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A+ Comptia Tech


Which of the following is the location of backup registry files that Windows creates during an install process? %systemroot%\repair
Minimal amount of electrostatic discharge (ESD) that can damage computer components 30 volts
When securing a computer with a BIOS password, the CMOS settings should be protected within the BIOS using the BIOS: access password
Tech is storing a RAM module for a co-worker who will pick up the module - house it in: an anti-static bag
Best defense against viruses on a computer would be to anti-virus software install
User reports that the computer worked yesterday, and is unable to login today, tech should FIRST ask the user about any recent changes made to the computer
Troubleshooting techniques should be implemented First Ask questions to understand what was happening when a problem occurred
A tech overhears a coworker giving potentially damaging advice to a customer over the phone, the tech should ask the co worker to place the customer on hold and inform the coworker of the correct information
Technician FIRST step when troubleshooting a scanner Ask the user whether the scanner has worked previously
Which of the following can be done to change a file attribute to read only (select two) "ATTRIB & File properties in Windows Explorer"
step Tech would take when working on a monitor Avoid using an anti-static wrist strap when discharging the monitor
Which of the following can be used to determine a computers boot sequence BIOS settings
User wants to setup a basic level of security for a computer and no one should be able to access the system without a password, BEST action to take: BIOS password (set up a)
In WXP, which will CTRL+C do when running a command line utility BREAK (not sure why they capitalized this since it is not a command)
After installing a program on the C:\ drive under the DI Phillip, which of the following locations are the installation files MOST likely to be cached: C:\Documents and Settings\Phillip\Local Settings\Temp
which contains the CMD.EXE in W2K/XP system C:\windows\system32
Which would be the correct method of disposing of batteries Check local regulations for procedures
Tech is asked to refill a toner cartridge and is concerned that handling toner may affect the techs health, First action: MSDS: Check for the toner section
A customer is relocating to Europe and asks what safety considerations are necessary for PC Check the voltage selector on the power supply for correct voltage
Included when performing preventative maintenance of hardware (select two) "Checking for visual defects &Checking environmental conditions"
While pointing out features to a user on the users screen a tech gets fingerprints on the screen, what action should the technician take Clean the screen when finished helping the user
When preparing to add RAM to a desktop PC, FIRST thing to do Close Windows and power off the PC
A computer is setup with two 300GB hard drives, the HD is config with NTFS and the data HD is config w/FAT32, which of the following would be the result (select two) "Cluster size is smaller (which makes) storage more efficient on the system drive & Files on the system drive can be secured"
The hardware system config is stored in the CMOS
Correct method of disposing of old laptop batteries Collect and send the batteries to a licensed recycler
BEST materials to use when cleaning a CRT Commercial glass cleaner that is alcohol based and a soft cloth
computer dust inside compressed air
Following may occur if a computer is plugged directly in the wall outlet Computer could be damaged by a power surge
Tech must dispose of a defective uninterruptible power supplyu (UPS) Contact a local battery recycling company for instruction on disposal
WXP, which of the following command line functions or utilities would be the BEST choice to duplicate one or more files and place the files in another location COPY
User receives a computer from out of the country and reports that the pc will not power on, which would you first verify Correct setting is selected on the power supply
Following is required when accessing an NTFS network share (select two) correct share permissions & correct user permissions
Which devices is MOST likely to fail due to damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD) CPU
Co's computers are running WXP Pro SP2 and users need to be able to make system changes on indiv wkstns, which actions should tech take Create a group with the rights to make needed changes and add those accounts to the group (was thought originally that this meant Not unless logging on against the domain)
Wearing an anti-static wrist strap prevents damage to computer components
Tech has completed a new WXP PRO image and would like all users to receive standard desktop settings when logging in for the first time. The standard settings have been configured using a temp user acct and the temp user acct profile should be copied to default users profile
Tech do when performing preventative maintenance ona cmoputer running Windows (select three) "Delete cookies and Temporary files & Run SCANDISK and DEFRAG & Run anti-virus software"
Which of the following is the correct disposal procedure for laptop batteries Determine local guidelines for disposing of hazardous material
Which of the following tools can be used to track and control the amount of disk space available using an NTFS volume: Disk Quotas
Which of the following steps in the troubleshooting and repair process is MOST effective to reduce redundant effort: Document activities and outcomes of repair steps
Tech to replace a video card in users computer, once complete, tech verifies computer starts up and user logs in, another tech goes to the users computer to complete the same work order, which of the following did the first tech fail to do Document that the work order was completed
W2K and XP Pro will allow a user to create a program shortcut that will start the program for every person that logs into Windows Documents & Settings, all users, start menu, programs, startup
In distributing hazardous materials, which is responsible for making MSDS available to workers employers
Best solution to reduce searching for documents in a very large volume that takes long search times: Enable Indexing Services
Fist step to take when troubleshooting an OS problem Establish when the problem started and whether any changes have recently been made to the system
When required to move a large, bulky piece of equipment, BEST practice for lifting the unit Good grip (ensure) and lift using your legs, keeping the unit close to the tech center of gravity
In WXP Pro, which of the following would indicate file or folder encryption (select two) "Green colored text for the file or folder name & Examining the file or folder attributes"
Which of the following would be an example of assertive communication Help me understand why the report wasn't submitted on time
Which offers the BEST compression for image files being transferred over the Internet and archived offsite jpeg (best image quality and huge reduction size)
USB ports are not functioning, use to test Known good device
When cleaning a computer display device, vendor recommended cleaning solution should be applied to Lint-free rag or wipe
When using a computer for extended periods of time, it is recommended to look away from the monitor periodically
Tech is rebuilding a computer and develops a rash when applying thermal compound to a processor, BEST action to take Look for a MSDS for the thermal compound
The operation of the network card can be verified using which tool loopback device
Used to check whether a computer loopback device
Where would a tech find a hazard list of servicing a CRT Maintenance manual
Tech is changing the toner cartridge on a copy machine when toner spills on arms, hands and clothing, Technician should MSDS for cleaning up the spill
Tech has been splashed in the face by a chemical, which documentation should be checked to determine what actions to take MSDS, Material Safety Data Sheet
A MSDS explains how to MSDS: handle substances such as chemical solvents correctly
Following tool to be used to test whether a power supply is funcationing correctly multimeter
Tech comes into contact w/exposed electrical connection, has fallen clear of the connection and is unresponsive, First action should be Notify emergency services
Tech observes lg amount of water on server room floor, Action should be taken Notify the system admin that this is a safety hazard
Which of the following file systems is recommended for WXP Home NTFS
A basic input/output system is stored as firmware on which of the following types of memory Read Only Memory
W2K SP4, which of the following commands would allow permissions to be changed within the registry Regedt32 (different blocks for each hive, etc)
CAT5 cabling lying on the floor in several locations, MOST apprpriate action to take Re-route the cables using a protective material
BEST way to clean card edge connectors Rubbing alcohol with an antistatic towel
pc running WXP was shutdown incorrectly, upon boot up, windows will auto prompt a user to: Run the CHKDSK utility
Which of the following would be the correct method of disposing of a CRT Sending the CRT to a licensed recycler
When installing expansion cards or memory, which of the following is the greatest risk to the technician's health Sharp edges inside the computer case
A tech is at a cust home and the cust wants to know how to disconnect from a wireless netwk after each session, the cust is informed that when the computer is turned off, the wireless network disconnects, but the cust insists that the network must be disc Show the cust how to turn wireless network on and off for every session
Way to prevent electrostatic discharge (ESD) buildup Stand on anti-static mat while working on components
After right clicking on an app shortcut icon and selecting Properties, which of the following will identify the location of the application? Start In
done with old users computer store the computer for one month in case user profile or data files are missing on the new computer
In a facility where computers are provided for public access, which passwords should be set in the BIOS to restrict access Supervisor (keeps users from getting in the BIOS)
When turning on a computer a loud noise is heard and smoke is observed coming from the computer, the computer should be unplugged and the room ventilated
Tech is replacing a device in a computer but having a difficult time holding the screws in place to attach the component into the system case - tech to hold the screws in place with: three-claw part holder
Use is sharing a laser printer to local wkgrp on WXPPRO, wants to be able to control which users can access the printer but cannot find a permissions tab for the printer, technician: Turn off Simple File Sharing and set the permissions for the shared printer
Inan electrically unstable environment where brownouts are a regular occurrence, BEST to protect a computer Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
To reduce the impact of a blackout, a tech should plug critical computer components into Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
Which of the following describes the path to remote resources on a local Windows network Universal Naming Convention (UNC)
When installing a computer component, which of the following should a tech do FIRST Unplug the computer
First action to take before opening a computer case Unplug the system from all components and the electrical outlet
When using a boot disk that does not automatically enable USB support, which of the following should be enabled in the BIOS to enable USB devices USB Legacy Support (legacy indicates support for older devices)
Tech opens a compuer and observes that it is full of dust, tech should do to remove the dust from the syste (sleect two) "Use compressed air to remove the dust & Vacuum the dust out of the system"
User reports that each time a specific program is used, the program locks up, which actions should a tech take FIRST Verify that the program is compatible
Which of the following items are examples of preventative maintenance for the computer (select two) "Visual inspection of the components & Driver / Firmware update"
Tech is asked to bring a server that has been replaced from server room to computer repair area, what you should consider before doing this job Whether the server is on wheels
A tech should avoid wearing an anti static wrist strap when working inside a monitor
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