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Excel Theory Test

After you complete a fill, options on the Auto Fill button allow you to modify the fill. These options include... fill formatting only, fill without formatting, & copy cells.
To open the Format Data Series dialog box from a pie chart... double-click a slice of the pie
An entry in Excel can be... text/value, date, or formula
To combine a cell style with italic & underline form mating, apply the... cell style first
To move a chart to a new worksheet, select the chart, click the Move Chart button in the _____, & then select the New sheet options. Location group on the Chart Tools Design tab
Which of the following functions will cause the current date to display in the active cells? (TODAY), TODAY(), & (DATE)
Assume you are a store owner & you need to calculate the numbers of sales transactions that took place in one day. Which function should you use? COUNT
To change all the colors in a pie chart at once, click the... Themes button on the Page Layout tab
Which method is the most efficient way to handle large amounts of related data? Divide the data into several worksheets in the same workbook
When you click Header & Footer on the Insert tab, Excel switches to ______ View. Page Layout
If the contents of a cell are only partially displayed in the cell itself, you can look at the ______ to see the rest of the contents. formula bar
The AutoSum button can be found... in the Editing group on the Home tab
To paste a copied cell in more than one location, use... the Paste button
Data labels in a pie chart typically display as... percentages
Many of the features available in Word are also available in Excel. True
To remane a tab, _______ & then type the new name. right-click the tab, click Rename or double-click the tab
Use the ______ button in the Data group on the Chart Tools Design tab to edit chart data. Select Data
The _____ permits you to test a condition & perform different computations based on the result. IF function
What is the correct format for the TODAY function? TODAY(), today(), & Today
To create an absolute cell reference... press F4 after typing the cell reference, & type dollar signs ($) before the column&row references
To remove the data from a range of cells... select the range&then press Delete, right-click the range, then select Clear Contents from the shortcut menu, or select the range, click the Clear button in the Editing group on the Home tab,&then click Clear Contents
Which type of chart compares differences in values over time? column
In an Excel chart, it is possible to place a data label at the ______ of the data point. outside end, inside end, & center
How many data series can a pie chart contain? one
Which function should you use to calculate your payments for a car loan? PMT
If you want to center the title in cell C3 across columns C, D, & E, drag the mouse pointer to select C3... Merge & Center button
The cell address B$9 contains a(n) ______ reference. mixed
To resize a chart, hover the mouse pointer over a corner of the chart until it becomes a _____ & then drag it until the chart is the desired size. two-headed diagonal arrow
Relative cell references adjust when you... insert rows/columns, delete rows/columns, & copy&paste the formulas in which they are located
If you accidentally delete the wrong row or column... immediately click the Undo button
To change the color of a worksheet tab... right-click the sheet tab & click Tab Color
To change the height of a row... click Format button in Cells group on Home tab, Row Height in Cell Size section of drop-down list,&enter a number, or move mouse pointer over bottom border of row heading until it becomes horizontal line with up&down arrow&drag row to size
In Excel, C4 is an example of a... cell address, or cell reference
Which of the following is correct for adding the contents of cell C2 to the contents of cell C3? =C2+C3, or =SUM(C2:C3)
If you change a number in a cell that is being used in a formula... the formula will automatically update
After you merge a range of cells, the cell reference that appears in the Name box is the address for the _____ cell in the merged range. far left
With the alignment tools in Excel you can... change the vertical alignment of cell entries, change the horizontal alignment of cell entries, & wrap text in cell entries
A chart will atomically update when you... change the data series range, insert a new row, & change a value in the data series
Which type of cell entries are left-aligned by default? phone numbers
Which formatting options is not found in the Font group on the Home tab? Percent Style
To preview the result of an AutoSum function, drag over a range of cells & then check the... status bar
Which best describes Excel's Auto Fill feature? It enable you to copy an entry across a row/down a column&can also help complete a series.
When you increase the font size of the text in a cell, you may need to... manually adjust the rise of the column & manually adjust the size of the row
Which is not a correct example of a cell range? all of these are cell ranges
Which formulas should you use to find the total of a range of values located in column F of an Excel worksheet? SUM(F5, ADD(F22:F34), or TOTAL(F1:F5)
Which of the following types of cell entries does Excel treat as text? words or phone numbers
The _____ lets you apply several formatting settings at once. Cell Styles button in the Styles group of the Home tab
After you click the Paste button, you can clear the flashing marquee around the copied cells by... pressing Esc or pressing Enter
If a cell is not wide enough to display a long number, Excel... displayed a string of pound signs (#######)
If you want to change the position of the legend, click the Legend button in the _____ and select an option from the drop-down list. Chart Tools Layout tab
In a worksheet, what is the advantage of using a color palette supplied by a theme? Keeps the apperance of the worksheet simple&streamlined, makes the worksheet look more professional, & it helps to highlight important data
To create a new standard column width for a workbook... click Default Width in the Format drop-down menu in the Cells group on the Home tab
Change the fill color of a cell or range of cells by clicking the Fill Color drop-down arrow in the... Font group on the Home tab
By default, the lengend is placed at the ____ of a chart. right side
To open a cell for editing... double-click the cell, or press F2
If you move a formula containing a relative & an absolute reference to a new location... both cell references will remain the same
To finish an entry without moving the cursor to another cell, press... Ctrl + Enter
To insert a cell reference in a formula... type the letter&number of the cell reference, click the cell, & use the arrow keys to select the cell
Most Excel functions require that their arguments be surrounded by... parentheses
To create a copy of the Sheet1 worksheet tab, click _____, click (move to end), click the Create a copy check box, and then click OK. Move or Copy
You can customize the _____ feature to correct typos you make often, such as transposing two letters in your name. AutoCorrect
Create a pie chart by click the _____ tab and then clicking the Pie button in the Charts group. Insert
How are columns labeled in an Excel worksheet? with uppercase letters (A, B, C, ...)
The color that displays on the Fill Color button is... the last color you applied
In the figure, what do the #### sign indicate? The column needs to be widen to display the cell contents.
To use the Auto Fill feature, highlight a cell and hover the mouse pointer over the lower right corner until the cursor becomes a... black crosshair
The Data Labels button for charts is found in the... Labels group on the Chart Tools Layout
To create a line chart, click the Line button in the... Charts group on the Insert tab
To automatically adjust the width of a column to fit the size of the longest entry... double-click the right border of the column heading
To move a chart, hover the mouse pointer over the chart border until it becomes a ______ and then drag the chart to the desired location. black four-headed arrow
To change the style of a chart, click the More button to the right of the ____ and then click a different chart style. Chart Styles group on the Chart Tools Design tab
By default, chart colors are determined by the ____ applied to the workbook file. theme
To print a worksheet with the formulas displayed, you may need to _____ first. adjust the orientation or margins
To insert a new, blank worksheet into a workbook... click the Insert Worksheet tab to the right of the last tab or press Shift + F11
Which of the following line styles becomes available when you click More Borders option? dotted and dashed
In a chart, the _____ tells you which piece of data each colored line or slice represents. legend
If a large number in a cell displays as a series of pound signs (###), it means... you must increase the column width for the contents to display properly
By default, the Accounting fort displays negative values... in parentheses
The Outline button places a border around... the entire selected range
What type of software application is Microsoft Excel? a spreadsheet program
Which of the following options is available on the Clear button in the Editing group on the Home page? Clear Formats, Clear Comments & Clear All
In the figure, what does the contents of cell C1 indicate? The column needs to be widen to display the contents of the cell, & The formula contains an error
To display all the formulas in a worksheet at once, click the _____ button in the Formula Auditing grip on the Formulas tab. Show Formulas
When you move a chart to a new worksheet, the... new worksheet is named Chart1 by default, & chart changes to full-screen size
Data labels for the slices in a pie chart can be found... on the Chart Tools Layout tab
To copy the format settings from one cell to another, use the _____ tool. Format Painter
Each part of a ______ chart represents a percentage of the total quantity or amount. pie
If a cell is not wide enough to display a long text entry, and the cell to the right of it also contains text, Excel will.. display as much of the entry as fits in the cell
Which of the following characters can be used in a worksheet name? space ( )
To insert a column, _____ and then click Insert. right-click the column heading
The AVERAGE function is located in the Statistical group, which can be accessed by clicking the _____ button in the Function Library group on the Formulas tab. More Functions
Which of the following opens when you first launch Excel? a workbook containing three worksheets
After using Excel's Merge & Center feature, remember to... check all formatting settings to make sure they have not changes
A good way to call attention to one slice of a pie chart is to... explode the slice away from the rest of the chart
To change a column chart into a bar chart, select the chart, click the Chart tools ______, and then click Bar. Design tab, click the Change Chart Type button in the Type group
In Excel, dates are stored _____ so they can be used in calculations as sequential serial numbers
To center a title across A1:F1, you would... type the title in A1, select A1:F1,&then click the Merge&Center button
Cell D3 is the active cell. To make cell A1 active, press... Ctrl + Home, or F5&then type A1
To move the cursor from cell B5 to cell K43... enter K43 in the Name box
Which of the following is an absolute cell reference? $B$6
Why might you choose to add axis titles to an Excel chart? to describe what the labels or numbers along each axis represent
Which formula would alls cell C1 to change and B3 to remain constant if filled? =C1$B$3
Which of the following is NOT a default setting for the Accounting format? left alignment
If you fill a formula containing a relative and an absolute reference... the relative reference will change, but the absolute reference will remain the same
Changing the theme of a worksheet changes its... cell styles and font
Rotate a pie chart by dragging the slider below the _____ option. Angle of first slice
If you do not type the year when entering a date, Excel... uses the current year
Excel's Spell Check feature reviews... text
When you type 6/12 into a cell, Excel automatically applies the _____ format. Date
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