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Network Services


What are three elements of network management? Security, Performance, Reliability
What is the difference between a Manager and an Agent? agent = software that send alerts, manager = react to received alerts
What is MIB? Management Information Base
What are management Proxies? Entities that provide management information on behalf of other entities.
What is SNMP? Simple Network Management Protocol
Why would you do a network audit? Know equipment on network, location, normal operation. Then you know when something is abnormal.
What is a baseline? Normal status on the network, provides a reference point
Name five types of audits. Inventory, Facility, Operational, Efficiency, Security
What is the difference between the five audit types above? They should be done in order Inventory > Security
What is EMI? Electromagnetic Interference
What is RFI? Radio Frequency Interference
What is SOAP? Simple Object Access Protocol
What is NFS? Network File System
What is a RFC? Request For Comments
What is CIFS? Common Internet File System. Microsoft's renaming of future versions of the SMB protocol.
What is SMB the same as? CIFS
What does SMB stand for? Server Message Block
What is SAMBA? Unix applications that speak the SMB protocol
What is smbd? Daemon that allows file and printer sharing on an SMB network and provides authentication and authorization for SMB clients.
What is nmbd? Daemon that looks after the WINS (windows internet name service) and assists with browsing.
What is SFU and what can it do? Service for Unix, file sharing, remote access & admin, password synch, common directory management, common set of utilities, and a shell.
What does SAN stand for? Storage Area Network
What does NAS stand for? Network Attached Storage
What does DAS stand for? Direct Attached Storage
What does SCSI stand for? Small Computer System Interface
What is Fibre Channel? Technology for transmitting data between computer devices
What is iSCI? SCSI over and IP network
What is the difference between Postscript and PCL? Postscript was developed initially by Adobe
What is a WinPrinter? Printer that usually will only come with Windows drivers
What is CUPS? Common Unix Printing System
What is Raster Graphics? Bitmapped graphics
What is Vector Graphics? Mathematically generated points, lines, and shapes
What does BIND stand for? Berkeley Internet Name Domain
What is the purpose of using a PROXY server? Filter out content and improve performance through caching
What is a FIREWALL? A system designed to prevent unauthorized access to or from a private network (intranet).
Name three techniques used by firewalls. Packet filter, Application gateway, Stateful inspection
What is IP spoofing? An intruder sends messages to a computer with an IP address indicating that the message is coming from a trusted host.
What does DMZ stand for? Demilitarized Zone
What is a gateway? A combination of hardware and software that links two different types of networks.
What is an Extranet? business-to-business intranet that allows limited, controlled, secure access between a company's intranet and designated, authenticated users from remote locations
What is XML? Extensible Markup Language
What is LDAP? Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
What is ADSL? Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line
What is IMAP? Internet Message Access Protocol
What is the difference between Unicode and ASCII? ASCII = 8 bit, Unicode = 16 bit
What is MIME? Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
What is SMTP? Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
What is MTA? Message Transfer Agent
Name two examples of MTA's. UNIX sendmail and Microsoft Exchange Server
What are two examples of MUA? Eudora and Outlook
What does MAPI stand for? Messaging Application Programming Interface
What does CGI stand for? Common Gateway Interface
Name some technologies to create dynamic web sites. Java, Javascript, Perl, C/C++, and ASP
What is a persistent connection in HTTP? single TCP connection, more efficient
What is multi‐threading? Manage multiple threads of a single program at the same time. Allows for multiple users on a single program.
What is inetd? Internet Service Daemon, provides internet services on unix systems
Describe load balancing using DNS as described in notes. Multiple copies of site on separate physical servers.
What are problems with load balancing using DNS?  Choose best answer. Difficult to determine which IP client will use, will use same IP as long as it's cached, possible that server could get overloaded still.
How can you speed up web page access from a single server?  Choose the best answer. Better hardware (disk, memory, CPU), memory generally most important, proxy server, SSL acceleration if encrypted.
What does SSL stand for? Secure Sockets Layer
What does TLS stand for? Transport Layer Security
What does XML stand for? Extensible Markup Language
What is a disadvantage of CGI? SLOW, each request of dynamic document launches a new program.
What advantage does servlets have over ASPs? Cached
What is Oracle? Company which specializes in database tools/hardware.
What does PHP now stand for? Hypertext Preprocessor
What port is used by default for HTTP? 80
What does JSP stand for? JavaServer Pages
What is Apache? Popular, reliable web server
What does RDB stand for? Relational Database
What does ASP stand for? Microsoft Active Server Pages
What does S/MIME stand for? Secure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
What does ANSI stand for? American National Standards Institute
What does SQL stand for? Structured Query Language
Name three email clients. Outlook, Eudora, Thunderbird
What does URL stand for? Uniform Resource Locator
What does JDBC stand for? Java Database Connectivity
What does HTTP stand for? Hypertext Transfer Protocol
What does MHTML stand for? MIME HTML, Multi-Purpose Internet Mail Extensions Hypertext Transfer Protocol
What is concurrency control? Allows two people to work on same database record at same time without corrupting data.
What does NNTP stand for? Network News Transfer Protocol
What is Availability? Ability to support non-stop (24x7) operations.
Which of the following is an example of a URL?
Another term for Application Server is? Middleware
What is Normalization? Organizing database to minimize redundancy
What is a differential backup? Only data changed since last backup
What is a transaction log? Tracks all modifications performed within a database.
What does it mean to rollback a transaction? Allows users to "undo" database transactions
What does LDAP stand for? Lightweight Directory Access Protocol
What does ‘Committed’ mean in database terms? Permanently stored transactions in database
What is DB2? IBM Database Server Software
What is MySQL? Open source relational database system (free)
Explain what three‐tiered means? Database, Client Program, and Application Server
What does J2EE stand for? Java Platform, Enterprise Edition
What does ODBC stand for? Open Database Connectivity
What does SOAP stand for? Simple Object Access protocol
What does DBMS stand for? Database Management Systems
What is Scalability? Ability to grow and handle much larger demands.
What would let you log into a network, then access various resources without needing to provide your username. username. LDAP
What is more secure SSL or TLS? TLS
Created by: Datheral