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Art Stock 1

designed symmetrical building called the Villa Rotunda Andrea Palladio
His style was an inspiration for Jefferson's home at Monticello Andrea Palladio
designed a building with frescoes called La Malcontenta Andrea Palladio
Collaborated with Philip Johnson on the Seagram Building van der Rohe
Last Director of the Bauhaus school van der Rohe
designed the Farnsworth house van der Rohe
architect who said "less is more" van der Rohe
teacher at the Bauhaus who painted the Twittering Machine. Klee ("clay")
painted a cluster of colored arches in Viaducts Break Ranks Klee ("clay")
bird-like stick figures who perch over a pit on the hand crank Klee ("clay")
school of architecture founded by Walter Gropius Bauhaus
name means "house of building." Bauhaus
designed the Barcelona chair van der Rohe
An orange sun rises over a black-outlined pointillist pyramid in this artist's Ad Parnassum Klee ("clay")
His firm The Architects Collaborative designed a new campus for the University of Baghdad in the 1950s and the U.S. Embassy in Athens Walter Gropius
founded the Bauhaus school Walter Gropius
Russian abstract artist who taught at the Bauhaus Kandinsky
Painted the Blue Rider which became the name of a movement in German Expressionism Kandinsky
Wrote "On the Spiritual in Art" and painted "Squares with Concentric Circles" Kandinsky
Designed the Kresge Chapel and Auditorium at MIT, the TWA Terminal and Dulles Airport Eero Saarinen
Desgined the Gateway Arch Eero Saarinen
inverted catenary curve Gateway Arch
Built near Bear Run for department store magnate Edgar Kaufmann Fallingwater
cantilevered floors in order to extend part of the house over a running creek. Fallingwater
Supervisor fired for doubling steel reinforcement Fallingwater
"Maya Revival" style Imperial Hotel survived the 1923 Tokyo earthquake. Frank Lloyd Wright
His Rosenbaum House exemplifies his Usonian style Frank Lloyd Wright
this man designed the Johnson Wax Headquarters and the Unity Temple in Oak Park Frank Lloyd Wright
leader of the Prairie School designed the Robie House Frank Lloyd Wright
Chicago architect who designed the Wainwright building and coined the phrase "form follows function" Louis Sullivan
Mentor to Frank Lloyd Wright Louis Sullivan
This city is also home to Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House and Unity Temple Chicago
Namesake of a school promoted by Louis Sullivan while the 2nd school of this name was founded by Mies van der Rohe Chicago
name this designer of the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain Frank Gehry
designed the Dancing House in Prague created a building with curved metal sheets that focused light and blinded drivers, the Walt Disney Concert Hall Frank Gehry
building made of reflective titanium panels resembling fish scales Frank Gehry
architect of Seattle's Experience Music Project dedicated to Jimi Hendrix and looks like an exploded guitar. Frank Gehry
Designed Millennium Park in Chicago Frank Gehry
designed a glass pavilion that would let in light meant to symbolize hope for the JFK Presidential Library which has a large American flag hanging vertically I. M. Pei [or Ieoh Ming Pei]
famous for a large structure in the Cour Napolean, leading to the Louvre I. M. Pei [or Ieoh Ming Pei]
he studied under Walter Gropius, and during his early years, he designed many of his buildings in the style of Mies van der Rohe. I. M. Pei [or Ieoh Ming Pei]
Designed the Four Seasons Hotel in New York, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, and the Bank of China Tower in Hong Kong. I. M. Pei [or Ieoh Ming Pei]
Chinese-American Architect who designed the Mesa Laboratory I. M. Pei [or Ieoh Ming Pei]
name this deconstructivist architect who was born in Iraq and studied in Britain, the first female recipient of the Pritzker Prize. Zaha Hadid
The Pritzker prize is the highest award given in this field Architecture
The storyline of this ballet follows two newlyweds moving into a new house in Pennsylvania Appalachian Spring
Features variations on the Shaker hymn "Simple Gifts" Appalachian Spring
Isamu Noguchi designed the original set for this ballet, which took its title from a Hart Crane poem Appalachian Spring
Composed by Aaron Copland for Martha Graham Appalachian Spring
composer of Fanfare for the Common Man, Billy the Kid, and also created ballets such as Rodeo Aaron Copland
This composer's Clarinet Concerto was commissioned by Benny Goodman Aaron Copland
He quoted folk songs like "Camptown Races" in a work that incorporates spoken-word readings of texts like the Gettysburg Address. Aaron Copland
composer of El Salon Mexico and Lincoln Portrait Aaron Copland
She retold the story of St. Joan of Arc in Seraphic Dialogue. Martha Graham
Frequently collaborated with Isamu Noguchi to design many of her sets Martha Graham
Choreographer of Appalachian Spring Martha Graham
American dancer, a leading pioneer of modern dance, who died of a broken neck in 1927 when her long, flowing scarf became caught in the wheel of a car. Isadora Duncan
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