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IC3 Unit 1 Chapter 4

a category of programs that are intended to do harm to a computer malware
a collection of organized data or a combination of data and the software used to manage it database
a coordinated set of character designs font
a custom or prewritten formula in spreadsheet software function
a database that separates the data into several tables that are related to each other, reducing the amount of redundant data relational database
a set of criteria intended to extract the records and fields to answer a particular question and display the table with only those records query
a single page of cells in a spreadsheet program worksheet
a slide created that contains color, text, and graphic elements common to all slides in a slide show slide master
agreement between the user and manufacturer of the software stating allowable use of the software End User License Agreement (EULA)
algebraic formulas used for calculation in a spreadsheet formula
allows the spreadsheet user to define specific criteria for sorting data and hides data that does not match the criteria filter
an image file format for 24 bits of data used to describe the color of each element of a picture for an image on the screen bitmap (.bmp)
beta testers typically sign this contract agreeing not to share the product’s new features with anyone nondisclosure agreement
collection of worksheets in a single document used by a spreadsheet program workbook
compressed format for audio files (Name the 3 examples) AAC, MP3, WMA
compressed image file format using 8 bits for each picture element description and limiting the number of possible colors to 256 Graphic Interchange Format (GIF)
computer-supported learning using programs designed to support learning electronic learning (eLearning)
creating documents with graphics and special formatting that are ready to be printed desktop publishing
data in a database where columns represent individual data values and the rows contain all related data about one individual person, transaction, or event table
data stored in a row in a database application; all information about one entity including all fields in the database record
data stored in columns in a database application field
database program that also provides data security, external and multi-user access, and a programming language to customize database tasks database management system (DBMS)
display only a portion of an image that you choose crop
enables users on a network to use the software installed on a network server network license
fields are arranged on a screen in any order or orientation to enter and review data in a database one record at a time form
file format for compressed Windows media files WMV (.wmv)
file including notes about changes made in the software that are not documented in the manual readme
file that exists in RAM or storage that can be printed, displayed on the screen, posted to the Web, etc. document
file type for compressed video files QuickTime (.mov)
final copy of software; also referred to as gold master gold version
first version of software ready for revisions and changes alpha version
fixes for software problems. May be downloaded free of charge by the original owner of the software patch
graphic file format designed for the Web; often used instead of GIF files Portable Network Graphics (PNG)
group of slides that is intended for use in the same presentation slide show
image file format that does not compress the image when saved raw
image format that allows the user to choose how much to compress an image file and to what extent to reduce the variations in color Joint Photographic Experts Group (.jpeg, .jpg)
instructions activated by clicking an option on a menu, clicking a button, pressing special keys on the keyboard, or by voice using a microphone commands
language used to create Web pages for use on the Internet Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
locations of the numbers used in calculations instead of the actual numbers typed in cells in a spreadsheet cell references
malfunction in software caused by programmer error and also used to describe hardware malfunctions bug
output from presentation software capable of printing several slides on one page with space for notes handout
prevents advertising software from unknowingly being installed on a computer adware protection software
printable output from presentation software that provides a copy of the slide image and related notes for the speaker speaker notes
process of making objects on the screen move animation
process of substituting values in critical cells to determine how the calculations change what-if analysis
programs that tell the computer what to do with input software
protects a computer from malicious virus attacks virus protection software
protects the computer against secretly installed software that can take partial control of the computer and intercept messages or Internet interactions spyware protection software
reduces the disk space used by files file compression program
replace a version of software with a newer version of the software containing significant changes upgrade
restrictions limiting the number of users on a network license seat
revise and change data stored in RAM such as changing data in a word processing document edit
second version of software ready for testing by a sample of users – the second stage of the development process beta version
several programs that are designed to complement each other and are often sold together suite
small programs that perform one task utility programs
software accessible via the Internet that contains course information, learning materials, and administrative tools for teaching course management system
software copied from the vendor’s Web site or from an optical disc to a drive where it can be accessed when it is needed installation
software licensed to an organization and installed on computers belonging to users in the licensed organization site license
software that handles contact information, appointments, task lists, and e-mail personal information management (PIM)
software that is ready to be processed and distributed release to manufacturing (RTM)
software used to play audio and/or video files of different formats such as Apple QuickTime Player, RealPlayer, Windows Media Player media player
software used to supplement classes and teach individual skills computer-based training (CBT)
software with the ability to perform calculations used to input, display, and manipulate numbers in cells typically organized as columns or rows spreadsheet
special published document on the Web often created in a word processing program; contraction of the words Web log; it is similar to an online journal and is often updated by the author blog
specialty software hosted and accessed online and provided to users by subscription or pay per-use application service provider (ASP)
structured pages of multiple records intended for printing in a database reports
the appearance of a document including page orientation; margin settings; size, shape, and color of text format
the process of installing licensed Software that has been uninstalled and must be installed again to solve issues with the software or installing the software on another computer reinstall
the process of removing bugs or errors from a software program debugging
uncompressed audio file format WAV (.wav)
unique identifier field for each record in a database primary key field
user who is asked to use the beta version of software, and find and report errors beta tester
using a computer to write, store, retrieve, and manipulate text documents; input is stored in RAM until saved word processing
vertical line that indicates where the text will be placed when typed insertion point
writing instructions in a computer language that accomplishes a task programming
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