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Chapter 9 Stack

Terms discussed in Chapter 9 of the textbook

What is a set of abilities requiring individuals to recognize when information is needed to have the ability to locate, evaluate, and use effectively the needed information? information literacy
What is the combination of the words "web log"? blog
What is a video version of the blog in which posts are video clips instead of text entries? vlog
What Is a collection of web pages located in an online community that encourages collaboration and communication of ideas by having users contribute or modify content? wiki
What are software packages that read typed words aloud? talking word processors
What is a built-in feature that automatically detects and corrects misspelled words? autocorrect
What is an editing command that is used to show changes as they are made to an original document? track changes
How many children grow up not knowing how to read according to government reports? one in four
What can make literary analysis exercises more interactive and visual? projecting text on an interactive whiteboard
Most word processing programs have these features that flag problems in written text automatic grammar and spell-check
Created by: StephenieLloyd