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Intro to DA

Dental History

Who was the first African American woman to earn a dental degree? Ida Gray Rollins
Who recorded all known information on dentistry in a book? Pierre Fauchard
Who is the Egyptian doctor of Teeth, first recorded dentist and had the title "Cheif of the toothers"? Hesi-Re
Who is the "father of medicine"? Hippocrates
Who is the French surgeon who wrote the rules of oral hygiene? Guy de Chauliac
Which person contributed surgical instruments and artificial teeth in dentistry? Paul Revere
Who is regarded as the "grand old man of dentistry"? G.V.Black
Who founded the American Dental Assistants Association Juliette Southard
Who was the first African-American to graduate from dental school? Dr Robert Tanner Freeman
Who discovered x-rays? Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen
Who was said to be George Washington's favorite dentist? John Greenwood
Who was noted in history has having made one of the first known "dental chairs"? Josiah Flagg
Created by: clicona