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PBHS British PM

British Prime Ministers

Recognized as 1st British Prime Minister Walpole (Robert)
Tamworth Manifesto and repealed Corn Laws Peel (Robert)
Only PM of Jewish descent; successful novelist; leader of House of Commons --Second Reform Act Disraeli (Benjamin)
Liberal; passed Third Reform Act; loathed by Queen Victoria; Gladstone (William)
Rep of UK at Paris Peace Conference leading to Treaty of Versailles David Lloyd George
Chancellor of the Exechequer Lloyd George
First Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill
put UK on gold standard; won Nobel Prize for Literature Churchill
wrote "A History of the English-Speaking Peoples" Churchill
Founded the modern welfare state Attlee (Clement)
the "Iron Lady" Margaret Thatcher
Winning of Falkland Wars Thatcher
only female PM; died in 2013 Thatcher
"New Labour" movement--his victory in 1997 ended 18 years of Conservative rule Tony Blair
close association w George W led to UK joining 2003 invasion of Iraq Tony Blair
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