps can be taken to restore a system to a previous state start > programs > accessories > system tools > system restore
tech needs to optimize the time it takes to read/write files to HD by minimizing the head travel time, technician use DEFRAG
command line option is used to install the Recovery Console in WXP WINNT32/CMDCONS
tool are available for user from the Recovery Console in WXP (select three) FIXMBR & FIXBOOT & DISKPART
BEST to use to troubleshoot a software problem with WXP Safe Mode
To function correctly, which disaster recovery method requires a prior system backup using the WXP Backup Utility Automated System Recovery Wizard
Windows system displays a black screen right after the initial BIOS splash screen and will not boot, message NTLDR is missing is displayed, BEST method to repair the problem Boot using the Recovery Console
BEST choice for data backup storage secure offsite facility
To ensure that a HD is optimized for performance, the Scheduled Task Wizard should be configured to regularly schedule a Disk Defragmenter job
After running a system update, the system becomes unstable, this will allow the system to return to the original state Restore the system from a known working restore point
Item used for backing up the entire OS including the system state data Automated System Restore
Recovery console commands should a tech use to repair system file corruption CHKDSK
All of the following are startup modes for services EXCEPT system
User is complaining that their computer is slow, tech wishes to run a utility to see if a single program is using up most of the CPU time task mgr
tech installed a new sound card in Windows, after a reboot of the system, the device fails to work, a yellow exclamation point is found next to the device in the device mgr, which explains the problem: there is a resource conflict
default number of incorrect login attempts in WXP Pro not connect to a domain before Win disabled the login prompt temp 3
W2K/XP typically performs a physical memory dump when a computer detects a condition from which the computer cannot recover
to create a restore point start the System Restore program from the System Tool Menu
command line utilities can be run to determine what patches a computer needs HFNETCHK.EXE
program is crashing unexpectedly and not providing an error message, tech can use this to obtain info about why the program is crashing Event Viewer
User is describing an error message and is unsure of the messages exact working, can be found in the Event Viewer
in Windows, correct syntax to restart the spooler service at the command line is net spooler restart
the modem on the laptop will not dial after a PCMCIA NIC is installed, tech should check FIRST Device Manager
user reports receiving an error message stating, 'error log full', following should be used to clear the log Event Viewer
Type of numbers are displayed in a blue screen error 10 digit hexadecimal number
user in an enterprise environment has several gigabytes of data that need to be backup up regularly, which media is BEST suited for this Digital Linear Tape (DLT)
WXP, location can be accessed to view services that are starting up during the boot process MSCONFIG
Utility can be used to keep a WXP wkstn running efficiently and disk drives free of errors (select two) "Check Disk & Disk Defragmenter"
components may be at fault if a computer makes several beeps and stalls during the power-on self test POST memory
Upon initial boot of a computer the system performs POST
tech has upgraded a video card and when the computer is powered on, a series of beeps is heard, the tech should FIRST verify that the video card is seated properly
after updating a modems software, user can no longer connect to internet, BEST way to return the modem to an operations state, use the Roll Back Driver
following characters allows text to be redirected from a screen command to a file >
tool would create a backup point so that a user computer can be reverted back to a previous state System Restore
can be enabled to determine if a user has unauthorized access to a folder Event Auditing
Non critical software upgrades on a company's email server will require the server be rebooted, actions should be taken schedule the service to be performed after working hours and check all email services after the reboot is complete
component may be defective if a computer will not complete a POST, select two " CPU & memory"
recovery console command should tech use to repair a BOOT.INI problem BOOTCFG/REBUILD
tech wants to enable Help Desk support staff to initiate Help Desk sessions rather than have users send invitations, BEST course of action Enable Remote Desktop on all computers
there are eight lettered drives on a computer, customer complains that the usb flash drive is detect but does not show up in Computer, technician resolves this issue: Reassign the USB flash drive letter using disk management
MOST common cabling used in office for Ethernet connections is CAT5 UTP
limited range of an IEEEE 802.11g network could be extended by adding which of the following devices to the network access point
following is the fastest method to transfer data wirelessly 802.11
fiber optic cables are used to connect computer network equipment because they can carry data faster than copper cables & are immune to electrical interference from outside sources
network cabling standards is LEAST susceptible to electromagnetic interference EMI fiber optic
BEST describes the MAC address the physical address of a NIC
small business cust has 200 computer network connected with hubs and is reporting that the network is slow, upgrade using which of the following could be suggested switches
new wkstn is near the machine room and has been added to the Ethernet netwk, wkstn is exp diff staying connect to the server and randomly disconnects from the network, MOST likely the problem Machinery is causing interference in the network cable
following network models is ideal for small office peer to peer
types of connectors is on the end of the Ethernet cable RJ-45
connecting to a network or the internet, following should be done, select two "turn on the Windows firewall &install all of the available service packs"
describes the amount of information that a user can store Disk Quota
connectors typically used to terminate a coaxial cable BNC
tech is adding a wkstn beyond the reach of standard Ethernet cable, LEAST expensive to implement Patch two Ethernet cables together with a repeater
can be used to make a wireless connection between two computers Peer to Peer Mode
cable types will allow the longest distance without using a repeater single mode is laser
physical address of a NIC is called MAC address
wireless network, computer is getting an IP address that is not in the subnet of the router after running IPCONFIG, cause of problem Another unsecured wireless network may be, being accessed
after installing a new cable modem and new router, this should be the order used to start up the devices turn on the cable modem, then the router then the computer
an example of a connector used in fiber optic cables, select two SC & ST
BEST describes a LAN Typically confined to a building
maximum length of the UTP CAT4 network cable 100 meters (328 feet)
BEST suitable option when high speed, high security media is needed to move data over the network Fiber Optic
Network address translation TNA provides additional security for users behind a gateway router by blocking users on the public internet from initiating connections to computers on a local network
used to segment a network subnet mask
user can use a TCP/IP network to connect to coworkers computers but cannot browse the corporate intranet, following network addresses is like to be configure incorrectly? The TCP/IP default gateway
tech maps a network drive for a user and after rebooting the user reports that the drive is not seen under My Computer, steps taken to ensure that the drive remains mapped Check "Reconnect at login" when mapping the drive
concern when using a peer to peer network security
A MAC address resides in the NIC
Fiber optic technology is MOST commonly used for which topology WAN
MOST common speed used when connecting printers over a hard wired network 10/100 Mbps
represents gigabit Ethernet theoretical speed 1,000 Mbps
"When config a computer to use a static IP address to access the internet, this (select two)"information is required "DNS server address & gateway address"
types of network cable is MOST often used in a high interference area Shielded Twisted Pair (STP)
tech discovers that a computer running WXP does not have the TCP/IP network protocol installed, options under "add or remove programs" would be used to facilitate this install Add/Remove Windows Components
when setting up a wired network with four computers, one computer runs more slowly than the others, may be the cause of the problem the computer that is running slowly is having packet loss
When troubleshooting a TCP/IP network problem using the PING command, the activity light on the network interface car NIC flickers but the screen reports that there is not response. May be the cause of the problem the address being PINGed is not assigned to any computer
must be configured on a wkstn before the wkstn can communicate beyond its local segment gateway
NIC was recently installed in a wkstn and the IP address returned was, this indicates that the system is using a Public IP address
activity light on an Ethernet interface typically lights when communication is occurring
indicating a DNS server failure within an organization The inability to reach network resources by name
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