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1st Test


what is 2D flat surface
what is 3D real life physicality
what is abstract art bunch of lines creating different things
what is space placing shape behind another shape and overlapping creatures
what is tooth texture on paper
what is medium or media materials used to make art
what is one example of applied art interior design
what is provenance history of ownership of object
what are the 6 elements of design texture, space,shape, value, form, and line
what is the surface of 2D work picture plane
what are the 3 phrases that deal with elements of design nonobjective, nonrepresentational, nonfigurative
what is format dimensions and shape of work
what is Piet Mondrian insist the surface of his work is flat space
what is picture plane flat surface having enjoy height and width on which an artists works
what is texture surface features can be felt with hand or interpreted iwth eye
what is positive shape form
what is negative shape around picture plane figure ground
what technique did Edgar Degas use to direct how viewers look at and respond to his work controlling viewers angle
what is another name for optical illusion spontaneous interaction
what is value degree of lightness or darkness of surface and is sometimes called tone
what is line marking whose length is considerably grater than its width
what is design choose and arrange elements in such way that satisfy an artistic and/or functional intension