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Middle Ages Review

English 12 Test

Chivalry System of ideals and social codes governing the behavior of knights and gentlewomen
Courtly Love An ideal form, nonsexual. Acting in the name of a lady; knight might wear his lady's colors in battle, glorify her in words and be inspired by her.
Pilgrimage A religious journey made to a shrine or holy place. Canterbury Tales was traveling from London to Saint Thomas a Becket at Canterbury Cathedral.
Middle English 1066-1485; a powerful Anglo-Norman society; a feudal system; rise of towns and cities; people freed to pursue their own commercial and artistic interests; chivalry improved attitudes towards women.
frame story A smaller story within the larger story. It would not affect the plot if it was left out of the larger story. Canterbury Tale's has many stories within the main story of the journey. Each pilgrim tells their own stories.
feudal system Caste system, property system, and a military system. God the supreme overlord, then the King. Knights and military down to the serfs (the lowest).
Romance literature Super-heroes fight; good vs. evil; includes a quest or journey made big the journey in search of something of value; Good values-courage, loyalty, and courtesy.
Describe Chaucer's Canterbury Tales. The construction of it, the different pilgrims. What was Chaucer's goal in writing it? Why so important today. Describe your pilgrim. -Chaucer called "The Father of English Poetry" -Starts with a Prologue to introduce all the characters. -Journey starting in spring going on pilgrimage to Shrine of Becket -for entertainment the Host suggests each person will tell stories
Continue: -Chaucer uses pilgrims representing every different class of society. It gives a picture of an entire nation, high and low, old and young, male and female, normal people and clerical, educated and uneducated. -They represent the "everyman" of life
How does Sir Gawain and the Green Knight or Le Morte d'Arthur a romance? Sir Gawain: The journey-Sir Gawain has to travel to get to where the Green Knight is located after a year and day. Super-powers-The Green Knight picks up his head after it is chopped off and lives; he can change his appearance.
Sir Gawain Values: Gawain was honest and fulfilled his word of meeting up even when he knew he would die. Good vs. Evil: Green Knight rewards him with his life for being a good person.
Wife of Bath -A young knight rapes a maiden he sees walking from the river one day. For his offense, Queen Guinevere and her ladies rule that his punishment is to find out within one year what women most desire, or else he'll be beheaded.
Wife of Bath -The knight departs on his quest to find the answer to this question, -After a year, the knight returns to King Arthur's court with a heavy heart, no closer to knowing what women most desire.
Wife of Bath -Hag agrees to tell the knight what women most desire if he promises to grant her anything she desires. The knight agrees. -The hag tells the knight what women most desire – to have sovereignty over their husbands and lovers
Wife of Bath The old hag wants the knight to marry her. -offering the knight a choice: either he can have her old and ugly, but a good and faithful wife, or he can have her young and beautiful,
Wife of Bath - but with no guarantee of these other good qualities. The knight turns the decision over to his wife, asking her to make the choice.
Le Morte d'Arthur -Warned by dead Sir Gawain in a dream not to fight his illegitimate son, Sir Modred.
Le Morte d'Arthur Arthur calls a truce; however, soldier pulls his sword to kill a snake causing the bloody war.
Le Morte d'Arthur Arthur kills his son, Modred, but not before he is mortally wounded.
Le Morte d'Arthur He requests Bedivere to take his sword to throw it in the lake. He fails to do it twice.
Le Morte d'Arthur The third time he throws it in and the lady of the lake reaches and waves it three times and takes it beneath the water.
Le Morte d'Arthur Arthurs is placed in a tomb and Bedivere tends his tomb the rest of his life.
Created by: Linda Hart



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