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urban design

above grade parking vehicle parking that is above ground level, usually in a structured facility
adaptability the capacity of a building or space to be changed so as to respond to changing social, technological and economic conditions
amenity aesthetic or other features of a development that increase its marketability or usability to the public
bollards vertical columns used to physically block or visually guide vehicular traffic in an area
building typology the general shape, mass, and articulation of a building, categorized by type
bump-outs widened sidewalk areas at intersections, often in place of on-street parking, thereby narrowing the pedestrian crossing distance over a right-of-way
enclosure the use of building to create a sense of defined space
gateways locations where a significant number of people enter and exit downtown. they occur at a variety of scales, including to downtown a whole, to precincts, or to specific streets or open spaces
density the floorspace of a building, or buildings, in relation to a given area of land
height transition the tapering of building heights as a way of achieving compatibility of built forms and mitigating impacts of shifts from area of one character to another
landmark a building or structure that stands out from its background by virtue of height, size or some other aspect of design
massing the combined effect of the height, bulk, and silhouette of a building or group of buildings
node a place where activity and routes are concentrated, often used synonymously with junction
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