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English III Honors

The Crucible- Act One

Who wrote the Crucible Arthur Miller
Year the Crucible was written 1953
reasons for writing the crucible claimed that the red scare was the same thing as the Salem Witch Trials
How long did the Witch trials last 9 months
reason they came to an end governor stepped in and stopped the whole situation...
Setting of the Crucible.. Year and location 1692, Salem, Mass
How were witches identified if they flew, strange behavior, if they couldnt bare the lord's name, dancing in the wood's naked, drinking blood, etc..
How did Miller use setting to create mood in Act 1 the location was isolated, the people were fearful, and they had mystery about abnormal things going on in nature and with people...
What is wrong with Betty Parris she was pretending to be a witch
How does Tituba react to Betty's condition she was generally concerned
What rumor is circulating about Betty that she's a witch, she can fly, danced naked in the woods
how does Abigail initially defend girls behavior in the woods that they were dancing
what did Parris see in the woods a girl dancing around a fire naked.. which he thought was Abigail
What does Abigail claim is the reason she was discharged from the Proctor household She said that Goody Proctor hates her and she didnt want to be a slave
in what condition is Ruth Putnam shes in a coma but her eyes are open
Why did Abigail drink blood to put a spell on Goody proctor so that Thomas would love her
Describe John Proctor good man, regretful of his sins, in his 30's, etc..
What were Proctor and Putnam fighting about Lumber between lands
Describe Reverend Hale. For what reason has he been called to Salem? smart, educated but thinks people are really witches when they arent
Created by: asc1892