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lit terms round 4

Literary Terms for Round 4

Abhor (V.) to hate
Bigot (Adj.) a narrow minded or prejudiced person
Counterfeit (N.) fake or false in orgin
Hamper (V.) to hinder or obstruct
kindle (V.) to start a fire; to ignite emotion or interest
Noxious (Adj.) harmful; poisonous; lethal
Placid (Adj.) calm or peaceful; free of interruption or disturbance
Talisman (N.) A lucky charm with supposed magical enchantments
Boor (Adj.) an ill mannered person; one who is rude or insolent
Deliberate (V.) to think over slowly; to purposively do something
Abrasive (Adj.) rough; coarse or harsh
Bilk (V.) to cheat or defraud intentionally
Covert (Adj.) hidden, well concealed or undercover
Hangar (N.) a storage area (like a garage) for a plane
Knotty (Adj.) complex or difficult to solve
Nuance (N.) a subtle distinction or varaiation
Renown (Adj.) fame;someone known for achievements
Tangent to digress from the main subject; to go off topic
Glib (Adj.) Slick or superficial (fake) in speech
Ostracize (V.) to shun or socially isolate
Cower (V.) to recoil in fear; shrink away from danger
Labyrinth (N.) a maze or complex tunnel system
Nullify (V.) to counter or make unimportant
Replete (Adj.) fully supplied with food and other materials
Tangible (Adj.) capable of being touched
Blasphemy (N.) speech or action that offends certain religious beliefs
Enigma (N.) a puzzle or mystery
Nuzzle (V.) to cuddle or snuggle; an act of affection
Reprehensible (Adj.) shameful or very poor behavior
Foppish (Adj.) behaving or dressing like a dandy; one who is excessively concerned with fashion
Absolution forgiveness or pardon of a person's wrong doing
Blatant obvious
Hasten to hurry or rush; accelerate
Laceration a cut
Plausible can be believed; resonable
Tawdry of little value; gaudy and unnecessary
Abstain to go without
Plethora an excess amount
Tedium boredom
Blighted to spoil or damage something severely
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