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Micro apps

Chapter 1 Excel vocab

active cell Area in which you can enter data, surrounded by a heavy boarder
apostrophe used to enter a number as text
auto fill options Button that allows you to copy values with or without formatting, or without formatting or the format only
autocalculate area Status bar command used to obtain a total, average, or other information about numbers in a range
AutoCorrect Feature Automatically corrects capital letters, replaces commomly misspelled words
Automatically updated properties Properties that include system file properties
bold Used to make it stand out from the rest
cancel box cancels an entry by clicking
category axis The x-axis
Colon Placed between the starting value and ending value when defining a range
destination area Paste area
document information panel Contains areas where you can view and enter document properties
document properties The details about a file
embedded chart chart that is drawn on the same worksheet as the data
Excel Help Get answers to questions
file saved workbook
fill handle small black square located in the lower right corner of the active cell
folder a specific location on a storage medium
font defines appearance and shape of letters and numbers
font color defines the colors of characters
font size specifies the size of characters
font style Indicates how the characters are emphasized
format how you make a worksheet easier to read and understand
home key that selects the cell at the beginning of the row with the active cell
in-cell editing changing contents in the cell
insert mode Excel inserts the charcter and moves all characters to the right
insert tab` includes commands that allow you to insert various objects
insertion point blinking vertical line that indicates where next character typed will display
keyword a word or phrase that further describes a document
left-aligned the text value cell entry is positioned in the far left of a cell
legend indetifies each bar in a chart
line chart chart used to illustrate changes in data over time
sum function adds all the numbers in a range of cells
requirements document document which includes a needs statment a source of dta and a summary of calculations
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