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Word 2013

Session 1

Copy A technique in which information is duplicated or reproduced in a different location without removing the original
Footer the bottom portion of a document which may contain information such as title, author, page number, or file name.
Header The uppermost portion of a document which may contain information such as title, author, page number of file number.
Hyperlink A text or image in a document that allows the user to click to open another presentation, a web page, a picture, a graph, or some other type of document
Macro A combination of automation instructions and commands that can be recorded and used to perform commonly executed tasks.
Page Break The point at which text stops and moves to the top of the a new page.
Paste A technique in which something that has been either cut, or copied is inserted into a different location.
Quick Table Predefined tables stored as building blocks such as a tabular list or calendar.
Section Break A Page Layout option in Microsoft Word which inserts breaks to start a new section. It will create sections and change page landscape.
Sky Drive A service offered by Microsoft that allows the user to save a document from any browser with appropriate software and connection.
Style A set of formatting options that can be applied to many different sections of a document to easily maintain consistency throughout the document
Template An outline or design that allows the user a degree of conformity and guidance while creating a specific type of document.
Text A series or order of characters used to symbolize specific information and data.
View A set of tools that allow the user to inspect the document from different perspectives
Watermark A semitransparent graphic or section of text that resides in the background of a document.
Live Feed A hyperlink to a URL or web page.
Quick Access Toolbar A toolbar that allows you to customize the most often used commands
Bookmark A placeholder in a document that you create so you can quickly navigate to that position.
On-Line Pictures A new feature in Word 2013 where you can go and search for and insert a picture.
Contextual Tabs Are tabs that appear and disappear depending on what type of object you have selected in your word document.
Non-Native Files An app that you can insert into your document like a calculator or dictionary