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Keyboard Layout

this is the Windows Keyboard layout

QWERTY the first six letters in the top keyboard row
Esc. equivalent of the cancel button
F1 brings up the help menu; if there is no open application it will open windows help
F2 renames the selected item or object
F3 displays the FIND: ALL FILES dialog box
F4 selects the GO TO A DIFFERENT FOLDER box and moves down the entries in the box
F5 refreshes the current window
F6 moves among panes in Windows Explorer
F7 return to keyboard
F8 return to keyboard
F9 return to keyboard
F10 activates menu bar option
F11 allows you to toggle between full screen viewing mode and normal viewing mode
F12 return to keyboard
Print Screen/SysRq pressing the print key screen causes the computer to send whatever images and text are currently on the display screen to the printer
Tab this key can be used to move forward through options in a dialog box
Caps Lock locks the keyboard in CAPITALS
Shift allows section of capital letters when depressing the alphabet characters above other non-alpha keys
Ctrl allows multiple sections
Ctrl A select ALL items
Ctrl B add or remove Bold formatting
Ctrl C Copy, places the selected copy on the clipboard
Ctrl C+C opens the clipboard
Ctrl F opens the Find What dialog box
Ctrl H also known as replace: it brings up the find and replace box
Ctrl I add or remove Italic formatting
Ctrl N opens a new window
Ctrl O brings up a browse dialog and allows you to select a file to open
Ctrl P Print
Ctrl S Save
Ctrl U add or remove underline formatting
Ctrl V paste
Ctrl W will close the document that is currently open
Ctrl X will cut or remove the selected or copied item
Ctrl Y redoes the last command
Ctrl Z undo last command
Ctrl Esc. open the start menu
Ctrl = spell checker
Ctrl Shift creates a shortcut
Ctrl Tab allows movement from one open window to the next
Ctrl F4 closes a window of an application without closing the application
Ctrl F5 will refresh the webpage
Windows displays the Start Menu
Windows D minimizes all windows and shows the desktop
Windows D opens all windows and takes you right back to where you were
Windows E opens a new explorer window
Windows F Find all dialog box
Windows L Locks your windows computer
Windows M Minimizes all open windows
Windows Shift M restores all previously open windows to how they were before you minimized them
Windows R Displays the Run command
Windows F1 Displays the Windows Help option
Windows Pause/Break Systems Properties
Windows Tab cycle through the buttons on the task bar
Alt Located on either side of the space bar
Alt F4 closes the currently active window
Alt Underlined letter in menu to carry out the corresponding menu
Alt Left/Right arrows moves back or forth through pages visited in a window
Alt Space Bar displays the current windows system menu
Alt Enter displays selected items properties
Alt PrtScn captures the top window of the active application
Alt Space Bar C closes a window
Alt - displays the current windows systems menu
Alt Tab displays a list of open application windows
Alt Ctrl displays shortcut window
Space Bar inserts space between words
Enter creates a new paragraph
Shift Enter creates a new Line Break
Shift Arrow highlights
Backspace deletes characters
Insert return to keyboard
Home goes to the first line of a document
Page up moves up one full screen
delete deletes character to the right of the insertions point
End depress and hold the Ctrl as you select End to go to the last line of a document
Page Down moves one full screen down
Up arrow goes to the line above
Right arrow goes to the right
Down arrow goes to the line below
Left arrow goes to the left
Num Lock unlocks the numeric keyboard on the left or right of the keyboard
* expands everything under the current selection
- collapses the current selection
+ expands the current selection
Created by: literally_thomas