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Computer Apps #1

Basic Terminology

Memo written message used by employees within a company to communicate with each other
Attachment/Enclosure indicator telling reader there is another document included.
E-mail communication used most often in business, transmitted electronically.
Format Guidelines specific rules to follow in typing word processing documents, usually dealing with margins and spacing
Margins the blank space at the top, bottom, right, and left of a document.
Line Spacing the amount of white space between lines.
First Line Indent a paragraph indent in which the first line of a paragraph is indented more than subsequent lines.
Left Indent moves the text one tab stop to the right, away from the left margin.
Hanging Indent moves all but the first line of a paragraph one tab stop to the right.
Tab In word processing it is the horizontal position where text is aligned.
Horizontal Alignment In word processing, the position of text in a document relative to the left and right margins.
Vertical Alignment In word processing, the position of text in a document relative to the top and bottom margins.
Home Tab A tab that is displayed on the ribbon in all Office programs that contains commands for performing the most frequently used features of the active Office program.
Created by: MrsHutcherson