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ch 12


labeling presentation of important information on a package
quality the good, service, or idea meets the demands and requirements of customers
price skimming charging the highest price that buyers want the product will pay
penetration price low price designed to help a product inter the market and gain market share rapidly
psychological pricing purchases based on emotional rather than rational responses to the price
reference pricing lower priced item is compared to a more expensive brand in hopes that the customer will use the higher price in comparison price
discounts temporary price reductions
marketing channel moves products from their producer to customers also called channel distribution
retailers intermediaries who buy products from manufacturers and sell them to customers for home and household rather then resale
wholesalers intermediaries who buy from producers or from other wholesalers and sell to retailers
intensive distribution product is made available in as many outlets as possible
selective distribution a small number of all available outlets rare used to expose products
Created by: chelsea.lewis