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ART260 Midterm

What principle is pursued when an interface keeps a player from experiencing negative consequences? Safe Exploration
What principle of player behavior describes a player’s desire to see immediate results from the actions they take? Instant Gratification
What principle of player behavior tries to minimize up-front decisions or allows the player to return to uncompleted actions? Deferred Choices
What term coined by social scientist Herbert Simon describes the willingness to accept “good enough” instead of “best” if learning all the alternatives might cost time or effort? Satisficing
What term describes the process of certain frequent physical actions becoming reflexive? Habituation
What term describes how people find things they’ve used before by remembering where they found/placed it previously, not what it was named? Spatial Memory
What term describes when you plan to do something in the future and arrange some way of reminding yourself to do it? Prospective Memory
What principle describes the optimization of frequent actions to improve the player experience? Streamlined Repetition
What is the term that describes the structural and behavioral best practices that improve the “habitability” of a system? Pattern
What is the term for a group of smaller-scale patterns that work well together to support a certain type of interface? Pattern Guild
What is an especially complete collection of patterns called? Pattern Language
Identify three levels of navigation scope. 1) Global 2) Primary 3) Secondary
Identify at least four different structural navigation models. 1) Hub & Spoke 2) Fully Connected 3) Multi-level 4) Stepwise 5) Pyramid 6) Pan-and-Zoom 7) Flat 8) Modal Panel 9) Bookmarks 10) Escape Hatch
What is the term for a diagram used to visually organize information? Mind Mapping
What documentation process shows at a conceptual level how a player might progress through an experience? User Scenario
What is the process of laying out functionality on a screen so that you can begin the process of user testing called? Wireframing
What are the three levels of wireframing polish? 1) Low Fidelity 2) Medium Fidelity 3) High Fidelity
Name at least three strategies for handling resolution changes? 1) Scale 2) Stretch 3) Crop 4) Expand 5) Reconfigure
Everything you can define about a solution without specifying the underlying system or specifying the particular user interface that will be employed is called what? Information Architecture
Creating good information architecture requires understanding of what three primary inputs? 1) Game Features 2) Content 3) Player Goals
The perceived actions and visible structure of a device is called what? System Image
What term describes the perceived result when something happens immediately after taking an action? Causality
What do you call a single, fictitious person who represents the wants and needs of an entire group of people in user experience design? Persona
UX Design incorporates aspects of what fields of study? (name 3) Psychology, Anthropology, Architecture, Sociology, Computer Science, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Cognitive Science, Communications, Instructional Design, Game Design
What term can be defined as "every aspect of a person's interaction with a game and other players, including the information presentation, interface layout, graphics, sound, industrial design, and interaction or learning process? User Experience Design
"Usefulness" is a combination of what two factors? Utility and Usability
Name the 3 types of affordances. 1)Perceptible 2) False 3) Hidden
What acts as a good reminder of what can be done and allows a control to specify how the action is to be performed? Visibility
What is the term that describes the relationship between controls and their movements and the results of the world? Mapping
What are the two primary sources of mappings? 1) Physical Analogies 2) Cultural Standards
The process of sending information back to the player about what action has been done or what result has been accomplished is what? Feedback
Name the four types of constraints. 1) Physical 2) Semantic 3) Cultural 4) Logical
What cognitive construct formed through experience, training, and instruction allows us to predict the effects of our actions? Conceptual Model
Interface elements are any elements that provide at least one of the following two things: 1) Information 2) Control
Interface elements can generally be classified along what two axes? 1) Environmental 2) Immersive
What are the four classifications of interface elements? 1) Spatial 2) Diegetic 3) Non-Diegetic 4) Meta
Identify at least three of the touch gestures generally understood by most touch interfaces. 1) Tap 2) Double-Tap 3) Tap-Hold 4) Swipe 5) Flick 6) Pinch 7) Twist
What are the three targeting related issues that you need to consider in designing touch interfaces? 1) Visual Target 2) Touch Target 3) Interference Errors
Name the rule defined as, “The time required to rapidly move to a target area is a function of the distance to the target and the size of the target.” Fitts' Law
Kinect UX guidelines divide gestures into what two broad types? 1) Innate Gestures 2) Learned Gestures
What term describes the symptoms induced through conditions such as multitasking/task switching, disruptive background noise, lack of sleep, rapidly changing focus, learning unfamiliar ideas, puzzle solving, or comparing alternative actions? Directed Attention Fatigue
What are the three primary symptoms of decision fatigue? 1) Reduced ability to make trade-offs 2) Decision Avoidance 3) Impaired Self-Regulation
What are the two main causes of physical fatigue in games? 1) Ergonomics 2) Repetitive Motion
“Information” is which of the following: message, medium, or both? Message
Created by: rotaryblaze
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