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Most Dangerous Game

suspense curiosity about an event's outcome
conflict a struggle between opposing forces
palpable able to be touched or felt
indolently lazily
bizarre odd in appearance
naive unsophisticated
scruples misgivings about wrongdoing
blandly in a mild or soothing manner
grotesque having a strange or bizarre design
futile hopeless
gargoyle a distorted animal form on a building
astrakhan loosely curled fur of young lambs
Cossack fierce warriors from Southern Russia
cosmopolite a worldly person
Crimea a region on the Black Sea
Caucasus a mountain range in Southern Russia
lascars Oriental sailors
knouter someone who beats criminals with a leather whip
au revoir French "until we meet again"
tartar a stubborn, violent person
amenity provides comfort
condone tacitly approve
debacle a complete collapse
zealous ardently devoted
affable cordial
tangible able to be touched
quarry hunted game
Created by: Murphy jimmy