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Certified Ethical Hacker study material

ICMP is Protocol? Protocol 1
TCP is Protocol? Protocol 6
UDP is Protocol? Protocol 17
GRE is Protocol? Protocol 47
AH is Protocol? Protocol 50
ESP is Protocol? Protocol 51
FTP is Port? Port 20 - 21
SSH is Port? Port 22
Telnet is Port? Port 23
SMTP is Port? Port 25
WINS is Port? Port 42
DNS is Port? Port 53
HTTP is Port? Port 80 - 81 -8080
Kerberos is Port? Port 88
POP3 is Port? Port 110
Portmapper (Linux)is Port? Port 111
NNTP is Port? Port 119
RPC-DCOM is Port? Port 135
SMB is Port? Port 137 - 138 - 139
IMAP is Port? Port 143
SNMP is Port? Port 161 - 162
LDAP is Port? Port 389
CIFS is Port? Port 445
SOCKS5 is Port? Port 1080
RDP is Port? Port 3389
IRC is Port? Port 6667
Palm Pilot Remote Sync is Port? Port 14237
Trojan Horses Port 7777 Tini
Trojan Horses Port 12345 NetBus
Trojan Horses Port 27374 Back Orifice
Trojan Horses Port 31337 Sub7
Password Cracking by GUESSING is... Is the most efficient, assuming information gathering before hand
Password Cracking by DICTIONARY is... Based on the predetermined list of words
Password Cracking by BRUTE FORCE is... Trying every possible combination of characters
Password Cracking by HYBRID is... A combination of all other attacks
What is the name of the software tool used to crack a single account on Netware Servers using a dictionary attack? NWPCrack
How can you determine if an LM hash you extracted contains a password that is less than 8 characters long? The right most portion of the has is always the same
Several of your coworkers are having a discussion over the etc/passwd file. They are at odds over what types of encryption are used to secure Linux passwords. Linux passwords can be encrypted with ____, ____ and ____. MD5, DES and Blowfish
What are the two basic types of attacks? Passive and Active
True or False. Sniffing is considered a passive attack? False
When discussing passwords, what is considered a brute force attack? Attempting every single possibility until you exhaust all possible combinations or discover the password
What are two well known password cracsheets programs? L0phtcrack and John the Ripper
True or False. Password cracsheets programs reverse the hashing process to recover passwords? False
Name four regional Internet registries ARIN - American Registry of Internet Numbers RIPE NCC - Europe, the Middle East and part of Central Asia LACNIC - Latin American and Caribbean Internet Addresses Registry APNIC - Asia Pacific Network Information Centre
What is a tool for performing footprinting undetected? Whois will not trigger an IDS alert or otherwise be detected by an organization
What three tools are used for footprinting? Whois, Sam Spade, and NSlookup are all used to passively gather information about a target. NMAP and SuperScan are host and network scanning tools.
What is the next immediate step to be performed after footprinting? According to CEH methodology, scanning occurs after footprinting. Enumeration and system hacking are performed after footprinting. Bypassing an IDS would occur later in the hacking cycle.
What are good sources of information about a company or its employees? Newsgroups, job postings, company websites and press releases are all good sources for information gathering.
How does traceroute work? Traceroute uses the TTL values to determine how many hops the router is from the sender. Each router decrements the TTL by one under normal conditions.
What is footprinting? Footprinting is gathering information about a target organization. Footprinting is not scanning a target network or mapping the physical layout of a target network.
NSlookup can be used to gather information regarding what? NSlookup queries a DNS server for DNS records such as hostnames and IP addresses.
What is a type of social engineering? Shoulder surfing is considered a type of social engineering.
What is an example of social engineering? Calling helpdesk and convincing them to reset a password for a user account is an example of social engineering. Holding open a door and installing a keylogger are examples of physical access intrusions.
What is the best way to prevent a social engineering attack? Employee Training and Education is the best way to prevent a social engineering attack.
Created by: KarenSealock